20 Genius Life Hacks Using Vaseline That More People Need To Know About

Oh, Vaseline — winter cure for arid knuckles, instant solution for chapped lips — how we love thee. You’re a perennial staple in the medicine cabinets of our grandmothers and forefathers, and you reappeared from time to time for our high-school senior class pranks.

Vaseline, you were dormant and forgotten for a while, but you’ve resurfaced. In the era of Pinterest and life hacks, you’re back with more usefulness than ever before, solving beauty blunders and household repairs alike — and the tips we got about you are blowing our minds.

1. Clean skin: You can use Vaseline to remove blackheads on your nose by applying a generous layer, then covering the area with plastic wrap and letting it sit overnight. In the morning, run a Q-tip down your nose and the blackheads will melt away!

heyitsfeiii / YouTube

2. Yummy lips: Vaseline’s a great substitute for Chap-Stick or your favorite boutique lip balm, but sometimes it’s a bit bland. Jazz it up by mixing it with a youthful ingredient — Kool-Aid powder! — to add color and a little flavor. Just try to resist eating it!

3. Pucker up: You can also exfoliate your lips with a refreshing lip scrub. Blend 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt with 1 tablespoon of Vaseline until the mixture is smooth; then, apply to your lips and gently massage it in. Once done, remove with a damp cloth.

TheBeautyHack / WordPress

4. Natural definition: Want to emphasize your eyelashes without make them darker? Dip a clean mascara wand into the Vaseline tub and apply to your lashes as normal. Not only will they look longer, but they’ll be moisturized, too. Then there’s the other lash trick…

Danelle A. Sandoval / Bustle

5. Lash glue helper: For those times when you’ve REALLY vamped up your look with false lashes, Vaseline can help at the end of the night. Rub it along your lids to soften the lash glue, and boom — no more tugging and ripping your real lashes out.

Jennifer Sharon / YouTube

6. Overnight fix: Dry feet giving you grief? Can’t seem to exfoliate enough? Just smear your soles with Vaseline and put on a pair of thick, fuzzy socks before you tuck in for the night. You’ll wake up to brand new, baby-soft feet.


7. Summery legs: You can give your legs a healthy glow with Vaseline, too. Get some of your favorite liquid bronzer and mix it with the petroleum jelly; then, rub it all over your legs. You might try it with powder bronzer, too, but we haven’t tested this.

Kristen Woods / Pinterest

8. Dye protection: Dying your hair at home is more affordable than going to a salon, but it has its risks, including staining your skin with the hair color! To avoid this, spread a layer of Vaseline along your hairline before you dye.


9. Spa treatment: Dry cuticles are almost as frustrating as chapped lips, but fret no more. Take an old electric toothbrush — safely disinfected, of course — and use it to massage Vaseline around your nails, moisturizing and stimulating blood flow.

10. Polish with panache: You can use Vaseline on your nail polish, too. Keep the necks of your polish bottles from drying out and crusting up by applying Vaseline around the threads of the cap and bottleneck. Use enough to lubricate, but not enough to gunk up the polish itself.

Ashley Rampersad / Musely

11. DIY lotion: A popular lotion recipe within the home beauty blogger community involves Vaseline. Using a mixer, combine 27oz of baby lotion, 8oz of vitamin E cream, and between 7.5oz and 13oz of Vaseline. The result is light, fluffy, and moisturizing!

Katie / The Crafty Blog Stalker

12. Prolonged perfume: Does your perfume seem to evaporate too fast? Rub a little sheen of Vaseline on your pulse points, or wherever you normally spray perfume, to use as a base coat. The petroleum jelly keeps the perfume from drying too quickly.

Meyy yusoff / YouTube

13. Vaseline isn’t just good for beauty secrets — it’s also good for handy fixes around the house. If you have scratched CDs or DVDs, you can fix them with a tiny bit of Vaseline, and it’s less messy than the toothpaste often recommended for this sort of thing.

gpotvin / Instructables

14. Fix electronics: Additionally, Vaseline is good for fixing scratches on phone, computer, LCD TV, or tablet screens. Buff it out with a microfiber cloth after application, and the screen should appear good as new.


