20 Simple Cleaning Tricks That Are Just Too Genius For People To Ignore

At the end of a long day, most of us want to skip the chores and throw ourselves into bed. But if somebody doesn’t clean up around the house, the place is going to turn into a pigsty — and quick! Luckily, there are plenty of tricks to make cleaning up a little easier. These simple tips will save you time and a nice chunk of change!

Putting a cup of fabric softener into the toilet cistern will do the trick. Every flush leads to a cleaner bowl, and costly sprays scented like “fresh linen” are no longer necessary.

Short on time, but need to sanitize? Viruses and bacteria love doorknobs, light switches, keys, faucets, toilets, and fridge handles — frequently used stuff. Simply spray said spots with alcohol sanitizer. Deep clean when there’s more time.

John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune

If you’re out of disinfecting wipes, you can make do with regular baby wipes instead. To ensure sanitation, spray the wipe with rubbing alcohol. Some packs of baby wipes only cost one dollar.

When toilet paper and paper towels sell out, try, again, using baby wipes as a substitute. Packs are often so cheap that it often makes more economical sense to give these underused cleaning tools a try!

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Don’t waste time wiping down children’s toys — just clean them in the dishwasher. As long as the toys aren’t light plastic, they will not melt during the wash.

Over time, showerheads clog with calcium deposits and mold. Tie a plastic bag filled with white vinegar to the head, leave the bag on overnight, and wake up to a fresh, clean day.

Air-Purifiers can cost hundreds, so try using air-purifying plants instead (make sure you research a plant’s toxicity if you have pets). The Spider Plant requires minimal care, is non-toxic to cats and dogs, and removes carbon monoxide and xylene from the air.

Paul Jones

The Pothos Vines are the top-rated air-purifying plants. They also create oxygen at night! This plant loves low-light and humidity, and can withstand long periods without care. Warning! This plant is extremely toxic to animals and humans when consumed!

drawalegna / reddit

Thanks to wild dryers, hungry dogs, and bad luck, most people have a drawer packed with lone socks. So, use the spare to clean. Dampen the garment and clean small spaces such as between blinds or beneath stovetops.

Don’t toss away old T-Shirts, raggedy towels, or Shammies. Cut them to create dish-rags or washcloths or Flat-Mop wipes, which are normally expensive and inefficient for deep-cleaning.

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Have a terrible dust mite allergy, but no time to clean your bedding? Instead of washing pillows for an eternity, toss them individually in the dryer on high for 20 minutes to kill dust mites.

Consumer Reports

The COVID-19 pandemic forced various companies, including liquor distilleries, to mass-produce affordable hand and alchohol-spray sanitizers. Spray this on lampshades, curtains, and sheets to kill mites while keeping the electric bill down.

Peace Health

As long as the blood hasn’t thoroughly dried, instead of bleach, try hydrogen peroxide. Pour it on the stain, let it fizzle for two minutes, then hand wash the garment with hot water and soap. Repeat if necessary.

Unless frequently replaced, sponges can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and mold. Short on cash or time? Throw the sponge in the microwave for 30 seconds. The microwave will sanitize the sponge, increasing its longevity. 

Baking soda’s a cheap, non-toxic method for removing sink and bathtub grime. Lightly wet the affected areas, pour enough baking soda to create a paste over the stains, and then leave it for about ten minutes. Use a brush or sponge to elbow grease the grit away.

All sneakerheads know that keeping white sneakers looking clean and new is quite tricky. But rather than hardly wearing a pair, try this hack: Pour nail polish remover onto a cotton ball and gently wipe any stains. Remember to wipe off the remover after cleaning.

No matter the tool, cleaning the ceiling fan usually ends up spreading dust in the air or on your head. Try this: Wipe it with a pillowcase. Simply glide each blade in, lightly grab, and swipe.

sallonoelle / YouTube

Use lemons, a natural cleaner, on surfaces, glass, and bathrooms. Just mix a lemon’s juice, one cup of white vinegar, and one cup of water in a spray bottle. Leave the cleaner on an area for a few minutes to loosen dirt, then rinse well afterward.


