Man Digs A Hole In Backyard Before Unveiling His Breathtaking Project

Every homeowner knows that a backyard can act as a sanctuary for many activities: it can be a playground for your children, as well as the perfect testing ground for your hobbies and creations. After all, what better place is there to relax outdoors or get to work on some new and exciting project?

When one family realized they were tired of their old, wretched backyard, they decided it was time to take it to the next level with a project of truly epic proportions. What they did with it, however, is nothing anyone saw coming…

This is what their backyard looked like during the planning stages. There’s not a lot going on, but this family knew exactly what they were doing. They took their measurements with a plan in mind. Just wait to see what they come up with!

natural-swimming-pool-25Imgur / Von Bubenberg

First, they brought in a small bulldozer for excavating. This removed the dead grass and a layer of dirt. Then, it was time to start making a hole for a bigger project. It was time to get digging.

04-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

And there was a lot of digging to do, so it was good they brought in an excavator to do the job quickly and efficiently. Imagine digging that by hand? That rock would not be kind to your fingernails!

05-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Things were finally coming into place after the excavating was finished, but there was still more work to be done. Before they tackled the main project, they started on a stone garden. This would give the space a natural feel.

07-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

First, they had to remove the old stone that surrounded the yard to get ready for the new material that would go better with their planned motif. They also stripped the side of the fence bare to make room for a new look.

natural-swimming-pool-27Imgur / Von Bubenberg

Once the old stone was completely removed and the fence was stripped, it was time to add a small rock garden and some trees. It looked so clean and polished compared to what was there before.

natural-swimming-pool-30Imgur / Von Bubenberg

For the next phase, they added a felt liner to the ground to help shape the base. This would help them in building what would be on top and would stop any weeds from growing through in the future.

09-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Then, it was time to add another liner. The family placed the new one over the felt one. This time, the extra layer was custom ordered from Germany, and it was plastic and waterproof. Can you guess what they’re up to?

10-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Before they went any further with the backyard construction, they created a filtration system in their basement using four sturdy bins. This room was located underneath where they were digging.

11-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

After the filtration system was in place, they went back to construct this rock lining by hand with the help of some friends. It took them eight-hours of hard, back-breaking work, and when they finished, they laid down tile for the flooring.

12-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

When that was finished, they added more rocks to the surrounding area and pumped in the water. The water spilled over the edge of the rock lining to create a beautiful, flowing natural pool!

14-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

They also painted the rear fence with an eye-popping orange color to accent the trees and scenery behind it. How gorgeous does that look? Lights were added as well so they could swim at night.

17-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Their project took so long to complete, it spanned over several seasons. During the winter months when the water froze over, some of the family members actually used the pool as a skating rink!

18-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Once spring finally rolled around again, there was really only one thing the pool needed: an awesome deck! They laid the frame of the deck down to carefully overlap the lip of the pool.

natural-swimming-pool-39Imgur / Von Bubenberg

It’s hard to believe the yard started out as an empty lot and was quickly turning into something so scenic and beautiful! Soon, friends and family would be able to lounge out and enjoy the warm weather properly.

Imgur / Von Bubenberg

Once they finished half of the deck, they moved their furniture on top and got to work on the other half. They were planning on extending the deck all the way around the pool so people could stand on either side.

22-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

It was coming along quite nicely; all of the colors of the fence and natural elements were coming together. It combined the beauty of nature with the rustic, modern, and tranquil look of their home.

natural-swimming-pool-40Imgur / Von Bubenberg

Not long after the first half of the deck was complete, so was the second wrap-around section. They added a nice swinging bench to make it feel like a real getaway! Who wouldn’t want to spend summer days on this porch?

natural-swimming-pool-43Imgur / Von Bubenberg

Finally, after the deck was finished and furniture was all moved into place, the family stepped back and admired the hard work they put in. The most amazing natural swimming pool was finally complete!

24-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

Can you imagine waking up to this in your yard? On those hot sweltering days all you’d have to do is walk five feet out the back door to an oasis of comfort. This family better be ready to do a lot of hosting with a backyard like that!

25-natural-swimming-poolImgur / Von Bubenberg

We know this family clearly must’ve been a bit craftier than your typical suburban clan. So if DIY-ing an elegant in-ground pool seems to be too steep of an at-home project, then you might as well start with a classic, good ol’ wooden deck.

