20 Egg Hacks That Are Making Our Breakfasts Healthier And More Delicious

Eggs are one of the most important foods in your fridge, and you may not be using them the right way. They’re packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep your body strong and healthy, and when prepared correctly, eggs are even considered to be a superfood. But the problem is, most people don’t know the truly best ways to cook ’em…until now!

From healthier and easier ways to cook hard-boiled eggs to alternative egg recipes, we have all the hacks, tricks, and tips you need to get crackin’ in the kitchen — literally. And while some of these egg hacks are a little unconventional, you’ll be thanking us later. Get egg-cited!

1. Hard boiled eggs: Fun to eat, but not to prepare. Chef Alton Brown has a hack for that! He says that placing uncooked eggs in a muffin tray and baking them for 30 minutes before transferring them to an ice bath will easily get the job done.

Food Network

2. When whipping up some scrambled eggs, you probably use milk or cream to achieve that luxuriously fluffy texture. For a healthier option, try adding water instead! You’ll still get that fluffy texture without the milk or cream making the eggs too dense.

Fine Cooking

3. If you’re not about plain ‘ol scrambled eggs, there’s a way of adding flavor without going ham with the salt and pepper. Try adding nutritional yeast! It should provide a satisfying cheesy flavor without any actual cheese, perfect for lactose-free egg lovers!

Cadry’s Kitchen

4. You know how The Rock eats, like, a dozen egg yolks a day? It’s because egg yolks are packed with nutrients, even though they can also make you sick. To be your own safe version of The Rock, prepare eggs sunny side up!

Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

5. Time to make eggs Benedict! It’s not the most nutritious meal, but if you swap out the traditional ingredients for a roasted sweet potato base and avocado hollandaise, you’ll feel healthy and fancy. After all, does it get fancier than avocado?

6. This one isn’t “healthy” so much as “really cool and interesting.” You can make a “golden egg” by tying an egg in a long sleeve shirt, whipping it around, and then boiling it. Voila! A golden egg that looks as good as it tastes.


7. There are many ways to get your daily egg yolk nutrient boost! You can get a runny yolk by poaching eggs as well, and even by cooking them over easy. Just make sure you don’t fry the yolk too much when preparing it over easy.

The Tonight Show/NBC

8. Finally, a fun fact about eggs: Egg whites contain more than half of the protein in an entire egg. The whites are low in calories, fat, and cholesterol, making them a healthier alternative to the yellow yolks. Egg white omelet, anyone?

Fine Cooking

9. You may be wondering: How am I supposed to separate the whites from the yolk? Easy! Crack the eggs into a bowl, then pour the insides over the palm of your cupped hand. Catch the yolk but not the whites!

Fine Cooking

10. Poaching an egg is literally the most stressful thing you can do (with the exception of, well, a lot of things.) Make it easier on yourself by cracking an egg into a mug, adding water, and cooking it in the microwave for about 45 seconds.

11. Are those eggs still good?! You can test the freshness of eggs by dunking them in a cup of water. If it’s still good, it will sink to the bottom. If it floats to the top, then the eggs should be tossed.

12. You have a waffle iron, and you should use it more often! Simply pour a scrambled egg mixture into a hot waffle iron, close the lid, and wait. The end result is delicious waffle-shaped omelet, a new meal to add to your egg-dish arsenal.

13. If you want to make peeling hard boiled eggs a fun party dance time, plop those bad boys into a mason jar of cold water and get shaking! It’s mess-free, totally easy, and adds some life to what is normally a boring process.

Tastemade UK

14. If you compost, don’t throw away those eggshells! Put them to good use by rinsing them out and filling them with soil. Add herb seeds to the soil and spray regularly with water, and before you know it you’ll have some healthy growing herbs!

15. Here’s another obvious egg fact: Peeling hard boiled eggs is the worst. Make it easier on yourself by immediately chilling them in ice water after they’ve been boiled. The egg white will contract, making the shell easy to peel right off.

Simply Scratch

16. For a balanced (and tasty) breakfast, cook your eggs inside other foods. We’re talking in vibrant bell peppers, crispy sweet potatoes, juicy red tomatoes, crunchy zucchini slices, even inside baked cauliflower cups. We don’t know which one to choose!

17. A cloud egg is a lightweight alternative to your usual omelet. You just whip up some egg whites, add spices, dollop onto a cookie sheet, and bake! Add the egg yolk after ten minutes of baking, and you have yourself a delightful new egg dish. 

18. You can extend the life of your eggs by freezing them! Break the eggs, beat the insides together, pour the mixture into an ice cube tray, and then freeze. You can pop one out of the tray and onto a sizzling pan whenever the fancy strikes. 