Filling up your mop bucket can be a real hassle, especially if you don’t have a spacious sink. Next time, use a pool noodle to fill up the bucket with ease. Attach one end of the noodle to the faucet and place the other end in your bucket. Easy!

@meckmom / Maria Eckersley

Using a little scrub brush on a huge tub can make cleaning even more back-breaking. Instead of buying special tools, though, just use a broom. Coat the tub in toilet cleaner, then sweep away.

Old labels can be a pain to peel off products, but have no fear, lemons are here. A few drops of lemon juice or oil will have labels ripping right off.

Vodka removes stains. Begin removing the splatter by blotting the spot until it fades. Then, spray vodka and press the carpet with a dry cloth, then a wet cloth. Repeat the process if necessary.

Joe Lingeman

It can be hard to remove sticky substances such as gum and glue from hard surfaces or carpet. But there is an incredibly simple solution: Use ice to freeze the unwanted stain, and then use a scraper to gently remove it.

To freshen up your carpets, combine baking soda with your favorite essential oil and sprinkle the concoction on the floor. Let that sit for an hour, then vacuum it up. Your carpet will feel brand new!

Once you drop something tiny like an earring back on the floor, it’s almost impossible to find. Instead of sucking it up into the vacuum void and losing it forever, place a stocking or tights over the hose. The fabric will act as a catch-all.

one good thing / Jill Nystul

Vacuums are expensive, but they tend to stick around for a number of years. Wear and tear can cause them to get pretty musty, so if your machine starts to smell, vacuum up some laundry scent boosters or lavender to freshen it up from the inside.

If you have hardwood in your home, you know it can be prone to scratches. Shallow dents and scratches to these floors can be removed with the help of a shelled walnut. The natural oils from the nut helps to hide flaws.


Surprisingly, tea bags can be extremely useful for more than just tea parties; they can restore the sheen of hardwood floors. Steeping tea in boiling water and then wiping down hardwood with the cooled drink can help restore the shine of even the oldest hardwood.


Failing to sweep remaining debris into a dustpan is frustrating. So next time you’ve broken out the broom, wet the edge of your dustpan. This will make it easy to get every speck of dirt!

Mrs. Doubtfire / Warner Bros.

Most vacuums come with attachments that help you clean hard-to-reach places, but they don’t have an attachment for every surface. Using a toilet paper roll, you can create your own crevice tool by flattening one end of the tube and connecting the other to the vacuum.

Mops and brooms always seem to get in the way. They usually have a handle for hanging but can be oddly shaped. If your broom doesn’t fit on your existing hooks, attach a zip tie through the loop on the handle and hang it up that way!

one good thing / Jill Nystul

Put on the gloves and moisten them with water. Then, rub the hair covered garment. The glove quickly collects hair as if it were a magnet.

When cleaning your home, rubber gloves can be an unsung hero! Using a rubber glove to wipe down surfaces such as stairs and other difficult to reach places can pick up dirt and dust with ease.

American Hustle / Annapurna Pictures

Grout lines are the enemy of everyone who owns a home with tile flooring. They are tough to clean and prone to attract a lot of dirt. Use carpet cleaning spray and a scrub brush on your grout and let it sit. Then, wipe it down and behold your clean grout!

Hair and other fibers can get caught in the vacuum brush’s rotating mechanism and prevent you from getting the best clean possible. Use a seam ripper to clean it out in a jiffy!

one good thing / Jill Nystul

Linoleum floors can be difficult to clean and get scuffs out of with basic cleaning supplies. Toothpaste can be an asset to buffing these blemishes out of finicky floors.

Baseboards seem to get dirty more quickly than anything else and it shows. Dryer sheets can be re-purposed to wipe baseboards clean with ease.

If you have kids, this hack can be a fun one to get them to do their chores: Attach dusters to the bottom of an old pair of slippers. Kids can glide across the floor to remove dust and dirt!

Spills are inevitable on household carpets, but they don’t have to be permanent. Sprinkling salt on stains and sweeping it up can help remove even old stains in carpet.

Just taking off your shoes before entering the house every time can make a world of a difference. It stops dust, dirt, and grime from ever making it to the floors in the first place.


