24 Genius DIY Projects Using Concrete That People Must Try For Themselves

In every hardware store worth its salt, there is a medium that even the craftiest of crafters staunchly avoid — concrete. But even though its considered messy and difficult to work with, you should know cement- and concrete-focused projects aren't as tricky as you've been led to believe!

A bag of quick-drying concrete costs a few dollars, but the possibilities for what you can make — once you mix in a splash of water — are seemingly endless. Read through these creative concrete ideas and you'll definitely find a project within your level of craft-expertise...

1. Instead of just marveling over gigantic leaves on the plants in your neighbor's yard, ask to snag a leaf or two to make a permanent replica. Using the leaves as molds, you can create layered bowls or a platter-type vessel.
2. Unique planters are hard to find and can cost an arm and a leg. Spend a few dollars on a bag of quick-dry concrete, dip an old lace doily in the mixture, and drape it over a bowl to maintain its shape while drying.
3. Take an empty light bulb, rest it upside down in an egg carton, and fill it to the brim with concrete. While the mix is still wet, place the flat end of a screw into the top. Wait for the concrete to dry. Break the bulb, and say, "Ooh la la!" to your spiffy new wall hangers.
4. Access your inner Hermione Granger by mustering up portable fires. Cover the inside of a large bowl with petroleum jelly, fill it with concrete, and press a smaller petroleum jelly-covered bowl into the wet mix. Once dry, break apart, place a gel fuel can inside, then top it with a wire screen and colorful stones.