15. Home improvement: Want to repaint your doors, but don’t want to get paint on the doorknobs or hinges? Protect them with a layer of Vaseline before you begin painting. Just don’t forget to wipe off the Vaseline when you’re done…or you’re going to have a hard time.

bballtrack34 / Instructables

16. Painting trick: Vaseline’s also great for creating a distressed paint look. Spread it on the wood you want to paint, taking care to only apply it over the areas you DON’T want paint on. Then paint as normal. When the paint’s slightly dry, wipe the Vaseline away with a damp rag.

Pahjo Designs / YouTube

17. Shoe repair: Leather can be a pain to keep clean, and it’s a real bummer when a new pair of kicks gets scuffed. Luckily, you can smooth scratches out of patent leather by buffing with a Q-tip and Vaseline.


18. Slick zips: Winter coats keep us nice and warm, but wrangling with their zippers is a pain. Fix stuck zippers by dipping a Q-tip into Vaseline and then applying it to the zipper teeth, both above and below the zipper pull.


19. Save your earlobes: Have a new ear piercing, or just have sensitive ears? Try dipping your earring posts into Vaseline before you thread them through your lobes. The slipperiness should help keep the posts from irritating you or poking through nearby skin.

Cosmetic Surgery and Skincare Centre

20. Halloween approved: Late autumn weather can rot pumpkins quickly, but if you smear the inside of a jack-o-lantern with Vaseline, it’ll stay grinning for much longer — adding enhanced spookiness to your front porch!

The Krazy Coupon Lady / Pinterest

Even after you run out of Vasline, there are tons of household objects you can use for various tricks. Don’t worry about dealing with pet hair sticking to your clothes anymore. Just sweep a dryer sheet across anything your dog or cat has snuggled up with and watch it lift the hair right up!

2. Sharpen dull scissors: What else can dryer sheets do? Scissors go dull after prolonged usage, but when they do, don’t throw them away! Simply making several cuts into fresh dryer sheets will actually help to resharpen the dulled blades.

3. Rid video game consoles of dust: Video game consoles gather dust and debris too easily, but a dryer sheet alleviates the headache of faulty technology due to the accumulation. The sheets will pick up stuff hidden deep in the cartridge slots that everyday dust cloths miss.

4. Freshen smelly gym shoes: Stinky shoes are something we all deal with. Sure, there are various kinds of sprays you can buy to eliminate the odors, but inserting a fresh dryer sheet will work just as well.

5. Give suitcases a fresh smell: When traveling, the suitcases we pack our clothes into can smell musty, especially if they haven’t been used in a while. Tucking a few dryer sheets in there will leave them smelling fresh when you finally unpack at your destination!

6. Replace Swiffer dustpads: The pads you put on Swiffer heads can be expensive. Instead of shelling out money for them, simply place a couple dryer sheets on your Swiffer, and it will pick up dirt and dust just as efficiently, if not better!

7. Clean appliances: Never throw away your dryer sheets after removing them from clean laundry; use them to wipe off your appliances that have been accumulating dust instead! The sheets work wonders removing it and leave all your household sparkling.

8. Safely clean ceiling fan blades: Ceiling fan blades collect a lot of dust, and because they’re up so high, they rarely get cleaned. Instead of standing on a wobbly stool to wipe them down by hand, wrap a paint roller with a dryer sheet and dust them while standing safely on the floor.

9. Enhance the scent of any room: Are some of the rooms in your home smelling a little funky? Here’s a simple solution: remove your air conditioning grates and place a dryer sheet on the inside of them. Now, the air coming out will smell extra fresh!

10. Remove grime from oven racks: Oven racks build up plenty of grime over time, especially if you cook often. Sometimes sponges can’t scrape away every last bit, but a dryer sheet’s rough texture will help eliminate built-up food residue.

11. Wipe down washers and dryers: After doing several loads of laundry, washing machines and dryers get pretty filthy. Simply running a dryer sheet across the plastic and metal surfaces cleans them right up in a jiffy!

12. Enhance the smell of musky drawers: Dresser drawers can smell musty after a long time, and no one wants to put fresh clothes into a drawer if they’ll smell when they’re taken out. Slipping dryer sheets in between layers of clothing will help stave off the musty odor!