1. Once the cleaning is done, organizing comes next. Wooden pallets keep all your hard-to-store lawn and gardening tools in one spot. These work great in garages, garden sheds, or even painted and attached to a fence.

Rock-Oak-Deer Blog

2. While reusable grocery bags are an excellent choice for sustainability, they are sometimes just as flimsy as their plastic counterparts. Reinforce these babies by adding a piece of plywood to the bottom.

The Family Handyman

3. Kitchen towels never stay put. They spend more time on the floor than slung over the oven handle. And yes, Grandma might make towels with buttons, but who wants to spend time fumbling with those? Instead, stitch velcro patches on your towels.

Homed It

4. Those funky patterned keys they sell at hardware stores are not just flashy for flashiness sake. The boldness helps you keep track of all your different keys; however, you can accomplish the same effect at home with nail polish.

YouTube / How To

5. Dropping nails when you’re at the top of a ladder is a headache no one deserves. Slap a magnet on the top step to collect all the nuts, bolts, and screws so you don’t have to worry about holding onto them.

Getty Images / ChristinLola

6. Re-purpose cardboard six-packs in the summer months! If you’re an avid camper or just a person who eats and entertains in the outdoors, you can carry all the condiments and BBQ essentials in one trip with your old six-packs.

A Life Like Art Blog

7. Whenever you really need a hair tie they are nowhere to be found. Enter your ponytail’s new best friend — the carabiner. To keep your elastics from wandering around the house, put them on one of these.

A Pretty Happy Home Blog

8. Entryways and garages don’t have to be clogged, stressful areas. Give your shoes an aesthetically pleasing home with stacked wooden crates! You can always add a wood stain to make them a bit more attractive.

9. Whether you’re packing for a move or swapping out your clothes for the season, save yourself some folding. Secure hangers together with zip ties. Poke a hole in the bottom of a garbage bag to put the hanger hooks through, and you’re ready to go.

The Krazy Koupon Lady / Pinterest

10. Pegboard and dowels are every organizer’s secret weapon. Decide what and where you’ll use your divider contraption, cut the dowels to the appropriate size, and screw them into the underside of the pegboard.

Merry Pad

11. Rolls of tape fall into that miscellaneous household category where you don’t really know where to put them. Make the decision to keep all your sticky adhesives in one spot. Slide them onto a paper towel roll, mounted or otherwise.

12. Most of us store our extra gift wrap by sticking it with a piece of tape even though that just rips the paper in the long run. Put an old toilet paper tube around the roll and stick the tape to that.

Cherry Blossoms and Chai Blog

13. Drying racks take up a lot of floor space. If your laundry room is in an unfinished basement, nail a piece of wood to the ceiling joists to create a sturdier clothesline or just use the fail-safe rope or cord version.

The Family Handyman

14. Another problem area in many households is the cleaning supply cabinet, much of the time underneath the kitchen sink. Install a tiny tension bar like you would for your closet, and you can hang your spray bottles from it.

15. Maximize every inch of your cabinets by lining the back with file folder organizers. Campers swear by these little dividers for the limited cabinet space of their RVs, which determines what they’ll have room to pack.

RV Share

16. There’s no need to spend money on a tool bag with dividers when you can make one with things clogging up your garden shed. This handyman cut a PVC gutter with a saw and glued them together. 

The Family Handyman

17. Beyond the toolshed, PVC pipes are a favorite for DIY storage projects. Trick your kids into putting their toys away with cleverly designed PVC cubbies or whatever other little odds and ends that contribute to everyday clutter.

Frugal Fun 4 Boys

18. Hold everyone in the house accountable for laundry responsibilities with the help of a dry-erase marker. The lid of the washing machine functions as a whiteboard, so you can write your instructions right on the surface and wipe them off easily!

The Family Handyman

19. Who said utensil trays should only serve one purpose? Add them to the drawers in your bathroom. Bins from the dollar store work just as well! Eliminating all that chaos will save you a lot of time and energy.

Man Repeller

A thoughtfully organized bathroom is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. It helps to start your morning in a space that makes your routine a breeze, so add these simple solutions to your washroom.

