20 Strange Purchases ‘Humble’ Mariah Carey Didn’t Think Twice About Dropping Her Money On

Celebrities work hard for their money, so when we see these big stars spending millions of dollars on cars, jewelry, and other big-money purchases, we really can’t blame them. But while most of these wealthy individuals are guilty of overindulging from time to time, there’s one celebrity who seems to outshine–and outspend–all others.

We’re talking, of course, about the pop icon and self-proclaimed diva, Mariah Carey. Though Mariah surely has the talent and star power to justify her fabulous lifestyle, this sensational songbird takes the concept of “treat yourself” to a whole new level.

1. Doggie Spa Treatments ($45k/year): Imagine shelling out enough to buy a new car on doggie massages and facials. Well, Mariah Carey doesn’t have to waste time imagining, because that’s exactly what she spends yearly to pamper her beloved pups.

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2. Flowers ($100k/month): Those close to the pop singer reported that she spends over a million dollars a year to have huge bouquets delivered to her, no matter where she is in the world.

3. Private Jet ($900k/week): Why spend $70 million to buy a luxury private jet when you can just rent one for just under $1 million a week? Carey adores traveling to and from her homes on this rental.

4. The Shoe Room ($$$): Carey’s massive shoe closet is rumored to hold over 1,000 pairs, all coordinated by color, style, and designer. Mariah’s collection could potentially be worth millions.

5. Beverly Hills Mansion ($35k/month): Mariah Carey newest digs–a Mediterranean-style, eight-bedroom mansion once rented by Nicki Minaj–is a steal compared to the others she’s owned…

6. Vocal Chord + Body Insurance ($70 million): It’s only natural to want to protect the very thing that made you so successful. Carey also took out a $35 million policy on her curvy figure as well!

7. Personal Lighting Crew ($$$): During a filmed radio interview in 2014, Mariah arrived at the studio with a full lighting crew, citing the fact that overhead lighting could sometimes be “abusive” and unflattering. 

8. Private Yacht ($340k/week): Before their messy split in 2016, Carey and her then-fiancé James Packer rented “His and Hers” yachts while on a summer vacation. Carey’s yacht, Capri, came complete with two bars, a hot tub, a gym, a library, and a private chef.

9. The Plaza Athénée ($15k/night): Mariah Carey will only stay in the best hotels when she travels to Paris. Of course, it’s also no surprise that Mariah will only settle for the best room in the hotel, racking up a hefty bill for a stay in the Athénée’s premier suite.

Daily Mail

10. Designer Slings ($$$): After injuring herself during a 2013 music video shoot, Carey refused to cancel her upcoming performances and instead took the stage in several dazzling arm slings.

Business Insider

11. Manhattan Penthouse ($9 million): Purchased in 1999, Carey’s Franklin Tower triplex includes four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, and bronze-inlaid limestone flooring. It even has a pizza oven!

12. Beauty Team ($85k/year): According to documents released by Carey’s record label, the pop star spends $65k on a personal stylist, $10k on a hair stylist, $7k on a makeup artist, and almost $3k on a manicurist.

13. Rolls Royce Phantom ($492k): Mariah dropped just under half a million dollars on a 2017 Drophead Coupe. The yacht-like sports car probably fit in well alongside her Maybach 62 ($400k) and pink Porsche Cayenne ($100k).


14. First-Class Dog Flights ($4k): While it may not be as pricey as some of her other purchases, forking over thousands of dollars to fly two of her dogs first class might be her most unusual. But, hey, anything for the fur babies, right?

15. Hotel Rooms…For Luggage ($15k/night): Not a fan of keeping her dozens of suitcases in her presence while traveling, Carey reportedly books penthouse suites solely for her luggage!

16. La Mer Cream ($6k/month): One of the most sought-after skincare products among celebrities, this youth preserve cream costs an unbelievable $2,095 for a single 16.5-oz. jar. Surprisingly, though, Mariah didn’t keep the product for herself; instead, the mother of two used it as diaper cream for her twins, Moroccan and Monroe. 

17. Shopping Sprees ($$$): Mariah’s reputation for splurging is so well known that a Louis Vuitton once closed its doors to the public so she could have free rein over the entire store.


18. Backstage Demands ($$$): Apparently, Mariah requires eight “tall, leafy plants”, Jo Malone vanilla candles, two vases of white roses, and black drapes around the perimeter of space. Oh, and the room can’t be warmer than a balmy 75 degrees.

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19. Walk-In Closet ($$$): Mariah has one room dedicated entirely to her purses, and another two rooms for her collection of La Perla and Agent Provocateur lingerie.

Daily Mail

20. A Surprise Gift ($34k): A lot can be said about Mariah Carey’s excessive spending habits, but there’s no denying that she can be generous when she wants to be. That’s why during a surprise party for her former manager, Stella Bulochnikov, Carey wheeled out a luxurious Louis Vuitton trunk as a birthday gift.

Can you believe the kinds of things Mariah Carey spends her millions on? Talk about self-indulging!

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