A Door Found In The Great Pyramid May Hold The Key To Its Last Great Mystery

Thousands of years after it was built, he Great Pyramid of Giza is still a source of intense fascination today. And the structure continues to hold plenty of secrets, with many of its quirks and features still shrouded in mystery. One such mystery relates to a curious door that sits deep within the pyramid. For generations, nobody knew what lay behind it – experts have finally discovered the truth.

Millennia of mystery

It’s difficult to appreciate just how old the Giza Pyramids really are. For more than 4,000 years, these structures have stood tall by the River Nile, becoming an enduring symbol of Egypt and its history. Many people have been drawn to them during that time, all trying to wrap their heads around these marvels of engineering.

Great Pyramid

The oldest of the Giza Pyramids is known as the Great Pyramid, which was raised to honor a pharaoh named Khufu. The structure’s also the biggest in the Giza complex, reaching a height of close to 500 feet. Its sides are around 750 feet in length.

Construction methods

The exact methods used to construct the pyramids all those millennia ago still baffle experts. Thanks to the work of historians, though, we know a certain amount about the circumstances in which they were raised. But in terms of the design and construction techniques employed, we’re still largely in the dark.

Strange layout

Then there are the specific quirks of the pyramids themselves. These structures are strange and confusing, often leaving experts scratching their heads. In the Great Pyramid, for example, there are mysterious doors at the end of two narrow shafts, the purposes of which have been unclear. It was easy to imagine that they led somewhere creepy – and now researchers can finally tell us the truth.