12 Super Warm Products People Who Are Always Cold Need To Try

Winter is coming, so they say, and if you’re reading this, chances are you aren’t a moose—that is, you don’t have a fully insulated coat of fur covering your entire body. That means when the chilly weather strikes, you inevitably will get really, really cold.

But there’s good news for those of you who aren’t built to withstand the chilly breezes pouring through paper-thin apartment walls or high-rise offices: there are a few products out there designed with the sole intent of keeping you warm in ways you never imagined possible. They’ll fight away the chills from your toes to your forehead, and keep you from chattering your teeth at the office.

So pitch that ragged blanket in the trash—you don’t need it any more! Especially not after you read this list of 12 products guaranteed to keep you warm even during the darkest winter nights…

1. Toasty MugHarness the power and warmth of a skin-blistering, scalding-hot cup of morning coffee with this handy mug. Just slide your hands into the slots on the side, feel the heat, and hope no one throws you anything from across the room!

Sabrina Fossi

2. USB-Heated Finger-less Gloves: Fingerless gloves no longer need to be relegated to riding motorcycles and busting out unexpected jazz hands. With these bad boys, you can be the envy of the office as you maintain full finger dexterity and bask in the USB-generated warmth.


3. Keysocks: Winter and high fashion are like baby sisters; it’s difficult to get them to cooperate. That is, until keysocks enter the fray! If the tops of your feet can withstand Arctic temperatures, then your fashionable shoe game will go uninterrupted thanks to these handy socks.


4. Wearable Sleeping Bag (rugged man not included): There are an endless number of positives to wearing a sleeping bag. For one, you get all the warmth of a bed cocooned around you anywhere you go—all day long. Another positive? When life gets tough, you can curl up into a ball, zip up the coat, and go to sleep right in the middle of wherever.


5. Heated Lotion Dispenser: Nothing says “keep warm” like rubbing hot lotion into the palms of your hands. If you need instant relief from the bone chilling cold—and you’re in desperate need for moisturizer—then this lotion dispenser has you covered.


6. Heated Slippers: These slippers go above and beyond the duty of simple insulation. They offer four levels of heat to make sure that your toes are curlin’ all throughout the day. Just think of it this way: How cold are your toes right now? How much warmer could they be in these?


7. Heated Insoles: All right, so you’re not a slipper guy or gal. But surely—surely!—you can’t resist the heel-grabbing glory of heated insoles. Battery-operated, these can keep your feet encased in 111-degree warmth. You’ll be melting the snow before your foot even hits the ground.


8. Heated Mouse: Do you have freezing cold witch hands that no one can bear touching their bare flesh? If so, then this mouse would like to help you out. It generates just enough heat to keep your palms sweatin’—and your paws warm—all day.


9. USB-Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket: Here’s your chance to wear a cape into the office for entirely practical purposes. All you’ll need to complete the outfit is an identity-concealing mask and elite crime-fighting skills.


10. Towel Warmer: Have you ever stayed in the shower for nearly 10 hours and used enough hot water to bathe a small village because you didn’t want to be left standing and shivering in the freezing morning air? Well, now you can save a little bit of water and enjoy the embrace of a heated towel the second you step out of the shower!


11. Heated Mattress Pad: If it’s difficult to get out of bed in the morning—and you don’t really mind—you’re in luck. This heated mattress pad is sure to envelope you in a warmth so intense that it will be nearly impossible to pull off the covers and face the day. But at least you’ll sleep tight!


12. Rechargeable Hand Warmer: Another product for those with icy hands that bring death to whomever they touch, this hand warmer fits in your palm or pocket. Cup it while you rub your hands maniacally or keep it in your front jacket pocket as you walk, and you’ll have hands so warm your friends and coworkers will practically be begging for you to touch the back of their necks.

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You may not have the cold resistance of a Canadian moose, but with these products, you can certainly make that a closer reality. Which do you think would keep you the warmest?

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