These States Will Pay You To Move There In 2022

While the pandemic introduced an array of new challenges to our everyday lives, it also happened to present some new opportunities, among them the flexibility that comes with remote work. As lockdowns were enforced across the country and the world, a rising number of companies decided to allow their employees to work from home rather than risk spreading the virus through human interaction. As a result, many workers have decided to take advantage of their remote work opportunities, moving to places that they never would have dreamed of when they were confined to the physical office. But while some new locations are appealing due to the weather or nightlife, other lesser-known places without as much influence decide to attract new residents through unique incentives. Let's take a look at the U.S. states that will actually pay you to move there in 2022,


Although Oklahoma is renowned for its beautiful landscape, the city of Tulsa is looking to set itself apart from the rest of the state in a commercial sense. Through its Tulsa Remote program, the city is offering remote workers the opportunity to move to Tulsa in exchange for $10,000 in cash and free desk space at a coworking space. What's more, successful applicants will receive some additional funds to help with moving expenses as well as access to a variety of special deals on apartments.


Located on the Canadian border, Minnesota is famous for its lakes and forests, not to mention being home to the largest mall in America (aptly named the Mall of America!). Still, these are not the only perks that may entice outsiders to relocate to this midwestern state. Through its 218 Relocate package, the city of Bemidji is doing its utmost to lure in new residents. Not only do members of this program get reimbursed for their moving costs, but they also get a one-year free membership to the LaunchPad coworking space in the historic Mayflower Building. What's more, participants also receive access to the Community Concierge Program, which helps to integrate families into the community and helps entrepreneurs to set up a business locally.


The Northwest Arkansas Council is aiming to attract new residents to the Northwest Arkansas region through its own incentive program. Participants will have the option of choosing from two tracks — either they can accept $10,000 in cash and a bike with which they can explore the countryside, or they can swap out the cash for an equivalent amount in bitcoin. Is biking not really your thing? In that case, you can choose to receive an annual membership to one of the region's world-class cultural institutions. In exchange for these mouthwatering perks, participants will live in either the Benton or Washington counties for at least twelve months.

West Virginia

Located in the lush Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia is another state looking to attract remote workers to its ranks. The state is willing to pay suitable candidates a total of $12,000 in monthly installments ($10,000 during their first year and a $2,000 bonus at the start of the second) along with a free coworking space and social programs to help make friends and meet the locals. What's more, program participants will receive a whole year of free outdoor recreation such as whitewater rafting and downhill skiing.