Houses With The Most Satisfying Hidden Secrets Are Making People Jealous

You take your shoes off at the door, follow your friend down the hallway, and quietly take in the scene of their house. Yup, another boring pad. Just when you think you’re gonna be offered a glass of tap water, they pull back a book, and out swings a hidden door.

Secret spaces much like magic tricks, blow our dang minds. In that split second realization, you realize anything could be more than it seems. These homeowners appreciated the value of a well crafted concealed space, so they made their houses into spit take worthy mysteries.

1. In a reveal that would take Michael Caine’s breath away, this conspicuous mansion in Melbourne, Australia appears to descend into the earth. Dreamed up by an architecture firm called Molecule, the main inspiration slaps you in the face the moment you get inside.

Molecule Web

They call it the “Wayne Residence,” and it’s nearly a shot by shot remake of the film it was modeled after — The Dark Knight. It’s an underground garage lair large enough for a small fleet of luxury vehicles with a private entrance up to the living room.

2. These Sydney, Australia, homeowners wanted an upscale secret bathroom, and Groth and Sons interior design company had a sterling reputation. While it’s not the most difficult-to-spot door on this list, it uses the elegant fresco as a method of distraction.

Groth and Sons Interiors

3. To the outside eye, this tiny phone booth would appear to be a kitschy piece of furniture. Until you witness about 10 people walk in without a care in the world…that’s when you realize there’s some magic at work.


Fans of the Doctor Who series will recognize this British police box as the time-traveling Tardis. This replica offers much of the same mind-bending experience by leading guests into a secret home theater with a spacy theme all its own.


4. Taking their food and wine to the next level by literally carving out a private wine cellar beneath their kitchen, these master hosts have the best conversation piece in the neighborhood. A spiral staircase winds down to access their collection of bottles.

Love Property

5. For a measly $5.75 million, the family who purchased this Pennsylvania mansion get to live out their Lord of the Rings fantasies. The most intriguing feature of this 15,000-square-foot manor called Hidden Meadow Farm is the giant J.R.R. Tolkien-esque wooden door.

Christie’s International Real Estate

No, this isn’t concealing a suspicious bank vault. It’s actually the entryway to a private art studio. The former owner, a diehard fan of the fantasy series, spared no expense when he commissioned this solid wooden door from local craftsmen. 

Christie’s International Real Estate

6. Tackling a logistics issue with pure creativity, this home in San Francisco was given a garage without breaking historical heritage regulations. The team, consisting of Bea Soleil Architects and construction boss Corey McMills, disguised the garage as a bay window.

Beau Soleil Architects

7. Taking stock of this room, you’d never notice something overtly special. Apart from a few tiny chairs and an old little wardrobe, it appears rather mundane. Only the nosy visitor willing to peek into the cabinet would discover the truth.

Doornob / Maple Seed Renovation

Eat your heart out, Mr. Tumnus! In a worthy tribute to the wardrobe portal to Narnia, the good people at Maple Tree Renovations in Portland, Oregon, constructed this unforgettable playroom. It has all the good parts of the book series, just without the snow, or Turkish Delight.

Doonob / Maple Seed Renovations

8. House rules were important to this brave DIYer. The formal living space in his house was tv free, but like most human beings he had that itch to binge-watch, just preferably out of public view. So, he rolled up his sleeves and cut into the floorboards.

Imgur / Notadeckofcards

What he ended up with was the ultimate space to Netflix and chill. Equipped with a large projector screen, cozy seating, and mood lighting, the TV recluse pushed this bunker over the edge by installing a wine stash spot beneath the sofa.

9. Taking whimsy to the next level, the owners of this West London townhouse wanted something that would put the fun in functional. A trapdoor that blends discreetly into the busy floor pattern grants access to the home’s best feature.

Ab Rogers

A metal slide curves around and spills you out into the belly of the main floor. Stairs are officially ruined for the people lucky enough to glide to the breakfast table. The slide is the home’s quirkiest focal point courtesy of designer Ab Rogers.

Ab Rogers

10. Part of the appeal of flipping properties is the opportunity to customize your space, as home owners did in this converted barn in Jefferson, New York. Blink and you’ll miss the hatch in the original wide-plank hardwoods hiding a trapdoor staircase to the lower level.

11. There’s no such thing as too private of a bathroom. Behind an arched teal built-in bookcase lies a tranquil beach themed oasis where you can sit on the can in peace. It’s the jewel of an already ornate Maine dwelling built by Peter Pennoyer Architects. 

Peter Pennoyer Architects

12. A cybersecurity expert can’t have a boring old place to live. Their space has to have the same level of stealthy intrigue as their work, which is how this tech wizard designed his sort of diabolical home office.

Counterhack Personal Website

Located conveniently next to a spooky set of knight’s armor, a built-in bookcase offers the most Scooby-Doo style entryway possible. Sloped tin ceilings and a rich warm color scheme make this computer room the perfect headquarters for a secret hacking society.