13. Get rid of deodorant stains: As useful as deodorant is for keeping our body odor in check, it can leave unsightly stains on our clothing. Lightly rubbing a dyer sheet on the white residue solves the problem immediately!

14. Freshen up your vacuum cartridge: Even though vacuums help clean the dirty floors of your home, they begin to emit smelly fumes after prolonged usage. However, if you insert a dryer sheet into the vacuum’s canister, the fumes will go from stinky to delightful in no time!

15. Smooth out static hair: Is static hair getting you down? Well, if you have a dryer sheet handy, it doesn’t have to! It might sound odd, but rubbing a dryer sheet over your hair will help eliminate static electricity.

16. Clean up powder spills: Flour and other white powdery substances create havoc on dark surfaces, and cleaning up a powder spill can be frustrating. But dryer sheets are the best solution; they’ll get all of the white stuff out of every nook and cranny.

17. Wipe bugs off windshields: Bugs tend to splatter onto car windshields and leave a gross smear afterwards. Dryer sheets will wipe up all those buggy guts and leave your windshield looking new!

18. Clean grime off pots: Grime from food can become scorched to the bottom of pots and pans. However, if you fill up your cooking tools with a couple inches of boiling water, toss in a dryer sheet, and let it soak overnight. By the next morning the burned food will lift right off!

19. Keep rodents away: Homeowners dread rodents, and discovering a potential critter problem is a huge headache. However, rodents hate the smell of dryer sheets, so crumpling some up and stuffing them into the nooks and crannies of any home is a fantastic temporary solution (at least until the exterminator arrives).

20. Polish metal surfaces: A dryer sheet will actually pull up grime better than a paper towel! There may be another item in your garage that can polish stainless steel, too.

Make Stainless Steel Shine: Kitchen appliances caked in fingerprints and covered in dried coffee hand prints can harsh your cooking spaces’ vibes. Spraying stainless steel with WD-40 and wiping it clean can bring back that sparkle.

2. Unstuck Zippers: WD-40 is all about keeping things loose and smooth, so naturally, it can work wonders on any pesky zippers that won’t seem to open. The best part about WD-40 is that it’s probably right under your sink…along with another secretly-useful household product.

3. Remove Gum: Remember when your kid got gum in their hair? Remember how much they cried when you grabbed the scissors? Next time, try using WD-40. As long as it doesn’t get in their eyes, you should have yourself a stress-free solution to a sticky situation.

4. Polish Clothing: Oh no! You were indulging in your afternoon tomato when it suddenly dribbled down your shirtfront. Don’t fret — just spray on your favorite household solution (WD-40, obviously) and throw into the wash for a quick fix. This also works for tomato sauce stains!

Denis Doyle/Seattle Pi

5. Snow-Proof Shoes: The only thing worse than shoveling snow is doing so with wet feet. Thanks to WD-40, you won’t work under those conditions ever again! The WD-40 acts as a barrier on your boots, making it harder for snow to penetrate the material.

6. Clean Shoes: Nothing ruins a walk in the park more than realizing you’ve stepped in a smelly pile of…well, you know. To combat the stench, grab an old toothbrush and WD-40, rinse with cold water, and you should be good as new!

The Doctors/YouTube

7. Defrosting Windows: When ice cakes your windows in the early morning, just blast it with a quick squirt of WD-40. Clearing your windows afterwards will be much easier, and you won’t have to struggle and suffer in the cold (for long).

8. Kills Roaches: You pride yourself on your ability to kill even the largest of spiders, but when it comes to roaches the size of your fist, you’re going to need some backup. Spray the offending roach with WD-40 and you’ve won another battle in the Bug War.


9. Keep Wasps Away: We don’t care how adventurous you think you are — you’re never prepared to come face to face with a wasp nest. Spraying WD-40 under the eaves of your house should stop them from building nests in the first place.

Garfield Pest Control

10. Remove Stickers: Buying a used car can be annoying when the previous owner’s “Baby on Board” bumper sticker is plastered on the window. Thankfully, spraying WD-40 onto the sticker will make it easy to wipe away for good.

Original WD40/YouTube

11. Remove Rust: If you’re a license plate collector, or simply drive a car as old as your adult child, then pay attention: Wiping down a rusted plate with WD-40 will remove the dirt and rust and prevent more from forming. 

