20 Weird Products For Sale Online That People Actually Shell Out Their Hard-Earned Money To Buy

Most of us know someone who seems to own everything, no matter how unusual or unconventional. A toaster specifically made for hot dogs? You better believe they have one. What about a glow-in-the-dark toilet bowl seat? Yep, that’s covered too. Is there anything out there they don’t have?

As it turns out, probably. You don’t even really have to search that hard to find incredibly bizarre things for sale online, and for a price, you too can own some of the world’s most unique — and certainly strange — products…

1. Unicorn squirrel feeder ($17): This hilarious feeder makes it look like all those bushy-tailed critters have an enormous unicorn head. Not only is it a great way to keep squirrels away from bird feeders, but it makes for epic photos!

2. Daddle Saddle ($40): Lots of kids like to play cowboy with their dads and ride on their backs, but now it can feel even more official when they perch themselves up on this plush saddle. Yeehaw daddy!

3. Nose pencil sharpener ($5): Your parents might tell you not to pick your nose, but you can certainly shove a pencil up it! This sharpener is a hilarious desktop item, and kids will certainly have plenty of entertainment sharpening their lead.

4. Animals breaking wind coloring book ($6): Kids love to color pictures of animals, right? And they certainly think it’s hilarious when someone breaks wind, so why not combine the two for an afternoon of colorful gassy fun!

5. Cat wine ($8): Why not help make your feline extra fancy by turning them onto “Moscato” wine. You might want to monitor their intake, however, so they don’t start slurring their meows. Mr. Tibbles is such a lush.

6. Gameboy refrigerator decals ($25): Decorate your kitchen retro style with these decals that make your fridge look like an old school Game Boy. All those retro gamers out there can finally geek out their kitchens in the coolest way possible.

7. Miniature hands ($7): So, you’re probably thinking, “Why on Earth would I need a set of tiny hands to wear on my fingers?” Well, don’t worry, because so is everyone else. Whenever someone asks for a hand, though, you’re more than prepared.

8. See-through gummy bear model ($27): This somewhat creepy-looking model is actually a 41-piece puzzle. Most people have probably taken a crack at a jigsaw puzzle before, but not many can say they’ve pieced together the anatomy of an over-sized gummy bear.

9. Remote controlled centipede ($16): Have you ever wanted to scare someone so badly they go into cardiac arrest? Well, look no further than this nightmarish toy. Set it on the ground outside your friend’s bedroom and have the ambulance on speed dial.

10. Salmon pillow ($16): Sushi and fish lovers can rejoice! Finally, a pillow that speaks to the deep-sea lover in them all. It’s soft and realistic, but the best part is you can use it all you want and never get mercury poisoning!

11. Ravioli spoon rest ($17): For those people who seem to have every kitchen appliance and knickknack in the world, they still probably don’t have a big rubber ravioli spoon rest. Like a rug to a room, it truly ties the kitchen together.

12. Squishable bread loaf ($11): Squeezable stress relievers come in all different shapes, but have you ever seen one that looks like an entire loaf of read? Probably not. The sheer size looks like it would help during a very stressful day — it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

13. Unicorn mat ($20): Are you looking to make any room way more epic? Then you just have to have this majestic floor mat! It will make all your guests feel like they stepped into a fantasy realm as soon as they enter.

14. Hedgehog cheese grater ($20): Trying to grate some delicious fresh Parmesan cheese on your pasta? Well don’t be boring and use a regular grater; shred some of that cheesy goodness using these hedgehogs! Unique and hilarious!

15. Literally nothing ($7): This is the gift for someone who has literally everything. It’s exactly what it looks like: a package with nothing in it. Because what else are you supposed to get them other than a nicely packaged piece of nothing?

16. Cow decal ($25): Wake up every morning to your friend Bessie peering out at you! You can un-peel it and stick it on a different wall whenever you want, and if you have other artwork in the way, simply “moo”-ve it over!

17. Nicholas Cage pillow ($22): This is something any die-hard fan of Nicholas Cage needs in their home. When the grain of the pillow is brushed in one direction, the pillow is a shiny silver color; brush it in the other and Mr. Cage peeks through!

18. Nicholas Cage shirt ($20): If that pillow didn’t satisfy your Nicholas Cage fix, this shirt full of grinning Nicholas Cage faces is sure to. You don’t ever have to worry about one of your friends wearing the same thing when you go out.

19. Electronic face bank ($13): Well this is one sure-fire way to ensure you have nightmares. This rubber soulless-eyed face will chew up the coins you feed it, and then it swallows them into the depths of hell.

20. Suture practicing kit ($20): Just in case you ever get a deep gash in your skin and medical attention is hours away, you’ll know exactly how to stitch up your flesh after practicing on this realistic skin-like material. We all need to brush up on our suture game.

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