40 Of The Most Awkward Golden Globes Moments Ever Caught On Camera

What would we do without the Golden Globes? They’re basically the more unguarded, more manic version of the Oscars and so an endless source of entertainment. If you want to see celebrities letting their hair down — in sometimes the most embarrassing way possible — then the Globes is the awards show for you. And here are the 40 nominees for “most wince-worthy moment.”

40. Ansel Elgort singing

Ansel Elgort and Dakota Fanning were the presenters for “Best Original Song” at the 2020 Golden Globes. And so instead of saying “here are the nominees” Elgort… sang the line. Many people watching the show on Twitter totally winced. But Elgort is set to play Tony in a remake of West Side Story, so maybe (hopefully?) he was just practicing.

39. Nicole Kidman’s awkward kiss

Nicole Kidman won Best Actress in a Limited Series at the 2018 Globes for her role in Big Little Lies. That was great for her obviously, but what was not so great was how she missed her husband Keith Urban’s mouth while trying to kiss him. It was weirdly hilarious. But since she gave him a shout-out during her speech we guess their marriage is totally fine.

38. Brad Pitt thanking his stomach medicine

Back in 1996 Brad Pitt won for 12 Monkeys and his acceptance speech might have, uh, dampened his reputation as one of Hollywood’s sexiest men. During it he thanked the makers of Kaopectate, which is a diarrhea medication, for doing “a great service to their fellow man.” The he was off, very possibly in the direction of the nearest bathroom.

37. Willem Dafoe being very confused

Sometimes the Golden Globes get super weird. During the 2019 ceremony Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh offered free flu shots to the audience — a joke which might hit a little differently now — and brought out some folks in lab coats wielding syringes. Willem Dafoe looked confused and perhaps a little scared, but really can you blame him?