Any And All Auctions

12. Eliminate Scuff Marks: Here’s another fun thing about having kids: They wear sneakers and love to run in the house. Both of these probably amount to tough scuff marks all over your kitchen floors…which WD-40 and a little elbow grease should clear right up.

13. Preserve Guitar Strings: We’ve all been there: You’re playing your guitar to a sold-out stadium of fans when one of the strings suddenly snaps. To prevent a horde of angry fans, wipe a rag covered with WD-40 over the strings beforehand to avoid corrosion! 

14. Clean The Toilet: If you’re anything like us, spending an hour scrubbing the toilet with bleach isn’t exactly your idea of fun. Cut that time down to mere minutes by spraying some WD-40 into the bowl and cleaning with a nylon toilet brush.  

15. Wipe Up Dried Glue: If you’re into crafting, then you understand the pain of cleaning up all that dried glue. Cut the clean-up time in half by spraying some WD-40 onto the glue residue and wiping with a damp cloth!

Inner Child Fun

16. Slide Off A Ring: Hopefully the only reason you’re sliding a wedding or engagement ring off is to give your finger some air. In that event, you can make the job a little easier by greasing the tracks with some WD-40.

17. Get Grillin’: When your barbecue grill isn’t on, grab a wire brush and scrub it with some WD-40. Doing so is sure to revive the dull, rusted metal — as well as the envy of Neighbor Dave, who is now jealous of your gorgeous grill.

Jaime Manriquez/Colombian

18. Cut Through Grease: It can feel like the grease is on your hands for days after you tinker with your car, no matter how many times you wash them. So, spray them with some WD-40 and wipe with a dry paper towel to cut through the grime.

19. Play Ball: You can use WD-40 to break in a new baseball glove! Spray it with some WD-40, tie it up with a baseball in the palm, and let it sit overnight. You’ll be back in the game in no time. 

Just Ball Gloves/YouTube

20. Destroy Stains: A relaxing mug of chamomile tea is oh-so soothing…until you see the brown stains it leaves on practically everything it drips onto. Instead of going crazy at the laundromat, spray some WD-40 onto a damp rag and watch the stain disappear. 

21. Clean Carpets: If you have kids — or are prone to spillages — then you understand the hassle that is getting stains out of your carpeted floors. Luckily, there’s WD-40 for that! Just spray and wipe with a warm, soapy sponge until the stain is no more. 

22. De-Shine Floors: Everyone wants clean, shiny floors, but not so shiny that you have to wear sunglasses. When you coat a soft cloth with WD-40 and wipe the floor, it’ll cut right through the shine and make your hardwood floors the envy of the neighborhood. 

Kaleena Lynde

23. Buff Leather: That leather sectional sure makes you feel like a classy guy, but not if it’s looking lackluster. Buffing the leather with a soft cloth covered with WD-40 will condition the material and bring your sofa (and your confidence!) back to life. 

24. Shine Golf Clubs: You love nothing more than a sunny day on the golf course, but not if your clubs look old. You can prevent that kind of embarrassment by treating the clubs to some WD-40, which should leave them looking shiny and new! 

Chris McGrath/Live About

Whatever WD-40 can’t handle, hydrogen peroxide probably can. If you’ve recently had the unfortunate experience of spilling a drink on that favorite shirt, don’t worry. Soaking a paper towel in hydrogen peroxide and rubbing it on the stain before washing will help remove it more easily.

2. Like with WD-40, if you’re looking to achieve a shiny — sometimes slippery — floor, then you’ve come to the right place! Combining a mixture of hot water with hydrogen peroxide makes a fantastic DIY floor cleaner.

3. It’s never a good sign when your house plants start to sprout fungus. To keep your plants looking fresh and lively, try adding a pinch of hydrogen peroxide to the soil. This can help prevent plants from growing that unsightly fungus.


4. Hydrogen peroxide can also work wonders on your hair. Combine a mixture of cool water and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and simply spritz the solution onto your hair before brushing. It’ll really bring out your natural highlights!


5. Purchasing your fruits and vegetables from a busy grocery store means many other people likely have touched them. Not to mention, many companies spray them with pesticides! It turns out a drop of hydrogen peroxide is great for removing both grime and pesticides from your produce.