Counter Hack Personal Website

Not hors d’oeuvres, booze, or even party clowns impress like a secret room. No, it’s the element of surprise that knocks people off their feet, and for some people, house pride is the best high of all. These people made the whole house into the big reveal.

Daily Mail / PBMW

Freedom Cove – British Columbia, Canada: Artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King created the self-sufficient sanctuary of their dreams in the remote, solitary waters of coastal British Columbia. As a sculptor and a retired ballerina, they sought a house that was as unique as themselves. Their “floating food garden” is certainly one of a kind.

The Sun

Painted bright pink and teal, the character of their anchored houseboat packs a punch. It features include an art gallery, dance floor, expansive greenhouse, and a lighthouse that doubles as a shower. Together the couple has lived and raised two kids on the interconnected platforms for 26 years.

Tree Hugger

Besides looking super funky, the house is environmentally sustainable. Wayne and Catherine generate their own electricity using photovoltaics. All of their water is collected from a nearby waterfall. Food grown from their gardens and fishing from a hole in the floor is how they get their food. Their dedication to green living is something to envy.

Tree Hugger

But living this lifestyle has some downsides. High winds and severe storms routinely occur in the area, so their roof has blown off a few times, and pests — like a 3-pound rat — complicate their efforts to maintain their floating residence. But after years of adapting their home to their surroundings, they accept the challenges.

Tree Hugger

Noah’s Arc – The Netherlands: We’ve all had some intense dreams, but carpenter Johan Huiber’s took one wild nightmare super literally. One night he dreamed an intense storm flooded his province of Noord-Holland. He woke up inspired. Johan decided to build a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark.

Landeskirche- Hannovers

In 2007, the Christian fundamentalist opened the doors of his massive ship to the public. At 70 meters long, 9.5 meters wide, and 13 meters high, it would take a miracle to make this big boy float. But it does! The Ark was designed for sailing Dutch canals, but it can’t handle waves higher than 2 meters.


Ready to move on to the next project, Johan sold the Ark to puppeteer and entrepreneur Aad Peters in 2010. He paid 900,000 euros and had big plans for the investment. Identifying not as religious, but as a storyteller, he filled the ship with live animals and intended to sail his attraction around Northern Europe.

The Sun

But the vision didn’t match reality. Aad compared his animal houseboat to “camping on the sea.” He removed the real animals and built reproductions of biblical stories instead. Since then, he’s had several crashes that damaged the Ark, but, still, it has weathered the storm.


Sandcastle House – Rio De Janiero, Brazil: Sun, sand, and sea. The three ingredients to your own slice of paradise come at a high cost. But Marcio Mizael Matolias has lived beachfront on the ocean for 22 years for free — in a sandcastle.

The Sun

Supported by driftwood, a 6-square-meter room lies a beneath a much grander looking sandcastle. Initially, Marcio intended to fill the bunker with his sizable book collection. But, having grown up on the beach, his small underground room felt like home.

The Sun

The elaborate turrets of the castle made it a local attraction. Marcio said his design was inspired by the Spanish architect Gaudi. Despite the simplicity of his home, Marcio feels like a real King. There are challenges to living in a sand structure, but he has worked out solutions.

The Sun

Marcio runs a second-hand bookshop outside his castle and receives donations from appreciative tourists. Since there is no bathroom, he uses the firehouse nearby for 1 dollar. Sand Castle King Marcio has adopted that carefree beach attitude.”I’m happy! As everyone says and as you can also read in some books, happiness is a spiritual state.”

The Sun

Private Zoo – Dubai: Rashed Belhasa has made a career out of flaunting his lavish lifestyle to his captivated Instagram followers. So when it came to his mansion, Rashed knew it would have to be wild enough to attract attention…

Moneykicks / Instagram

So, he added an impressive private zoo to the grounds! Lions, tigers, and bears! Literally, he has the trifecta of frightening animals roaming his property. He names each addition after his favorite brands, like Versace and Dior. According to Rashed, only the baby cubs are allowed to come inside for snuggles.

Moneykicks / Instagram

Mariah Carey, Jackie Chan, Tyga, and countless other famous people have hung out with the wealthy youngster in his zoo. To the critics that call his nonprofit wildlife park cruel, he claims to rescue neglected animals from other private zoos with fewer funds.

The Sun

Falcon’s Nest – Prescott, Arizona: For astrologer and tarot readers Ernst and Srishti, fate intervened when it came to this house. On their regular runs through the countryside, they would pass a peculiar tower house and fantasize about calling it home.


Out on yet another run, the couple was hit by a speeding pickup truck. They were injured, but they healed and the insurance payout made the impossible possible. They purchased the strange house, called the Falcon’s Nest, for 1.5 million in March of 2018.


Designed by architect Sukumar Pal, the giant dwelling stands 104 feet high with 10 floors. It’s the second tallest single-family home on the planet. A house so big must be a bear to clean, and the new owners claim it takes two full days to clean all 304 windows!

The Sun

Mars Desert Research Station – Hanksville, Utah: Life on Mars is the new normal for the people who call this interesting dwelling home. The red rocky terrain of the Utah desert serves as headquarters for a scientific project, where astronauts, engineers, and college students recreate and study what living on the Red Planet might be like.

