Proof That Dozens Of Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Are Involved In Major Cults

Being a celebrity might sound like the dream; after all, the lifestyles of the rich and famous often include vacations to exotic locales, name-brand fashion sprees, and adoring fans literally throwing themselves at your feet. Sadly, in reality, it can be lonely and isolating—and no amount of money or fame can change that.

Some celebrities try to fill this emotional void with charitable deeds. Others turn toward more, uh… unconventional places to gain the happiness they’re so desperately searching for. Here are 12 famous people you won’t believe have very strange connections to the occult…

1. Jayne Mansfield and the Church of Satan: The American film, theater, and TV actress found fame early on and even became one of the first Playboy Playmates. However, when her career started to decline, she joined a cult helmed by Anton LaVey.

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