40 Times Celebrities Hilariously Photobombed Ordinary People’s Photos

Celebrities really are just like us. They walk like us, talk like us — they even photobomb like us! Most people imagine timidly approaching a star to ask for a picture, but sometimes the stars themselves make that bold first move. And for those lucky people, there’s no need to beg a celebrity for a photo.

It makes sense, after all — these A-listers are used to the limelight. Being in front of the camera is a natural flex for them. We only wish we were there to see these fans reactions when they realized just who they caught in their selfie shot…

1. The Queen of England: Looks like the fence really is greener on the other side. Oh, if only she would have turned around to realize the Queen herself was right behind her loyal hiney.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I’ll be back.” Or, on second thought, I should be in front. Yep, right here front and center is the perfect spot! Now, everyone say “Austria!”

3. Bruce Springsteen: That moment when you’re at a Bruce Springsteen concert and you think things just can’t get any better so you try to take a selfie to remember… And God bless Bruce, he starts singing “I’m On Fire” and points right at you. Good job, you just won.

4. Dwayne Johnson: When you’re walking down the street, and you feel some major heat… It’s Dwayne The Rock Johnson! The Rock Johnson! This is the face of a man who’s just been Rocked. Yep, looks about right.

5. Bill Gates: This lucky guy was just excited to finish off his Microsoft tour with a little snap to remember. When he later looked back at the picture, he was shocked to see that a little Bill Gates head had momentarily sprouted from his shoulder! Woah, tech these days.

6. Nicolas Cage: This woman pushed out this little sucker and just wanted to celebrate the end of her 9-month sobriety stint with a pic of her in the wine aisle. Nic, not everything is about you, bro!

7. Slash: Big granny Slash fan was just out trolling the streets with her two-wheeler, you know being a boss. Little did she know, Slash himself was hot on her tail. Mmm, can you be our grandma now, please?

8. Dave Chappelle: When this couple decided to shoot their engagement photos in a beer garden, they had no idea Dave Chapelle would crash their shoot. Congrats you two, these might be the only engagement photos in history anyone would actually want to see.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger… again: Arnie knows better this time, he just strolled in, lit up, and said, “I’ll be front. New year, new me.” And really, who can argue with that? Not Sylvester Stallone, anyway.

10. Ken Jeong: It’s amazing after all these years Ken Jeong still looks hung over. These girls don’t seem to mind, though — they’re cheesing just thinking of all the hashtags.

11: Zach Braff: This photographer was just fulfilling the strange request of these newlyweds to be photographed in the middle of Midtown traffic. It wasn’t until later she zoomed in to catch a Zach Braff photobomb. This dude really doesn’t miss a beat.

12. Prince Harry: This guy was so stoked when he spotted royalty behind him in the restaurant he couldn’t even wait for his date to look at the camera before taking this “stealthy selfie.” Oh well, Harry tonguing a bird of paradise is still pretty good.

13. John Krasinski: Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd; Take a selfie with John Krasinski, I don’t care if he even let me. ‘Cause it’s snap, snap, snap for the Instagram, not putting a filter on this, For the hundred, thousand, one million likes, at the old ball game!!

14. Bill Clinton: A family tour of Washington DC can make anyone grumpy, and this girl has had it with having her picture taken. Maybe she would have been a little more excited if she knew this was her opportunity to play a First Little Lady.

15. Steven Tyler: It’s hard to know what is stranger here, this woman taking a photo in front of a parking lot, or that Steven Tyler looks like a crazy woman begging for cigarettes. Regardless, this one is for sure the Christmas card this year.

16. Justin Timberlake: These bros were pumped to see JT live in concert! And as if their idol couldn’t get any more idyllic, he flings a golden orb of light upon their heads. Someone had to bring sexy light-bending back, right?

17. Jake Gyllenhaal: Sometimes you just want to take a selfie to see if you have anything in your teeth. These two are in the clear. As for Jake? Hard to say!

18. Matt Garza: This little baller has a big surprise brewing for her when she checks out this photo. We don’t know how the game went, but that is a home run photobomb by Garza!

19. Aaron Paul: Breaking Bad, breaking the crowd, just all in a days work for Aaron Paul. Looks like this couple picked the perfect moment of crowd chaos to stop and take a selfie?

20. Wiz Khalifa: We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that no one in this photo knows who Wiz Khalifa is. So, this may take the cake for the funniest photobomb. It looks like Wiz and his friend just teleported into this republican resort, and Wiz’s friend has no chill.

21. Benedict Cumberbatch: He has been Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange, so clearly his acting career has prepared him to rise to photobombing fame. Here, he uses his impressive hops to shock the famed rock group U2.

Business Insider

22. Price Harry (again): Even royalty cannot resist making unexpected cameos in people’s pictures. Pals at this sporting event not only captured a great memory, but also got to inadvertently pose with Prince Harry. Two thumbs way up for this photobomb!

