Amazon Employees Revealed The Truth About Working In The Warehouse

There’s something weirdly mysterious about Amazon. Where do all its parcels come from? And how do they get to your doorstep so quickly? Well, the answers to all your other burning questions have now been revealed by a group of warehouse workers looking to spread their secrets. So get ready folks: here is everything you ever wanted to know about Amazon warehouses.

1. They can read your gift notes

If you plan on writing out a gift note with an Amazon order, keep this in mind. An employee named Alex told Mental Floss, “We have a gift note printer for any item that includes one that we have to grab and then toss in the box. I don’t read them. [But] I know others do.”

2. They have robot co-workers

Nope, that’s not a typo! In a bid to ease the physical strain on certain Amazon staff, the company has invested in robots called Kivas (now known as Amazon Robotics). According to Mental Floss, they’re responsible for doing much of the heavy lifting now as they can move a huge number of products at a time. Warehouse workers then sift through the stacks of machine-shifted items and send them on their way.

3. There aren’t any chairs to sit down on

If you like sitting down, then an Amazon warehouse is the last place you’d want a job. Employee Kyle told Mental Floss, “You’re not allowed to sit on things at a station. There are no chairs provided. You can make chairs with totes or sit on the steps. I usually choose to go to my car.”

4. The cafeteria is a war zone

During Charlee Mided’s chat with Mental Floss, her assessment of the cafeteria at her warehouse pulled no punches. She recalled, “It was a war zone trying to get enough time to heat your food and then get out without being run over. You’d see people fight. The smartest thing to do was to pack something that doesn’t need microwaving because that was killer.”