Getty Images / Wanderluster

1. Spice Rack Organizer: If you’re a hair-care enthusiast, then your bathroom is probably overflowing with products. In order to see your counter-top again, nail some spice racks to the wall! They’re an easy and stylish way to organize your products.

Serena Kelly

2. Hair Dryer Storage: The worst part about hair dryers is how weirdly shaped they are! If storing your dryer is a hassle, simply attach a magazine holder to the inside of your sink cabinet. It’s two weirdly-shaped wrongs making a right!

3. Steaming Success: You have that very important business meeting in an hour and one wrinkly shirt! Instead of burning yourself using an iron, just hang your shirt in your bathroom while the shower is running. Instant steam, and no more wrinkles!

4. DIY Shower Cleaner: After scrubbing your shower for hours with little to no progress, you may be tempted to call Mr. Clean himself for help. Worry not: Get the scrubbing strength of Mr. Clean by attaching a scrub brush to a drill! 

5. Tower Rod Upgrade: If your family’s towel usage is growing faster than your single towel rod can handle, it’s time to upgrade. Replace the rod with coat hooks! They’ll keep your towels dry and add some much-needed class to your bathroom.

6. Magnetic Magic: If your bathroom drawer has become a dark abyss filled with who-knows-what, then you should really apply a magnetic strip to your cabinet door. The strip will catch any stray bobby pins and tweezers you thought were long gone!

Darkroom & Dearly

7. Bookshelf Storage: Our bathrooms are filled with weird items that we never really use (three year old bottle of cinnamon flavored mouthwash, anyone?). Putting those items high up on a bookshelf above the door will definitely save some much-needed space. 

8. Shaving Cream Hack: If you use your shaving cream infrequently, then you may get an unfortunate surprise the next time you pick the canister up. The metal bottom often leaves rust rings, so keep it turned upside down from now on.

9. DIY Music Amplifier: What’s more boring than a shower without tunes? Amplify your music the easy way by putting your phone over the (DRY) sink drain. Now you can give your shampoo bottles the performance of a lifetime without a speaker!

10. Easy Reading: If you’re allergic to books but still want to read in the tub, slip your e-reader into a Ziploc bag! This way you can catch up on the latest bestseller even if you accidentally drop your e-reader into the suds.

11. Shower Head Hack: There’s nothing worse than looking up during a relaxing rinse and seeing an alien mold species thriving on your shower head. There’s a Ziploc for that! Clean your shower head by soaking it in a bag with distilled vinegar.

12. Shower Curtain Hack: Tired of risking your life every time you step out of the shower and onto the soaked floor? Place your shampoo bottles firmly on the corners of your shower curtain to keep it in place. Say goodbye to slips!

13. Razor Sharpener: Disposable razors are great, but not when you’re looking for a clean close shave. Save a couple bucks by running your dulled razor over denim! This should hone your razor’s blade and give you the close shave you desire.

14. Makeup Madness: If you’re a beauty guru (or someone with a ton of makeup), then your bathroom is probably overflowing with products. Attaching them to a cute magnetic board can make finding your favorite products so much easier.

Lisa Langley/Patch

15. Roll Your Towels: As simple as it sounds, rolling your towels instead of folding them can have numerous benefits. Not only can it save space otherwise taken up by stacks of towels, but it’s so much more aesthetically pleasing!

16. Plastic Wrap Win: Clogged toilet? Completely cover your toilet bowl with plastic wrap and give it a flush. When the plastic wrap bubbles up, firmly press it down — the pressure should send whatever is clogging your toilet on its merry way.

17. Pull-Out Drawer: Make the most of your tiny storage space by installing pull-out drawers! There’s so much you can stack in there — cleaning products, towels, magazines, etc. — that you’ll never run around your home for stray products ever again.

Shelves That Slide

18. Towel Storage: Elevate the way you’re storing towels! You can combine functionality with style by re-purposing old baskets and attaching them to your bathroom wall. Fill them with rolled-up towels or whatever else you want off the floor and on display!

19. Nail Trimming Non-Hack: The last thing you want to do when trimming your nails is accidentally hack them off! Avoid this by trimming your nails right after your shower. Your nails are softer then, and less susceptible to any dangerous hacking. 

