Harry And Meghan May Return To The Crown Under One Condition

At first, Harry and Meghan's exit from the U.K. seemed a pretty done deal. With their "Sussex Royal" brand, the couple appeared to have a source of income to rely on after stepping back from their duties. But when they were stopped from using the brand, life outside London may have started to look a little grimmer. So could the change of events make them reconsider their decision to leave the U.K. behind? Doing so may stir up more controversy than their exodus ever did.

Under pressure

Harry and Meghan's step away from the crown seemed drastic, but it may not have been a complete shock to royal watchers — especially considering what they went through. The British media covered practically every moment of Meghan and Harry's courtship — and not always in the most flattering way.

The Queen's support

Even the Queen was forced to acknowledge the press' behavior in her statement on Harry and Meghan's exit. "I recognize the challenges they have experienced as a result of intense scrutiny over the last two years and support their wish for a more independent life," she said.

Leaving a door open

And while Meghan and Harry went through with their plan to leave, some have wondered if their spots will be held for them. In other words: if they changed their minds about California and wanted to return to the U.K., would that be an option?

Saving his place

Harry did have to give up more than you think before heading to the U.S. When he decided to relinquish being a senior royal, he also had to leave behind his honorary military titles, including his role as Captain General Royal Marines. For the time being, that position remains vacant.