Hilarious Wildlife Photos That Are So Bad They're Good

Ah, nature — when it isn't taking people's breath away with its awe-inspiring beauty, it's making them run for their lives with its unpredictable danger. Either way, the great outdoors makes people want to grab their cameras. You never know when you're going to snap a once-in-a-lifetime pic of Earth's most majestic creatures, but unfortunately for these photographers, these pics ended up being memorable for all the wrong reasons...

1. A Very Hangry Squirrel

We’ve heard of being “hangry,” but this is next level! This poor little guy hasn’t eaten since his breakfast of acorns and berries, and he’s starting to get a little irritated. If all we ate was nuts and fruit, we’d be in a bad mood, too.

2. Puppy-Coon Eyes

 Who could refuse those sweet puppy dog — or raccoon — eyes?! We never knew that a trash-eating raccoon could ever convince us to cuddle on the couch. Judging from his guilty stance, he may not be this homeowner’s favorite pet. But those adorable peepers certainly warm our hearts!

3. The Party Animal

“Did someone say party?” We know a party animal when we see one, and this tiny snake is one of them. Just don’t let him get too wild; the last time that happened, a bunch of guests ended up with snake bites. Maybe we should leave him off the guest list this time…

4. The Lawn Mower Family

After a long day of cutting the lawn, the last thing this homeowner expected to find in the lawnmower bag was an entire possum family! We can tell from her fierce eyes that this mama marsupial would do anything to protect her babies...even if it means a bumpy ride in a lawnmower!