20 Lavish Celebrity Mansions That Are Almost Too Extravagant To Exist In Real Life

It’s no secret that Hollywood’s biggest stars live in sprawling estates and drop-dead gorgeous mansions. After all, when you’re raking in a few million per year, it’s easy to put that money towards some prime real estate that enables luxurious living. But just how lavish—and pricey—some of these mansions are escapes us… until the home hits the open market.

That’s when we get to see the incredible value of these insane homes and the luxuries they offer. From massive estates in some of the most beautiful places in the world to more quaint and gorgeous penthouses in bustling metropolitan areas, these are the most incredible—and expensive—celebrity homes to ever hit the market.

1. Miley Cyrus’s country mansion ($5.8 million): She may have hopped off the plane at LAX, but Cyrus still had mad love for the countryside when she bought this Tennessee mansion. Nestled on 33 acres, the property rocks its very own mini-golf course.

2. Meg Ryan’s Manhattan condo ($9.4 million): The building holding Ryan’s 3,155 square-foot condo offers a 75-foot lap pool and a private garden. While you’re there, say “hello” to her neighbors, Harry Styles, Ryan Reynolds, and Jennifer Lawrence.

3. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Santa Barbara beach house ($10 million): A few hours from their main Beverly Hills residence, the couple’s six-bedroom beach house is the perfect place for them to escape cameras… in both style and luxury.

4. Bruce Willis’s Bedford estate ($12 million): Gardens, outdoor entertaining areas, and 14 acres of property are just three of the endless perks Willis’s newest country home offers. The 8,000-square-foot residence has a climate-controlled wine cellar, too.


5. Mark Wahlberg’s Beverly Hills mansion ($12.995 million): It’s no surprise a home owned by Wahlberg boasts a 2,500 square-foot gym (complete with a boxing ring). But the 1.7-acre property also has a pool with a waterfall and a grotto.

Christie’s International Real Estate via CNBC

6. Reese Witherspoon’s Medieval Bel Air mansion ($16 million): Whoever bought Witherspoon’s fairy-tale home surely enjoys the beautiful views of the Bel Air Canyon and the pitched timber-framed ceilings. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

7. Matt Damon’s Brooklyn penthouse ($16.645 million): When Damon bought the penthouse of this former hotel, it marked the most expensive real estate sale in Brooklyn’s history. The penthouse has its own private outdoor space and used to be three separate suites prior to renovations.

8. Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion ($17 million): Country crooner Swift paid cash for the 11,000-square-foot house that has access to a 700-foot swath of beach. The eight-bedroom mansion is perched atop the highest point in the town of Watch Hill.

8. Tyra Banks’s Battery Park City condo ($17.5 million): After buying the property for $10.1 million in 2009, Banks sold this condo—located along the Hudson River—eight years later for a healthy profit. Its wraparound windows boast views of the Statue of Liberty.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s Manhattan townhouse ($18.25 million): It took three years for the couple to sell their Greenwich Village townhouse, which rocks a Juliet balcony. The couple even included this sleek ping pong table in the sale!


11. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Hidden Hills dream home ($20 million): Tucked away on 3.5 acres, the power couple’s home includes its very own vineyard. Does that mean Kardashian-West Wine will be making its way to a store near you?

12. Lady Gaga’s Malibu estate ($23 million): Amenities for this pop star’s Mediterranean-style villa includes a private bowling alley, a home theater, horse stables, a salt-water pool with a spa, a bocce ball court, and an ocean view!


13. Beyoncé’s East Hampton pond house ($26 million): Alongside Jay-Z, Queen B sold her Manhattan penthouse and opted for a costly 12,000-square-foot mansion with access to East Hampton’s Georgica Pond. That’s in addition to a swimming pool.

14. Joan Rivers’s Manhattan penthouse ($28 million): The 11-room, Upper East Side penthouse, located just off iconic 5th Avenue, sold to Middle Eastern royalty five months after the death of the beloved TV star.

The New York Times

15. Gwen Stefani’s Hollywood Hills mansion ($35 million): The No Doubt frontwoman’s 12,000-square-foot estate—which offers views of the San Fernando Valley—was once owned by Jennifer Lopez, too. Talk about star power!

16. Jennifer Anniston’s Beverly Hills estate ($38 million): After buying the 10,000-square-foot, five-bedroom home designed by the famous architect Hal Levitt for $13.5 million in 2006, Anniston redesigned the property and flipped it for a nice profit.

17. Demi Moore’s Manhattan penthouse ($45 million): Maybe it was the wraparound terrace providing views of Central Park and the New York skyline that made Moore’s penthouse sell for so much—but the 14 rooms didn’t hurt, either.

18. Ellen DeGeneres’s Holmby Hills home ($55 million): DeGeneres never intended to sell the house she shared with wife Portia DeRossi. Still, she couldn’t resist the offer made by tech savant Sean Parker, who thought it was the best house in Los Angeles!


19. Tom Cruise’s Telluride home ($59 million): Sounds like a steep price, no? But the house sits on 298 acres and boasts four bedrooms, sporting courts, private hiking trails into the mountains, and 1,600-square-foot guest house. No word yet on whether Cruise jumped on his living room couch…

20. Oprah Winfrey’s Montecito home ($90 million): Winfrey bought the 42-acre Italian-style property in 2001 in one of the most expensive private home real estate deals ever; years later, she bought adjacent properties, adding an equestrian ring and 23 acres! And that’s not all she’s got going on…

21. Oprah also owns a 43-acre beachfront plot on Orcas Island in Washington state is pretty wow-worthy. Oprah bought this exclusive real estate in 2007, and with its unique architecture and rare finishings, it’s rumored to be an evergreen oasis. And this is just small news as far a celebrity islands go.

