The Most Ridiculous Technology Fails Of All-Time

When technology is involved, accidents happen. People spill a cup of coffee on their keyboards, download viruses, and crack their company phones on a regular basis. But there are some technological struggles that seem to make zero sense. In-office technological support teams have seen some things — the sorts of things you may not feel are humanly possible. We feel sorry for the IT staff that had to deal with the aftermath of these inexplicable technology fails.

1. Sound System Blues

The team in charge of setting up the sound system seemed to be unfamiliar with this style of speaker. Installing them upside down brings a unique aesthetic appeal, but hinders their ability to pump out music for the crowd.

2. Power Down

The story here is that someone installed a space heater just a bit too close to their power strip. They were confused about why their heater wasn’t working. We’re not sure how the burnt plastic smell didn’t tip them off.

3. Lifted iPad Screens

Someone likes to live on the edge. We have no idea how or why this phone’s owner decided to try this. It’s a mystery how the screen hasn’t cracked! A strong burst of wind could break it.

4. High Security

They’re definitely getting a great visual of what the wall is doing. Unless they’re looking for some kind of bug criminal, they should probably manage their angles. Until then, reviewing the video footage will be an easy job.