Common Household Objects That Will Be Completely Useless In Just A Few Years

If the image of Kelly Kapowski gabbing on a landline and listening to her well-worn Jagged Little Pill CD makes you happy, then beware: It’s all downhill from here. Technology that we once held dear will soon rest peacefully with the dinosaurs, and for some people, the idea of a landline-less world is too much to bear…

Although so much modern technology is nearing extinction, that doesn’t mean you have to mourn them! The advent of new technologies means the world will be more user-friendly, more connected, and way more fun to navigate…that is, if the current technology isn’t obsolete by the end of this sentence.

1. Shopping Malls: Remember when going to the mall was all about cruising between Hot Topic and Claire’s like a stud? Nowadays, people would much rather stay home and order things online, hence the swift downfall of the shopping mall.

2. Drivers’ Licenses: It’s possible that your driver’s license could eventually become obsolete. After all, self-driving cars are slowly making their way out of cartoons and into reality, and when they take over, you’ll no longer need a license to drive!

3. Side-View Mirrors: One of the biggest design flaws with cars are the dreaded “blind spots,” but technological advances may finally make them an annoyance of the past. Cameras will eventually replace side-view mirrors, making for a much safer driving experience. 

4. Parking Meters: Another annoyance that could soon be behind us. Nothing kills a happy jaunt around town quite like a parking ticket, and replacing meters with an easy app is much more user-friendly. No more scrounging around for loose change!

Lama El Azrak/The Signal

5. Passwords: Identity theft is an unfortunate product of a technological society, but we may have figured out how to defeat it. Biometrics — fingerprints, facial scans, etc. — will eventually replace pesky passwords, which we’re sure will help all of us sleep more soundly at night.

6. Corded Headphones: Wherever you stand on the wireless vs. wired earbuds debate, not having to spend an hour untangling your earbuds is pretty great, especially if you’re sprinting on a treadmill. Bluetooth earbuds are so popular nowadays that they’re quickly becoming the norm. 

7. CDs and DVDs: Clearly these won’t be around for much longer. After all, Spotify has made listening to your favorite tunes as easy as a push of a button, and Amazon Prime makes movie watching just as seamless.

8. Wallets: Why do you even use your wallet? To keep your library card safe from thieves? Everything from your credit cards to photos can be stored on your smartphone, so it’s possible that the age of the wallet is coming to a close.

9. Books: Surprisingly, hardcover books have held on despite the advent of audiobooks and Kindles. Still, that doesn’t mean they’ll be around forever — It’s possible we’ll all be listening to books instead of reading them in the not-so-distant future.

10. GPS Devices: Unlike Lewis and Clark, you don’t have to rely on a map to get where you’re going, or even on an in-car GPS. Google Maps may have taken the adventure out of traveling, but it’s also made it a lot easier!

11. Paper Bills: Soon, all your bill paying-induced headaches will be gone forever. Everyone from credit card companies to electric companies are switching to automatic bill paying, meaning you never have to worry about late payments — or paying for stamps — ever again. 

12. Phone Chargers: “Does anyone have a charger I can borrow?” Hopefully, this sentence will go the way of the dinosaurs before long, as some companies are testing ways to wirelessly charge smartphones using just the WiFi. 

13. Washing Machines: Okay, so this one sounds totally impossible, but we’re dreaming it’s true: Researchers are apparently developing a “coating” you can put on clothes so that they get clean in the sun. That way, you’ll never use a washing machine ever again!

The Today Show

14. Needles: No one likes needles, and thankfully, we may never have to see them again: Scientists are working on an alternative that makes a painless microscopic puncture. We may even be able to swallow injections soon!

15. Pennies: Unfortunately, the thing weighing down your purse probably isn’t a tiny dog, but all your unused change. The downfall of the penny is more of an inevitability than a possibility, especially since it costs more to make than it’s actually worth!

16. Lines: Imagine a world where you don’t have to wait in line. How much time would you save? Some companies are working on a way to eliminate lines altogether by virtually charging your credit card every time you leave the store with an item. 

17. Landlines: At sometime — and sometime soon — landlines will be completely extinct. AT&T even has a plan to discontinue landlines in 2020, so if you’re an AT&T customer and love the sound of that dial-tone, you may want to consider switching providers! 

Bye Bye Birdie

18. Alarm Clocks: Who needs an alarm clock when your smartphone is already right next to your bed all night, anyway? There are even apps that track your sleeping patterns, which makes alarm clocks look seriously ancient.