It’s safe to say that nobody enjoys unbearably hot weather of summer unless there’s a cold, refreshing pool available for a dip. And every pool needs a pool deck! This homeowner agreed — he decided to start his own DIY deck project, which you can make by following these steps! First, he needed to clear away the area…

pool-deck-20Imgur / FoxK56

Once the space was properly cleared of weeds and other debris, the homeowner assembled a makeshift frame that would sit adjacent to his above-ground pool.

pool-deck2Imgur / FoxK56

Next, he needed to dig several holes into the ground to hold the support beams for the pool deck. These would be a crucial step; any miscalculation here could jeopardize the entire project.

pool-deck3Imgur / FoxK56

Since he lives in an area that gets below freezing, he had to dig them deep enough to withstand the winter months, so they had to go past the frost line.

pool-deck4Imgur / FoxK56

He dug the holes with an auger, and finished them off by hand. They look a little spooky as just a series of holes, but soon this will serve an important purpose to the project!

pool-deck-21Imgur / FoxK56

Next, it was time to gear up for installing the beams. This is always an exciting part of a building project because it shows so much progress so quickly.

pool-deck-22Imgur / FoxK56

He added plastic standoffs to the bottom of the beams. This would prevent any concrete from rotting the wood. Smart!

pool-deck5Imgur / FoxK56

He added the beams to each hole and poured a few inches of concrete to secure them. That way they would be the perfect foundation for a long-lasting structure.

pool-deck6Imgur / FoxK56

Things started coming along nicely. So much progress! Can you guess what the deck will look like when it’s done?

pool-deck7Imgur / FoxK56

He had the best (and tiniest) pair of helping hands. Hard not to have fun when you’re working hard for something worthwhile alongside someone so adorable!

pool-deck-23Imgur / FoxK56

Instead of using soil to fill in the holes, he used stones instead. This would keep the wood moisture-free and aid in drainage. He was clearly planning on this deck lasting a really long time!

pool-deck8Imgur / FoxK56

After adding cross-beams to the frame, he mounted brackets for the next part of the project.

pool-deck9Imgur / FoxK56

The project was coming along, and the frame was firmly in place.

pool-deck-24Imgur / FoxK56

Now it was time to add the stairs, along with temporary support beams on the top to keep the posts firmly in place.

pool-deck10Imgur / FoxK56

The next step involved adding joints and the start of the platform.

pool-deck11Imgur / FoxK56

Things started to look sturdy, so he removed the temporary supports.

pool-deck12Imgur / FoxK56

It was time to cut the top part to its final size.

pool-deck-25Imgur / FoxK56

That looks a whole lot better. Otherwise, it would have been too tall!

pool-deck13Imgur / FoxK56

The floor frame was coming along quite nicely.

pool-deck-27Imgur / FoxK56

Each step of the project required precise cuts, using templates like this one to make sure things were at exact specifications.

pool-deck14Imgur / FoxK56

Since winter was on its way, he paused his project and covered everything to continue during the warmer months.

pool-deck15Imgur / FoxK56

He got back to work months later, and started setting the floorboards.

pool-deck16Imgur / FoxK56

Before installing the boards, he laid them all out on top to make sure they were evenly cut. He then walked under the platform and marked where he should cut each board.

pool-deck-28Imgur / FoxK56

It was finally time to break out the trusty ol’ drill.

pool-deck-30Imgur / FoxK56

He made holes in each board to fasten them together and to the frame.

pool-deck-29Imgur / FoxK56

Finally, after all that hard work, he had a beautiful, homemade pool deck he was proud to show his family and friends.

pool-deck18Imgur / FoxK56

As a finishing touch, he added a security latch to the deck door.

pool-deck-31Imgur / FoxK56

Now, he was ready to sit by the pool and enjoy this beautiful view.

pool-deck19Imgur / FoxK56

If I had this in my backyard, I would never go inside! There’s more where this came from, though. Check out the next slide for more incredible ideas that you can build at home!

pool-deck-32Imgur / FoxK56

If you are thinking about upgrading your backyard you don’t have to limit yourself to adding a deck! There are lots of other mini-projects that can transform your yard. Look at how this family used a handful of board to create a simple, elegant walkway.

backyard-upgrades-3Funky Junk Interiors

If you’ve already got a patio but want to enjoy it without the hassle of setting up a picnic umbrella every single time, it is easy to build an attractive pergola like this one! Everyone will be itching to spend time at your place.

backyard-upgrades-2Popular Mechanics

Building a fire pit like this one and some cool seating to go with it can make your yard the neighborhood hangout spot long after the leaves have started to change colors. Just think of all the fun you’ll have hunkering down and making s’mores.

backyard-upgrades-5-768x1152A Beautiful Mess

Creating a perfectly cozy reading nook like this one can even lure the indoor-loving members of your family outside. Nooks like this are a great place to curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and just take it all in.

backyard-upgrades-7Apprentice Extrovert

You don’t need to build a deck to have that BBQ and fun-time feeling 24/7! This family decided to make their own outdoor table complete with built-in cooler compartments. Now no one needs to miss a thing in order to grab another cold one.

backyard-upgrades-18Domesticated Engineer

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