20. Mirror Makeover: There are some easy ways to take your bathroom from boring to beautiful, and you can start with your mirror. Use molding to frame your bathroom mirror! After all, you are pretty as a picture.


21. Mesh over ceiling cracks: We’ve all got those unsightly cracks, but now there’s an easy fix. Simply tape over the pesky crevice with mesh, plaster over the tape, smooth it out, and paint — voila!

Bathrooms aren’t the only rooms that needed sprucing up. Ugly router got you down? If all those cables and wires are making your living room a mess, try carving out an old book and tucking them away!

2. Cinderblock planters: Cinderblocks may be useful, but they’re definitely not a cute accent piece. For a quick way to spruce up an outdoor space, tuck some peekaboo plants in your cinderblocks to go from “no” to “woah!”


3. Propane tank camouflage: No matter how beautiful your garden is, it could all be ruined by an ill-placed propane tank. Hide that terrible thing under a fake rock and say hello to your new paradise!

4. Hidden laundry baskets: Everyone’s got laundry, but no one likes looking at it. Forget your growing mountains of laundry by tucking your hampers away in some large drawers that say, “I can do this later!”

5. Light switch gallery wall: Nothing ruins a clean wall like an ill-placed light switch. For a fun way to draw focus away from it, make the switch the centerpiece of a gallery wall! That’ll definitely switch things up.

Little Bits Of Home

6. New outlet covers: We often forget about one of the most common fixtures in our houses — outlets. By easily swapping an outdated cover for a nicer one, you’re on your way to transforming the entire room.

7. Birdbath that septic vent: If you’ve got a septic vent in your yard, you’re probably tired of looking at it. The solution is simple: grab a birdbath and plop it right over that vent to say “goodbye turds” and “hello birds!”

8. Chalkboard paint in the garage: If you think a garage can’t be both functional and adorable, think again! With a little chalkboard paint, you can revitalize the space while creating a useful spot for messages.

9. Chalkboard paint in the kitchen: But don’t stop there! Chalkboard paint has more uses than just the garage. Try covering the refrigerator with the stuff and watch your child’s imagination go wild! Plus, no more sticky notes.

10. Wallpaper the fridge: If chalkboard paint isn’t your thing, why not throw some wallpaper on there? Simply remove the handles, stick on some of your favorite wallpaper, and watch your kitchen go from “drab” to “fab!”


11. Fabric cabinet covers: Old kitchen cabinets looking stale? Freshen up the room by adding some fabric accents! Simply remove the cabinet doors, measure out the fabric, and staple to give the room a bold pop of color.

12. Faux stainless steel appliances: If you want stainless steel appliances without the high cost, just grab some metallic contact paper and stick it over your old pieces to give them a realistic stainless steel look.

Julie Blanner

13. Upholster the box-spring: All box springs are ugly. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to turn your ugly mattress holder into a creative accent. Grab your favorite fabric and a staple gun, and you can upholster the box-spring in no time.

14. Build a laundry table: To fill in those pesky gaps between your washing machines, simply craft a laundry table. Just measure the space, cut up the wood with a circular saw, and in no time you’ll be saying, “I built this table from scratch!”

15. Splash up your backsplash: Backsplash looking a little beat-up? Don’t break the bank on new tile — just grab a can of your favorite paint and give it a fresh coat to instantly brighten up your kitchen.

16. Bottle up those products: Hygiene products are crucial to our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean they’re so cute to look at. Ditch the ugly containers by placing the products in new glass bottles to go from “throw up” to “glow up!”

A Simple Nest

17. Paint those poles: Basements can be a great place to relax, but they’re not always the prettiest. Give your basement the pop of color it needs by painting over those old columns with a coat of your favorite shade.

18. Hide the printer: Printers are bulky, which means they’re hard to tuck away in a cabinet. For a simpler solution, cut a hole in a decorative box to create a practical — but beautiful — hiding place.

20. Handmade ceiling lights: Drab light fixtures ruining your decor? Grab an old hanging planter, drape it in yarn, and hang it over your old ceiling fixture to give the room a dash of that craft store charm.

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