Genius Glasses Hacks For People Who Are Proud To Be Called ‘Four Eyes’

For some people, wearing glasses may be an inconvenience, but it’s also a part of life. While contact lenses and laser eye surgery exist, they aren’t always an option for every person out there whose vision is in need of correcting. Luckily, glasses today are usually stylish and easy to acquire.

While glasses are helpful (and for some totally necessary), they can also be a hassle to maintain. However, it turns out you don’t need to run to the optometrist every time you need help with your frames. Just check out these 20 amazing hacks for keeping your glasses in the best condition ever!

1. Glow-in-the-dark case: If you’re a regular glasses-wearer, then you know how frustrating it can be fumbling around in the dark looking for your case. A squeeze of glow-in-the-dark paint makes your case stand out, no matter how dark the room may be!

2. Put toothpaste to work: If you want to banish fine scratches from your lenses, don’t be afraid to break out the Crest! Just squirt a dime-sized amount of toothpaste on the lenses and use your finger to spread it around and buff them up.

3. Buff out scratches (again): Want to give your lenses a deeper clean than you can achieve with toothpaste? Make a paste out of baking soda and water and gently rub it on the lenses. Then, rinse them clean and buff them to perfection with car wax!

4. Prime your nose: Wearing glasses usually means constantly pushing your frames up the bridge of your nose whenever they slide down—which is every other second! To prevent slippage, rub a tiny bit of eyeshadow primer on the bridge of your nose. Those specs won’t budge!

5. Beat the fog: Is there anything more annoying than getting foggy lenses when you walk out of the cold into a hot room? Stop fog in its tracks by coating your lenses in shaving cream and then wiping it away. The clear film it leaves will prevent the lenses from fogging up!

6. Organization is key: It’s a great idea to own multiple pairs of glasses that you can mix and match according to your outfit and mood. But with so many pairs, you can lose track of them. Keep them organized by hanging them from a hanger!

7. DIY lens cleaner: Don’t waste your money of expensive lens cleaner. You can easily make your own by combining water, witch hazel, and a couple drops of dish soap. Voila! Clean specs and money in the bank.

8. Coffee filters FTW: If you don’t have a cloth handy to wipe off your glasses, don’t use your shirt! That’s just spreading oil and dirt. Instead, grab a coffee filter. It will clean your specs in a snap without causing any damage. Who knew?

9. Hinge hack: When a screw falls out of your glasses and leaves you down an arm, don’t panic. Just take a toothpick and use it instead! Insert it as needed and break off the excess. That should get you through until you can get them repaired.

10. Earrings work, too: If you lose a screw and you don’t have a toothpick handy (or you’re terrified of getting a splinter in your eye), a small stud earring will work, as well. Of course, it won’t last, so you’ll still need a professional to fix them for good.

11. Nail polish: If you find that the screws keeping the arms of your glasses attached are constantly coming loose, don’t get frustrated. All you need to do is coat the top of the screw with clear nail polish. It works just as well as glue without harming your frames.

12. Hair ties: If you’re one of those folks whose glasses always seem to be falling right off their faces—and you don’t have any primer—just take two hair ties and loop them around the backs of the arms of your frames. They’ll sit comfortably right behind your ears and your frame won’t slide anywhere.

13. Flat surfaces: If you notice that your glasses are sitting on your face and looking crooked, don’t try to adjust them in your hands. Resting them on a flat surface will help you identify quickly which part of your glasses are the problem.

14. Phone a friend: If you misplaced your glasses and you’re nearsighted, break out that smartphone! By turning on its camera feature, you can put your surroundings into focus and find your glasses in a snap!

15. Hot water: If you wear plastic frames and you find they’re a little too snug or pinching your ears, simply dip them in hot water. This will make them less brittle and more pliable. You can bend and shape them however you like!

16. Foam: If you wear glasses, you already know that wearing big headphones can be quite the ordeal. In order to help them fit more comfortably, go ahead and insert foam into the edges of your headphones. Presto! Now you can rock on.

17. Shower blindness: Taking off your specs when you shower can be a real bummer, particularly if you accidentally reach for the wrong products! Wrapping different-colored rubber bands around your bottles should help make them easy to identify, even while basically blind.

18. Hair dryer: If you don’t want to get your glasses wet, but you still want to adjust the arms of your plastic frames, a hair dryer can work, too! Blast the arm with hot air for 30 seconds and then adjust as needed. (Just wait until they’ve cooled off to put them back on!)

19. Baby powder: Wearing glasses every single day can irritate the skin behind yours ears. Dabbing them with baby powder should take away some of the pain caused by the friction; plus it will leave you smelling like a baby! What’s not to love?


20. Bar soap: If liquid cleansers drive you mad, grab a bar of soap to clean them! Take a simple bar of soap and rub down your lenses. Then, wipe away the residue with a microfiber cloth for instantly sparkling (and totally dry) glasses.

If you’ve worn glasses your entire life and have never tried any of these hacks, chances are that at least one of them is bound to transform things for you! Get to experimenting!

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