05-uses-for-hydrogen-peroxidePublic Domain

6. Much like using hydrogen peroxide to make a DIY floor-cleaning solution, it’s also great for scrubbing the food stains from your beautiful countertops. Scrub them rigorously, then rinse with water. Voilà!

06-uses-for-hydrogen-peroxideWiki How

7. Did you know that you can mix a tiny bit of peroxide with a cup of water to make your own mouthwash? Best of all, the hydrogen peroxide will work like many brand-name types of mouthwash that whiten your teeth.

8. It’s no secret that the properties of hydrogen peroxide work incredibly well to fight stains around your home, and that goes double for stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Use peroxide to spruce them up and make them look brand-new!

08-uses-for-hydrogen-peroxideMom Fabulous

9. Pour a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and warm water over the dirty areas in your bathtub and let it sit for a while. When you return, you’ll notice that the grime has loosened from the grout, where it can be easily removed with a simple wipe of a cloth or sponge!

09-uses-for-hydrogen-peroxideCoating Solutions Bend

10. Dab a little bit on pimples on your face to help clean up your skin. The hydrogen peroxide serves to dry the affected area and remove the bacteria inside. After just a few applications, your skin will be back to normal.


11. Researchers have suggested it may be dangerous to use Q-tips when cleaning your ears of earwax. Instead, save yourself the potential risk and use a mix of olive oil and hydrogen peroxide for a great ear cleaner.

12. Dipping your feet in a peroxide solution can help clean gunk and fungus from your toes. To create this solution, just find a bucket large enough for both of your feet. Then, fill it with warm water and add a small splash of peroxide.

13. The incredible cleaning abilities of this solution don’t end with your kitchen counters and stainless steel appliances. In fact, hydrogen peroxide works efficiently to remove stains from fabric, too. Just mix some with vinegar and rub the stains right out of your towels.

14. No one likes cleaning their fish tank because it’s difficult to remove the gunk from the corners. If you add a little hydrogen peroxide to a cleaning brush, you can scrub your aquarium easily and prevent unsightly grime from forming inside the tank. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse it before adding your fish!


15. A mix of hydrogen peroxide, detergent, and baking soda is great for removing bad smells from your home. This concoction is so strong, in fact, that it can even remove the scent emitted when a skunk sprays! Now that’s strong.

15-uses-for-hydrogen-peroxideMiddle Fork Farm

16. Just like with the bloodstains, hydrogen peroxide can be used as a general bleach for whites in your wash. Instead of bleach, add half a cup to your wash cycle.

17. A moldy, mildewy humidifier helps no one. Clean it with soap and water and then disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide and water solution.

18. Spray the hydrogen peroxide onto a paper towel and then wipe down your mirrors for a streak-free finish. Then get back to taking those bathroom selfies…

19. Dust mites are almost inevitable, but they don’t have to build up. Spray hydrogen peroxide on your bare mattress to rid it of any invisible critters!

20. And finally, For an antibacterial boost, add a drop or two to your dishwasher or your regular dish soap.

Now that you know all these clever new ways to use hydrogen peroxide, why not just repurpose your whole medicine cabinet! See that jar of Vick’s VapoRub? While its main use is to relieve chest and nasal congestion, you can totally put it to work in other creative ways, too!

1. Insect Repellant: Believe it or not, Vicks can keep the bugs at bay. Bugs hate the smell of eucalyptus, which is a major ingredient in VapoRub. Dabbing it behind your ears will keep them away. No harsh chemical sprays needed!

Brad Viles displays his favorite combination of weapons for fighting black flies, mosquitoes, deer and moose flies and ticks. Left to right, Ben's 100; a head net and no-see-um mesh shirt; Avon Skin So Soft bath oil, and Vicks Vapo Rub.

2. Lawn Rescue: Dogs like to pee in the same place, and they find their usual spots with a keen sense of smell. Put some Vicks on that spot to disrupt the pooch’s sniffer — the ointment will mask familiar scents — and ol’ Fido will find somewhere else to go (hopefully not in the house).

Shiba Inu puppy potty training

3. Stretch Marks: A dose of Vicks might help with stretch marks, too. The combination of natural oils in the medicine helps stretched skin feel softer and reduces dryness, which is what makes stretch marks stand out. Good luck, Stretch Armstrong!