19. Newspapers: There’s something so nostalgic about newspapers, probably because your dad read one front-to-back every Sunday morning. Soon, though, he’ll be reading the morning paper on his phone, since many papers are slowly converting to digital versions only. 

20. Keys: Instead of using keys, we’ll all be locking our homes with Bluetooth technology in the future. Maybe this sounds impossible, but it seems that Bluetooth is just the first in a long line of technological advancements we get to look forward to.

We already have machines to wash and dry our clothes, so why can’t we have a folding device too? The future has arrived. The FoldiMate can fold an entire load of laundry, minus socks and underwear, in just four minutes!

The Verge

2. You’ve got the power! Don’t panic if your phone reaches 1 percent when you’re nowhere near an outlet. The Epiphany One Puck, the fanciest coaster you’ll ever see, uses energy given off by a hot or cold beverage to put power straight into your personal device.


3. This is the BioBus, a “mobile lavatory'” that turns human waste into fuel. But you probably won’t spot these vehicles on every street corner. They’re more for educational purposes than actual transportation.

Wikimedia Commons

4. The average plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose, which is bad news for us. Luckily, scientists are developing all-natural plastics made out of algae. They retain their form while they still hold water, and immediately start to break down once empty.


5. What’s so impressive about this four-story building, you ask? Well, workers constructed it in a single day. Chinese company BROAD is introducing all kinds of eco-friendly innovations, and this quick building model is perhaps their most impressive product.


6. Nobody has time to cook a full breakfast anymore. That’s why people are going crazy for this egg boiler, which cooks a delicious batch of hard-boiled eggs in just a few minutes. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks like a cryogenic chamber from a sci-fi movie!

Yanko Design

7. Could flat tires become a thing of the past? Michelin released an airless tire that can easily drive over bumps and curbs, and it will never lose its firmness. They haven’t debuted a version for automobiles yet, but it’s likely only a matter of time.


8. Old-fashioned steel horseshoes will wear out the animal’s joints over time. Fortunately, plastic alternatives have hit the market, and these products make for much easier removal. Soon, we’ll only use metal horseshoes for the lawn game.

Horse Runners

9. If you live in a cramped apartment, this product could be a godsend. Laid horizontally, the surface functions as a perfect ironing board. Flipped 90 degrees, however, it turns into a full-length mirror!


10. This is not your normal vending machine. This state-of-the-art pizza automat will bake a fresh personal pizza of your choosing, all in a mere two and a half minutes. You can hum ‘That’s Amore’ to yourself while you wait!

Reddit / mugentsu

11. Ever mix up your luggage with a stranger’s at the airport? That problem will become a thing of the past once you get a custom suitcase with your face printed across the front. Nobody will ever mistakenly grab your bag again — unless you have an identical twin.

12. Plenty of pooches hate going out in bad weather. However, they don’t even have to know that it’s raining cats and dogs outside thanks to this inverted pet umbrella. It might not keep you dry, but hey, you can’t win ’em all.


13. We’ve been dripping liquid down the sides of our cups since the dawn of time. Who knew the solution was so simple? This drip-proof cup protects your table with a groove along the base, which will collect any drops of coffee or tea.

Yanko Design

14. Oftentimes, innovation isn’t about coming up with a new idea; it’s about combining two previously unrelated ideas. These genius librarians gave students a healthy way to study by hooking up their computers to treadmills!


15. Goldfish fans shouldn’t feel jealous that dog owners get all the fun of toting their pet around town. Thanks to this portable aquarium, you can bring your fishy friend to work, to the mall, or to a sushi restaurant! Actually, that last one might make the fish uncomfortable.


16. The traditional spork sounds good in theory but makes for a frustrating meal chock full of dropped food. This spoon-fork hybrid, on the other hand, truly offers the best of both worlds. You can have your cake and eat it, too, and then have some soup!

Reddit / MarshieMon

17. Though it looks like a car, this vehicle more closely resembles a four-wheel bicycle. Its frame and shape allows the driver to traverse any kind of terrain, even snow or rocky hills. It also makes for a great way to spice up your commute.

Facebook / Pod Ride

18. Why fight a fire up close when there are safer (and more fun) options available? These fire extinguisher grenades can put out most infernos in the blink of an eye. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use one, but it does look like a pretty good time!

19. Are you one of those people who always has to run to the bathroom during a movie? Meet your dream theater. They equipped their bathroom stalls with monitors so that you’ll never miss an important scene ever again.

