30 Steps That Could Save Your Home From A Hurricane

When it comes to tropical storms, we have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. In recent years, we've seen how Hurricanes Ian, Sandy, and Katrina have wreaked havoc across large areas of the United States. There's always the chance that an even bigger calamity is on the horizon, and so it's vital to take as many measures as possible to protect our homes and our loved ones.

1. Roof straps

This may be hard to picture, but it's not uncommon for high-powered hurricanes to tear the roof right off of a house. Some long-term preparation can prevent this nightmare scenario from unfolding. For a relatively low cost, you can install metal straps to each truss of your roof to secure them to the building's frame.

2. Cover up your windows

During a hurricane, windows are often the most vulnerable part of your home. Powerful gusts can hurl debris right through these openings, scattering shards of broken glass inside the house. The easiest way to avoid this threat is to cover the windows. You can either pull your shutters closed, if you have them, or board up your windows in a pinch.

3. Bring in outdoor furniture

If you have a lot of stuff in your yard — furniture, umbrellas, garden decor — you'll want to bring them inside prior to a hurricane. And that's not just to prevent your prized possessions from being blown away. Those objects can also be picked up by a gust and sent careening into your home.

4. Take out troublesome tree branches

Is there currently a dead tree branch dangling over your home? If so, it is best to nip that problem in the bud. Experts recommend lopping off any tree branches that come within 10 feet of your residence, especially if they look like they are a bit on the fragile side. Your future self — and your roof — will thank you.