19. Breakfast salads exist, and they’re a lot tastier than you’d think. Combine broccoli slaw, butternut squash, almond slivers, spinach leaves, and cherry tomatoes with some seasonal fruit. Of course, the star of this salad show is the fried egg on top!

20. Sometimes, you just want a classic fried egg. For a slightly healthier version, squirt olive oil spray just once into the pan. Cover the egg with a glass lid, and you get a perfectly cooked fried egg without the usual excess of oil!

21. Apart from eggs, there are plenty of kitchen-related hack out there, like with tea bags! When it comes to getting sunburn, you can make the recovery process more bearable without breaking the bank. Rubbing the affected areas with black tea will help to soothe the burns.

22. Forget Botox injections and steroid creams: all you need is a little tea. Just chill and few used tea bags and place them under your eyes to allow the anti-inflammatory properties of the leaves to reduce the puffiness.

23. Soaking dishes to remove grease and grime is a real pain, but just toss a few tea bags in your dirty sink and watch the mess slide right off. The tannins in the tea will loosen the dried-on food, so when it comes time to clean, you won’t have to scrub the dishes to death.

24. Following a dental procedure, most surgeons will stuff a few cotton balls in your mouth and send you on your way. Well, instead of plugging up those gums with gauze, try using a few tea bags: they’re just as absorbent, and they have added healing properties to boot.

25. Most shoes – especially athletic ones – have a tendency to get smelly, and for foot odor sufferers just a few uses can stink up the whole house. But fear not! Just place a few tea bags in each shoe and the leaves will naturally absorb any foul odors.

ONe Crazy House

26. If you have a playful pup on your hands, chances are all that running and jumping they’re doing is taking a toll on their poor paws. A doggy tea treatment will do wonders for your pet, as dark brews like black tea are believed to help strengthen the pads on dogs’ feet.


27. Making a beautiful work of art can get pricey, especially when trying to make something brand new look decades – or even centuries – old. Well, if you don’t have any 17th-century parchment handy, a few dabs of tea on white paper will make your faux treasure map look like the real deal.

My Kid Craft

28. We’ve all seen the TV ads for expensive acne cure-alls, but these chemical-filled potions always seem to do more harm than good. That’s why you should reach for a trusty tea bag instead, whose anti-inflammatory properties will significantly reduce the appearance of acne.

29. Even if you’re just now realizing the squeaking in your walls isn’t “just the wind,” it’s not too late to keep more furry critters from entering your home. Mice hate the smell of peppermint, so simply spritz some peppermint tea in the cracks of your walls and those rodents will be out of there faster than Speedy Gonzales.


30. Foot odors are often dealt with using anti-fungal creams and foot powders, but savvy DIYers can make an odor-killing foot soak with just some warm water and few tea bags. Not only will the tea eliminate the smell, but it’ll also absorb into your feet, giving you a nice boost of antioxidants.

Ane Ventures

31. Tea bags even come in handy in the garden, especially for those whose plants are often plagued by fungus. Because they lower the pH balance in the soil, tea bags are a great way to prevent unwanted spores from popping up.

32. Anyone who’s chopped onions before knows how strong theodor can be, and even after a few scrubs that oniony smell can linger on your hands for hours afterward. Unless you’re into that kind of thing, rub a wet tea bag between your fingers and say hello to onion-free hands.

Ane Ventures

33. Tired of wailing on your sirloin until it’s tender enough to grill up? Marinate the meat in tea to allow the tannins to break down the fibers that make the beef tough. No more long nights in the meat locker for you!

34. Is your pasta too bland? Do you wish your jasmine rice actually tasted like jasmine? Well, just boil a few tea bags in the cooking water before tossing in your grains, and all your flavor wishes will come true.

Miss Margot, Librarian

35. Any woodworker searching for a natural alternative to wood stain or polish need look no further than their own kitchen cabinet. Using a small cloth or rag, even the most seasoned craftsman will be amazed at how well a simple dab of steeped tea can stain, polish, and even antique wooden furniture and floors.

Dans Shop

36. Say goodbye to the days of expensive hair-loss treatments, as all you really need is a nice big bowl of steeped tea. The caffeine in the brew will help block Dihydrotestrone, the hormone responsible for hair loss; a few rinses a week should yield noticeable results.

37. That clunky neon tree hanging from your rearview definitely isn’t improving the look of your car, so why not ditch the smell of “Black Ice” for a lighter, fresher scent? Adding a few drops of essential oils to an old tea bag will create the perfect air freshener for all your odor-removal needs.

Haiku Deck

38. While most teas alone won’t turn your hair a completely different color, a few soakings of select areas or even a full-on rinse can help to lighten or darken even the drabbest-looking locks. Take that, Garnier!

39. While mouthwashes like Listerine will undoubtedly leave you with fresher breath, the alcohol in most oral rinses isn’t the best for your overall health. By simply boiling green or mint tea leaves, you can create an all-natural mouthwash that’s just as effective as anything you’d find on the shelves.