ABC7 News

23. Daniel Craig: You may have to look twice to realize this is Daniel Craig photobombing pop star Taylor Swift as she poses with a fan. His mustache makes him almost unrecognizable! Petition to have a James Bond with a mustache in the next movie?

24. George Clooney: If you look at this photobomb for too long, your eyes might begin to burn from the sheer star power. Just a causal photo of Steven Spielberg, Jerry Seinfeld, and his wife Jessica. Oh, what’s this in the background? George Clooney being charming.

Yahoo News

25. Justin Timberlake: Nothing is better than a man supporting his wife. Justin Timberlake uses the power of photobombing for good here as he presents his wife Jessica Biel to the world like the beauty she is. His face says it all.

26: Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz: Speaking of Justin Timberlake, his bestie Jimmy Fallon loves a good photobomb. Here he is with actress Cameron Diaz as they strike a strange pose behind these NYC tourists.

27: Jon Hamm: Jimmy makes another appearance here, but this time with Jon Hamm. The actor is clearly living up to his last name as he hams it up for the camera. This family’s Christmas card is going to be one for the books.

28. Justin Bieber: Things were much simpler in 2010. Katy Perry and Russell Brand were the coolest celebrity couple ever, everyone over-accessorized, and Justin Bieber ruled the world. You can spot those iconic Bieber bangs from a mile away.

Us Weekly

29. Oscar Isaac: Much like his angst-filled Star Wars character Kylo Ren, Adam Driver is practicing his steely scowl for the cameras. His on-screen adversary Poe Cameron, played by Oscar Isaac, took this opportunity to practice his right-hook.

Business Insider

30. Kelly Clarkson: Celebrity power couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi couldn’t be more effortlessly cool as they pose for the cameras clad in all black. Thank you Kelly Clarkson for expressing the joy we all feel for this couple with your photobomb.

31. Michael C. Hall: Observe the rare “photobomb inception.” Tina Fey bombs Law and Order queen Mariska Hargitay. In the background, Michael C. Hall unknowingly participates in a photobomb as well. Is it a true photobomb if there is no intent? We should ask Olivia Benson.


32. Bull Murray: The man, the myth, the legend that is Bill Murray has been known as an expert photobomber across all fifty states. His latest victim, the gorgeous Selena Gomez, doesn’t seem to mind.

33. Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman: The idea of Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman being in the same room is absolutely delightful. It’s even more wonderful to imagine them conspiring to photobomb Angelina Jolie. We couldn’t be more glad that Kung Fu Panda brought this trifecta together.

34. Lady: Here is a photo that captures the only appropriate response one should have when they are a few feet from the Beyonce Giselle Knowles. Nothing is more relatable than this woman’s wide eyed expression as she shares the same air as Queen Bey.

Us Weekly

35. The Wests: Babies are very cute; this is a universal truth. However, your eyes quickly go to possibly the most famous people on the planet in the background of this sweet moment. It looks like Kim, Kanye, and North are somewhat enjoying a family dinner.

The Sun

36. Cara Delevingne: It’s always fun to see stars who aren’t afraid of looking silly. Here, Cara takes a moment to offer a contrasting pose to Sienna Miller, and her intense makeup look and shiny studs make it all the more menacing.

Business Insider

37. Paul Rudd: In this photobomb we see a very rare glare from Paul Rudd. As the actor normally sports an unyielding smile and aura of chill positivity, it’s great to see his commitment to photobombing Heidi Klum.

38. Michael Cera: This picture is weird on so many levels. Just a guy, enjoying some birds of paradise, while Michael Cera smiles along in the background. It’s fun to think that maybe the birds are smiling, too.

39. Aaron Paul (again): Best pals Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul had a complicated on-screen relationship during the hit series Breaking Bad. Off-screen, the pair gets along swimmingly, so Cranston probably forgave Paul for ruining his photo. Besides, Cranston is a known prankster.

40. Jared Leto: He’s known for being eccentric as heck. For all his strange behavior, he still enjoys the art of a good old fashioned photobomb. Oscar in hand, he pulled one right over on Anne Hathaway at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

While photobombs are funny, sometimes a celeb awkwardly posing with a fan is just as good. This woman was probably feeling on top of the world when she managed to get close enough to former president Bill Clinton to snap a selfie. Clinton, meanwhile, seemed… distracted.

orochi / Reddit

2. Nicolas Cage: Nicolas Cage has plenty of fans who love his wild onscreen antics and his similarly bizarre off-screen personality. In this photo, he seems completely unaware that the famous deejay Deadmau5 is trying to pose with him.


3. Nicolas Cage: Here’s Nicolas Cage again, but this time on an airplane! He looks equally as confused in this fan photo, which begs the question: “Is there ever a moment where he doesn’t seem like he’s coming off of a week-long party bender?”