22. The Clooneys: As if the life of George and Amal couldn’t get any more dreamy, George had to go and surprise Amal with a 17th-century English manor tucked away on a private 5.5-acre island. The very well-manored gesture put George out $12 million. Probably not a big deal as its now one of 17 mansions owned by the couple.

23. David Bowie: The alt music legend called his private island off the coast of Mustique one of his favorite places in the world. There are even rumors Bowie’s ashes are spread amongst the palms here. Today, the late Bowie’s 5-bed villa known as “Mandalay” is available to rent for a cool $58k per month.

24. Naomi Campbell: For her 41st birthday, her loaded Russian Beau not only gifted Naomi her own private island, but contracted a famous Spanish architect to build an eye of Horus shaped-house that is 100% eco-friendly on it, too. Girl must have some magic Pharaohmones. 

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25. Steven Spielberg: It only makes sense that the creator of Jurassic Park should own two islands of undisclosed locations in a volcanic outcropping. Living somewhere off the coast of Portugal, it’s rumored that Spielberg has started to develop the islands. Let’s just hope he’s not planning on hatching any eggs here!

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26. Pamela Anderson: As a desperate take-me-back gesture, Tommy Lee bought his ex-wife a private island off the coast of Dubai. The tropical escape didn’t exactly mend their marriage, but Pam does still own island, though it remains undeveloped… kind of like her and Lee’s romance.

27. Beyoncé: What else should Queen Bey get for her 29th b-day but her own private island? Jay-Z dropped a cool $20 million on this 12.5-acre island in the Florida Keys. But this island is now old news compared to the new one he bought her in the Bahamas when Blue Ivy was born. Can we all put private islands on our baby shower registry?

28. Paul Allen: Though he sold this 292-acre island off the coast of Seattle in 2013, Mr. Allen was the one who originally developed the land. Well, kind of. The island still has no electricity, as it would cost about $3 million to bring power over, but it does boast an airstrip, a small log cabin, and endless natural beaches. Still sounds pretty fabulous.

29. John Lennon: It was the dream of John and Yoko to develop The Dorinish Island off the coast of Ireland. However, after Lennon’s death, Yoko decided to sell the tranquil island on John’s behalf and donate all the money to an Irish orphanage. Just Imagine.

30. Richard Branson: As the founder of the Virgin empire, he thought it only right that he should own one of the Virgin Islands. So, what is a guy to do but put a $100k offer down on a $6 million island? He was immediately rejected, but a year later when there was no sale, guess who got his Virgin island for a 97% discount. 

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31. Brangelina: Just a 15-minute helicopter ride outside of New York City there is a heart-shaped island owned by these two ex-lovebirds. The heart holds a 5,000-square foot mansion, as well as an additional guest house. Oh, and of course, a helicopter landing pad.

32. Mel Gibson: At 5,400-acres, Mago is the largest private island in the Pacific Ocean. After his success in The Passion of the Christ, Gibson bought the giant get-away off the coast of Fiji. Though he built a house on a small protrusion, most of the land remains untouched.

33. Eddie Murphy: A true lover of the land, Murphy bought Rooster Caye in 2007 for $15 million and has done absolutely nothing to it. His belief is that the island is perfect as it is, and any development would take away from its natural perfection. Amen.

34. Ricky Martin: In 2008, the king of Latin pop finally made his paradise dreams come true with the purchase of this island gem off the coast of Brazil. The deal included a giant mansion and plenty of space for his newborn twins to run around. Living la vida loca never looked so good.

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35. Mick Jagger: Like Oprah, Jagger doesn’t exactly call the entire island of Mustique his own. However, he does own a giant, fully-staffed mansion on the island, which he rents out for $30,000 per week. Don’t worry though, he still owns another private beach next door for himself.

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36. Diana Ross: The French Polynesian island Tiano was just recently put up for auction starting at $11.88 million in 2017 by the Motown queen herself. Not that selling the island is any indication that it isn’t a total paradise. Apparently, this place is so heavenly Ross even spent her honeymoon here.

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37. Robin Williams: It’s unclear if the late Robin Williams actually owned Pender Harbour himself, but it was confirmed that he took several private vacations there, especially close to the end of his life. Now, his family does own the island, and they are dedicated to keeping it in its natural state as a way to preserve Robin’s memory.

38. Marlon Brando: Like Diana Ross, Marlon Brando also fell in love with a French Polynesian Island called Tetiaroa after he filmed several films there. Today, the island is home to a luxury eco-friendly resort with a nightly rate starting at $12,400 — the going rate for a slice of paradise.

39. Dietrich Mateschitz: When you’re the founder of Red Bull you don’t just get wings, you also get private islands. In fact, it gives you the poshest private island in the world, also known as Laucala. An 18-hole golf course, hydroponic bays and 240 acres of farmland are just some of the unreal amenities on what is largely regarded as the “adult Disneyland.”

40. North West: You know, it’s cool and all being the kid of two mega-famous celebrities, but North was feeling a little indifferent of her position until she was gifted her own island. At just 17 months, Turtle Island off the coast of Australia became her newest sandbox. And yes, all the other kids (and adults) are a little jealous.

Kim Kardashian

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