Peter Ragnar

40. Window Cleaner: Lysol? Windex? Forget about it! Tea is a fantastic, natural alternative to chemical-laden cleaning sprays, so just fill a spray bottle with a few ounces of cooled brew and those windows will look so clean you could eat off ’em.

41. Plenty of chefs—amateur or otherwise—have probably said that no meal is complete without at least a little bit of salt. This essential seasoning has found its way onto just about every dish across the globe. But believe it or not, just like tea, salt doesn’t need to be relegated just to mealtimes.

42. Scrubbing off that baked-on grease in the oven can feel like hard labor. Make the job easier by dumping some salt on a fresh spill. It’ll soak up a ton of that grease and form an easy-to-wipe-away crust.

43. When barbecue flames start acting up or kitchen grease gets a little fresh, smother the flames with a healthy helping of salt. Liberally season the fire until it’s nothing but smoke and ash.

44. If sticking your coffee carafe into the dishwasher sounds like a recipe for shattered glass, try doing the cleaning deed with a little salt. Just fill the carafe with ice cubes and a quarter-cup of salt. Let it sit for half an hour, then rinse!

Howcast / YouTube

45. Pots and pans accumulate grime and grease like you wouldn’t believe and it sometimes feels impossible to scrub it away. Salt can help! Coat the bottom of the pan, and then a few moments later, scrub it all away. (Just make sure it’s a metal pan and not a nonstick one.)

46. Want an easier way to make your copper pots sparkle and shine? Simply add a tablespoon of salt to equal amounts of vinegar and flour to create the perfect natural pot buffer. Voila!

47. Oxidized apples might make your breakfast carbs just a little too sweet. Prevent browning by soaking your apples (or potatoes) in salt water. Just remember to wash ’em off before eating them!

48. Cracking open a rotten egg can really kill the mood. To avoid this, try putting two teaspoons of salt into a cup of water, then drop in an egg. If it sinks, you’re good to go. If it floats, though, trash it. That thing’s straight rotten!

49. If you were testing your eggs’ freshness and you dropped it one of them on the floor, have no fear. Sprinkle some salt on top and let it absorb for 20 minutes (if you can stand to let it sit that long). Then come back and wipe it away with ease.


50. Ants invading your kitchen? Let salt rain down upon them from the heavens. Or, you know, just sprinkle a little salt where they like to hang out and that should help deter ’em from coming back.

51. Unless you have unbelievably powerful hands (you nutcracker, you!) cracking walnut or pecan shells can be a real hassle. Make the process easier by soaking any tough nuts in a bit of salt water first.

52. Washing dishes with suds rising higher by the second can lead to spills or a lot of bubbly distractions to work around. A pinch of salt on rising suds will reduce the soap to a mere memory—and let you actually see your dishes.

53. When you whip egg whites and sugar, you tend to create a firm mixture with little curlicues called peaks—this is great for recipes like meringue. With a pinch of salt added to the whites, these peaks will rise higher in less time!

54. Kitchen cutting boards can sometimes be neglected in the cleaning department, and when that happens, they start accumulating the flavors—and smells—of everything ever cut atop them. Thankfully, rubbing salt into the board with lemon will take care of that!

55. After touching stuff literally all day long, your hands start accumulating some, well… smells. Ditch the soap and grab a handful of salt instead. Scrub with only the salt for a minute, then wash it away. Just like that: clean hands!

56. If you think your shoes don’t stink, you’re either lying to yourself, need to see an ENT, or you’re ahead of the curve and already know that a pinch of salt and baking soda left in your shoes overnight takes care of any smell.

Himalayan Salt Factory / YouTube

57. Ready for a little elementary school throwback? Pour a quarter-cup of salt and a quarter-cup of baking soda down a clogged drain, then add a half-cup of vinegar. You just made a volcano that’ll force any gunk from the drain! Drano? More like no need-o.

Leslie Reichert / YouTube

58. Bathtub cleaning unfolds in three steps—dump chemicals, pass out from the chemical smell, then wake up in a daze and break your back scrubbing. Forget that! Put salt on grapefruit for a natural scrubber that won’t knock you out.

59. Often more neglected than kitchen cutting boards are shower curtains. Prevent your curtains from becoming mold hotspots by scrubbing them with salt water when they’re fresh out of the packaging.

60. You klutz! There you go spilling wine on your off-white carpet again. Don’t panic. First, absorb the bulk of the spill with a sponge and then just unload a pile of salt on the spill. Let it sit—and absorb—for half a day and just wipe it away.

61. Suck gunk right out of your pores by making a sort of paste by mixing warm water and a bit of salt. Gently rub that salty paste onto your face with little circular motions. Let it sit, then wash it away.

Royal Garment / YouTube

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