4. Bill Murray: Bill Murray has etched himself into history as a comedy god of sorts, and he apparently loves snapping photos with his fans. Here, it looks like he’s he found himself a fan that he could whisper a good joke to while also making the photographer jealous.

ludwigmiesvanderrohe / Reddit

5. Peter Dinklage: Peter Dinklage of the HBO hit show Game of Thrones saw a fan outside of the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie premiere in New York City and grabbed his phone to snap a selfie. The six-and-a-half-foot fan had to bend down next to four-and-a-half-foot Dinklage just to fit in the frame.

wolivernyc / Imgur

6. Morgan Freeman: Talk about getting nervous before you meet your favorite movie star! Hopefully Morgan Freeman didn’t try to give any goodbye hugs to this fan after the picture was snapped. You don’t want the man with the greatest narrating voice of all time knowing how sweaty you are!

loosegravel2 / Reddit

7. Tom Holland: The star of the Spiderman movies figured this picture with a female fan would look best if they were both blasting fake webs out of their wrists. The girl, however, looks like she’s way more into the gesture than the actor.

Tom Holland / Instagram

8. Adam Sandler: This Reddit user apparently posted online about his resemblance to Adam Sandler. During one of his movie premieres, Sandler spotted his doppelgänger and pulled him aside for a photo. Do you see the resemblance?

therealmaxkessler / Reddit

9. Rihanna: Rihanna is one of the world’s most popular singers, so the opportunity to snap a photo with her would be incredibly exciting for anyone. Unfortunately, Rihanna can’t say the same.


10. Queen Elizabeth II: Talk about the photobomb of a lifetime! These two young ladies were taking a selfie when none other than the Queen of England decided to pop into the background. She seems very pleased with herself!

jaydetaylor / Instagram

11. Samuel L. Jackson: Actor Samuel L. Jackson has portrayed some of the most intimidating roles in movies, but at least he doesn’t seem mad in this picture; he just looks slightly confused that this random man ran up to snap a selfie with him!

mobyrich / Reddit

12. Daniel Radcliffe: This fan was apparently hanging out in front of a Broadway show when Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe approached the whole group, grabbed her cell phone, and took a selfie she won’t forget.

Dave_Versus_Volcano / Reddit

13. Ryan Gosling: Sometimes even celebrities are starstruck when they see their favorite actors and actresses in real life. In this picture, Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones is in awe that she’s sitting so close to heartthrob Ryan Gosling at an awards show.

sophiet / Instagram

14. Kanye West: Rapper Kanye West is known for his outrageous public antics just as much as he’s known for his music. According to this picture, one thing he isn’t known for is feeling thrilled when fans want pictures.

relatablequote / Twitter

15. Prince William: These two young lads have quite the story to tell for the rest of their lives because of this picture. Prince William just happened to be in the area, and they caught him on camera at exactly the right moment.

Jack Raspin / Twitter

16. Johnny Depp: This little fan has no idea how lucky he is to be held by one of the world’s biggest movie stars, Johnny Depp. When he grows up and watches Depp’s films, only then will he realize he should not have made this face.


17. Ed Sheeran: It’s not quite clear whether the man in the background photobombed the picture of musician Ed Sheeran and this hawk, or if the hawk swooped in for his own epic photobomb. Either way, that’s one lucky animal.

teddysphotos / Instagram

18. Benedict Cumberbatch: These fans couldn’t be more thrilled to have a selfie taken with none other than Sherlock Holmes himself, Benedict Cumberbatch. They might want to play it cool, though; they look a little too excited!

Mixfmlebanon / Twitter

19. Game of Thrones cast: Snapping a selfie with one celebrity is reason enough to love life, but to get seven in one shot? That’s nearly a miracle. This woman will be able to brag forever about the day the Game of Thrones cast—including the A Song of Ice and Fire author himself, George R. R. Martin—posed for a picture with her.

iBleeedorange / Reddit

20. Robert Pattinson: Actor Robert Pattinson is no stranger to taking selfies with fans, but in this photo, it looks like he’s the only person who’s actually ready for the picture. At least someone was camera-ready!


21. Tom Hanks: Hollywood heavy-hitter Tom Hanks is loved by millions around the world, and this picture is just of the reasons why. Instead of shying away from this exhausted fan, Hanks made of the most of it with a hilarious picture!

groucho29 / Reddit

22. Beyonce: Beyonce is one of the biggest celebrities today, and her popularity could potentially get her a pass if she wasn’t super friendly with fans. However, it’s awesome to know she is cool with them, and this funny-faced selfie proves it.

MarchMadnessisMe / Reddit

23. Liam Neeson: These two Big Star Sandwich Company employees flanking actor Liam Neeson probably never thought the actor would hear about their clever sign. Their marketing skills, however, were good enough to warrant a special—and probably surreal—visit to their British Columbia sandwich shop.

frmacleod / Reddit

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