4. Headaches: Migraines can take you out of commission for hours or even days. Some sufferers swear the natural aromas of Vicks ease their suffering if they rub the ointment on their temples.

5. Sore Muscles: Maybe you’ve crushed the gym and now your arms and legs feel like jello. Soothe those aches by rubbing some Vicks into them — the cooling sensation will feel great!


6. Acne Breakouts: Who needs expensive acne creams when a little VapoRub can eliminate pimples overnight? Just slather some of this mentholated ointment on your breakout and the next day you’ll wake up with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

7. Foot Fungus: If you’re one of those people who wouldn’t be caught dead buying foot fungus cream, you’ll be happy to know that you can reach for Vicks instead. Simply apply to the affected area nightly while clipping off as much of the infected nail as possible. Pretty soon you’ll have feet ready for a slumber party pedicure!

LA Parent

8. Scratching Cats: It’s no secret cats love to scratch things, but no matter how many expensive scratching posts you buy, they always seem to prefer the furniture instead. Luckily, cats hate the smell of VapoRub, so dabbing some on problem areas will save you from buying your third couch in four years.

9. Earaches: While this is no means a cure for the underlying infection, placing a VapoRub-covered cotton ball in your ear is a great way to reduce pain and inflammation until consulting a medical professional. If anyone asks: you’re developing a brand-new, sleek-and-stylish earplug.


10. Tick Removal: Removing ticks too forcefully can cause them to break and spread infection. With a quick swipe of VapoRub, however, the ticks will actually release themselves from your skin on their own. Good riddance!


11. Cold Prevention: It turns out that you’ve probably been incorrectly using VapoRub for this purpose your whole life. Instead of rubbing it on your chest or throat, applying Vicks to the feet allows it to more quickly absorb into the body.


12. Bruises: Some may wear their bruises like badges of honor, but those that aren’t a fan of rocking purple and black need look no further than Vicks. Applying VapoRub to a bruise will drive blood away from the skin, significantly reducing the coloration that comes with these unsightly blemishes.

13. Cuts: When it comes to cuts, the only thing worse than that initial twinge of pain is the discomfort that comes from reopening the wound. Luckily, VapoRub can help to accelerate the healing process, and its antiseptic properties can effectively prevent infection. Take that, Neosporin!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.44.48 PMTravis Rigel Lukas Hornung / Flickr

14. Sinus Pressure: As if a cough and runny nose weren’t bad enough, most cold and allergy sufferers also deal with intense sinus pressure. While the vapors of the VapoRub help to loosen mucus, applying the ointment straight to your sinuses will naturally reduce the blood pressure in your head and dull the pain.

15. Joint Pain: While Vicks is a staple for people that are prone to colds, it should also be one for those that face frequent bouts of “tennis elbow.” A quick massage of the VaporRub into the inflamed joint should have you pain-free in a matter of minutes.

Dick’s Pro Tips

16. Dry Skin: Do people often mistake you for the Sahara Desert because of your chronically dry skin? Well, eczema sufferers can kiss their days of desert comparisons – and expensive cure-all creams – goodbye by simply massaging Vicks into the affected areas.


17. Allegedly Reduces Belly Fat: To do this, simply mix one tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of crushed camphor, one tablespoon of alcohol, and half a jar of Vicks. Apply the solution to your belly and wrap with saran wrap before beginning your cardio exercise. Rinse the solution off afterward and then repeat for several weeks.

18. Fake Tears: If you’re an actor, you know how difficult it can be to muster tears on command, especially if a scene isn’t particularly clicking for you. The simple fix of rubbing a small amount of VapoRub below your eyes will allow those tears to flow without an issue.

19. Splinter Removal: Vicks VapoRub can also be used when removing a splinter. If you rub a small amount on top of the affected area before you take it out with tweezers, it will help cool and ease the pain you feel when it pinches the nerve endings on your skin.

Carol Kosark Southard / Flickr

20. Horse Breeding: This may come as a surprise, but many breeders rub VapoRub below the nostrils of their male racehorses to keep them from attempting to follow the scent of female horses. This way, it keeps them focused on the task at hand — winning the race!