The Sun

Eight scientists cram themselves into a small laboratory no bigger than a tiny apartment. Here, they limit themselves to freeze-dried food, share one toilet, and simulate almost everything a Mars space mission would entail. Even though it’s all about science, living in this space would be an unforgettable experience.

Mars Desert Research Station

Åkrafjorden, Norway: From the outside, it may not look like much, but that’s kind of the point! Tucked away on a remote mountainside and made with grass, rock, and wood, this hidden home looks like it’s a part of nature. Inside, though? That’s a different story…

Be Amazed / YouTube

Behold! Granting breathtaking views of the mountainside and nearby waterways, the cabin offers a simple but luxurious covered space. It fits 21 people, so you don’t even have to party alone.

Be Amazed / YouTube

Coober Pedy, Australia: It can get hot in Australia. So hot, in fact, that living above ground in the heat of the sun can be a real burn on the keister. The residents of Coober Pedy, however, solved that problem by building an entire city underground.

Be Amazed / YouTube

And we’re not talkin’ about muskrat hovels inhabited by Star Wars sand people. These are fully-functioning homes accompanied by bars, restaurants, hotels, and a swimming pool. It’s a perfect home down under the Land Down Under.

Business Insider

Cliff Haven, Utah: It would be an understatement to say that the desert canyons of Utah are brimming with pretty rocks. The brilliant red stones formed over millions of years, and they make for the perfect place to hide an idyllic little spot called Cliff Haven…

Be Amazed / YouTube

In all honesty, the interior of Cliff Haven is modest—it’s not unlike anything you’d see in your typical mountain cabin. Still, you won’t find many houses cut into the landscape like this one, and it’s a perfect hub for hikers!

Cliff Haven

Warsaw, Poland: Not every hidden house is far from society. In Warsaw, Poland, there’s a house wedged in an alleyway. Between three and five feet wide, it looks like a weird air ventilation shaft for the adjoining buildings. What’s its deal?

Be Amazed / YouTube

Built by Jakub Szczesny, the “Keret House” is less of a house and more of an art project designed to memorialize his Jewish ancestors killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust. A look inside reveals that it is, indeed, quite narrow.

Be Amazed / YouTube

11. McKinney, Texas: On the outside, this is just an old barn. But as the (made-up) saying goes, never judge a barn by its paint job! This hidden house proves why: the inside is the bee’s knees and then some.

Morton Buildings

Don’t believe it? Just check out the inside! With a built-in bar, a wooden staircase, leather couches facing a big screen TV, and a few chandeliers, there’s practically no reason to ever leave this converted barn.

Be Amazed / YouTube

Swiss Alps: With a name like “ground houses,” the bar is set pretty low for these homes. But believe it or not, the style and execution of these mountainside abodes far exceeds expectations.


For a whopping $4,000 per night (yup, you read that right), you can spend a beautiful evening in this Swiss mountainside ground home. Hopefully once there, you’re mesmerized by the breathtaking views, which are undoubtedly the cabin’s prime selling point.

Be Amazed / YouTube

Beirut, Lebanon: If you’re the type who isn’t fazed by heights or open air, then your ideal off-the-grid retreat might just be one of the many cliff-face houses that are set to be built. Of course, it isn’t just the way they look from the outside that’ll blow you away…

Laertis Vassiliou / Travel + Leisure

The interior of these mountain houses offer unspeakably gorgeous views. Imagine looking out into the ocean and feeling the sun on your face? This home is purely a hypothetical design—meaning it’s not actually built yet—but it looks like a perfect retreat for James Bond, doesn’t it?

Laertis Vassiliou / Travel + Leisure

Guarujá, Brazil: While a trip to the Amazon might be on anyone’s bucket list, it also sounds like a great way to end up on the wrong end of a snake bite. Unless you’re staying in this jungle home, that is…

Be Amazed / YouTube

Raised up so that you can see above the canopy—and avoid any unfortunate tangos with venomous spiders and face-tearing monkeys—this house lets you enjoy breathtaking views of the Amazon while enjoying a bit of luxury.

Be Amazed / YouTube

New York, New York: At first glance, this might appear to be a fine little cottage situated in an urban landscape. It doesn’t exactly look hidden, does it? Well, if you take a few steps back, you’ll see that there is something really special about this place…

Tria Giovan / Traditional Home Magazine

See, this house avoids the New York City streets in style. You can see that these rooftop houses aren’t just a stone’s throw away. They’re way up high, and they offer a perfect combination of city excitement and country isolation.

George Steinmetz via

Rothenstein, Germany: While a hidden underground bunker designed to preserve life in the event of nuclear fallout doesn’t exactly scream “comfortable living,” the Vivos Europa One in Germany might just be an exception.

Be Amazed / YouTube

In this bomb shelter designed for the millionaires and billionaires of Europe, there are well over 200,000 square feet of functional floor space. The shelter is broken up into apartments like this one, and it includes pools, gyms, and even restaurants.

Be Amazed / YouTube

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