Imgur / mugentsu

20. Camping in a tent is so old-school. This specialized air mattress transforms the back of your car into a comfy bed. You’ll sleep soundly in there, plus you’ve got temperature control and access to all your music.


21. Police on horseback? Maybe in 2018, but this officer and his magical running stilts are straight out of RoboCop! He probably catches criminals most of the time because they are too baffled to remember to run away from him.

22. Some relationship experts speculate that in the future marriage will be defunct. This guy is proving that expert wrong! Marriage will absolutely still exist, it’s just that the bride won’t technically ever have to meet her husband in the flesh is all.

23. As you bask in the spiritual glow of a sermon at church this Sunday you can also bask in the glow of the smartphone you sneaked in. All thanks to your next-millennia bible hacking abilities.

24. This man clearly thinks filling watering cans one at a time is the equivalent of sparking a fire with a flint rock instead of a match. He employed a brilliant method to fill them all at once, and it only took some creative alignment.

25. It used to be that if you wanted to be a reporter you had to start at the bottom and work your way up to filming on location with a small crew. While the first part might be true, this newscaster proved she could rely purely on her own wits to get the job done.

26. It used to be that if you were a kid who wanted to swim and you didn’t have a pool that you’d have to suffer or beg an invitation from a friend who did! This child of the future knows better. If you want a pool, all you have to do is build it… and pray it doesn’t spring a leak.

27. Most kids on skateboards must rely on their skills and smooth roads if they want to pick up speed while skateboarding. This futuristic genius is opting for a tech-savvy life-hack: speed courtesy of dad’s leaf blower.

28. In the future, no one will pay for their haircuts. Instead, using an elaborate system involving both mirrors and cameras, we will all sit down and tighten our fades from the comfort of our own homes, just like this guy.

29. When potholders make delicately cradling a fork between your thumb and forefinger too difficult, it’s time to get inventive. This guy found an admirable second life for his plastic Coke bottle and bypassed potholders altogether.

30. When social anxieties make face-to-face communication an activity from a bygone area, we’re going to have to get creative when it comes to getting face time with the ones we love. If you don’t have a smartphone, this is a definite option.

31. The people of the future have no time for sitting around staring at their own reflection or—heaven forbid—actually talking to their hairdresser. Why would they do any of those things when hairstyling has evolved to allow them to be on their phone the whole time?

32. Oh sure, this man could have simply taken off his hat in order to put on his ear protection, but if he did that he would be exposing his head to the sun’s cruel rays! Much better to try out this futuristic style hack, don’t you think?

33. Laziness will always reign supreme, especially when you are a child forced to spend time shopping when you’d rather be playing video games at home. The solution? Invent a slick way to relax on location.

34. When a kid called out to his mom for his cellphone charger, she sent it to him 3018 style—via tying it to the family pet. As the 3018 motto will go, why walk when you can just send the dog?

35. Kids from 3018 won’t want to use the motorized shopping carts so popular today because then they will have nowhere to stick their hoverboards. With this tried-and-true shopping method of the future, this dude kept his hoverboard where it belongs: under his feet.

36. For nearly a thousand years, mankind tried and failed at perfecting airport entertainment. Leave it to a kid from the 31st century to get the job done while laying face down on the carpet with nothing but a cellphone and a long charger cord.

37. Using your legs to walk your dogs? Forget about it. That’s Stone Age Stuff. Using a hoverboard to push two dogs riding gleefully in a baby stroller? This is the stuff we’re going to be doing when dogs rule the world.

38. In the 31st century, no one will really eat alone. Virtual reality goggles slipped over this guy’s face assuredly project a dining partner worth hours of conversation and a dinner plate that isn’t empty.

39. This is something the laziest among us have been doing for years, but this driver has taking the trash out by car down to a science. He’s never late for work and the can is never overflowing.

40. This hack is far more ingenious than it looks at first glance. By using a snorkel and a pool float, this man is able to nap comfortably on his stomach without the obvious complications introduced by accidental drowning.

41. Ruling the world is tough work. That’s why, come 3018, dogs will be equipped with full body armor. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of exposed belly and butt space to give ol’ Blue his daily rubs.

42. For most kids at college every single meal they scrounge up is paid for with lint covered quarters or points they’re borrowing from someone else’s meal plan. Clearly, this college of the future wants them all to be aiming a little higher…

43. Sure, you could make grilled cheese the old fashioned way if you want everyone to know that you’re from the year 2018. But if you want people to know you’re hip and futuristic, this is the only way to make a grilled cheese.

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