Horse Racing Nation

Pretty cool, huh? Well, there just happens to be one other basic item in your medicine cabinet that has a ton of unexpected uses. It turns out that lip balm is handier for way more than keeping your mouth looking pretty.

Everyday Wellness

1. Relieve an irritated nose: Sensitive skin around your nose makes blowing your nose even worse when you’re suffering a cold or flu. Unscented lip balm applied to the irritated spots, however, protects the reddened skin.

2. Fix a bad hair day: Sometimes, hair won’t cooperate, but with lip balm, you can force it to submit to your will. Swipe your finger tips over the balm and rub them on any hairs that refuse to blend into the pack. That’ll keep all your hairs together.

Tati / YouTube

3. Protect tools from rust: Keep tools free from oxygen and moisture exposure by applying a layer of lip balm to all metal portions. Rust-causing elements won’t easily penetrate the wax.

Sensible Prepper / YouTube

4. Stop bug bite itch: A visit from nasty insects leaves you covered in itchy bites. Dotting those bites with lip balm keeps airborne irritants away from the bug’s mark, and—viola—you itch less.

5. Remove sticker residue: If you loaded up notebook covers or laptop faces with 25 cent stickers and now regret it, apply lip balm to the sticker residue left behind when you peel them off. Let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it away.

6. Protect pet’s paws: In the winter months, ol’ Fido’s paws don’t hold up so well on snow-stricken pavement or icy backyard grass. Apply lip balm to his paw pads for a little extra help in the elements.

7. Remove a stuck ring: When soapy water and body lotion falls short in removing a ring stuck behind your knuckle, just reach for the lip balm. Apply it to the area around the ring to grease the track and slide it right off.

SensiblePrepper / YouTube

8. Tame rebellious brows: You might fix those unruly caterpillar eyebrows above your eyeballs with an expensive brow gel, but that’s just an unnecessary product. Lip balm keeps your eyebrows lookin’ sleek.

9. Clean up mascara smudges: A Q-tip topped with a bit of lip balm can wipe away any stray patches of mis-applied mascara or eyeliner—and it won’t remove concealer or foundation!

Jacqui Zadik / Babble

10. Soothe small cuts: Small cuts like paper cuts hurt so much because they expose skin-level nerve endings to every airborne irritant possible. Seal the cut with a waxy lip balm to create a makeshift wax seal over those nerve endings.

11. Patch up shaving nicks: On a similar note, a dab of lip balm to a shaving nick puts a thin wax seal over the wound and stunts any bleeding. This does not work for larger cuts, though. So do be careful.

12. Prevent nails from splitting wood: Lube up nails and screws with a healthy serving of lip balm before hammering or drilling them into delicate furniture. You’ll lower the risk of splitting the wood this way.

13. Lubricate hinges and tracks: Window that won’t budge? Sliding door not living up to its name? A little lip balm on the hinges and tracks will have your windows and doors flying up.

14. Defog eyeglasses: Extreme temperatures or even a steaming stove-top pot steams up glasses, making it impossible to see. A protective layer of lip balm polished onto the lenses with a soft cloth prevents the blind from getting blinder.

15. Prevent blisters: Blisters form from the friction between the heel of your shoe and the heel of your foot. Luckily, a spot of lip balm on the back of the heel minimizes friction and prevents irritation.

16. Moisturize your cuticles: Lip balm moisturizes and rejuvenates dry cuticles or fingertips. Rub some on the cracking areas before bed and you’ll wake up with fingers ready to star in a puppet show.

17. Seal your fragrance: Dab your wrists and behind your ears with lip balm, then apply perfume or body spray directly to those locations. The lip salve will absorb the fragrance, ensuring it lasts all through the night.

18. Shine your shoes: Tell the shoe shine to take a hike. Just apply a layer of waxy lip balm to your kicks, buff them with a cloth, and watch ’em shine like brand new.

19. Keep laces tied: Sweating at the thought of tripping over a shoelace during a big moment in your life? Keep your laces tied tight with a smudge of lip balm over the knot.

20. Repair scratched CDs: If you’re still reliant on CDs, you know a scratch on the back spells doom for the disk’s future. A little lip balm over the scratch can hide the nick and stop your CD from skipping.

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