40 Easy Ways To Make Money That Most People Don’t Think Of

In today’s world, it can seem like a daily struggle to try to make a decent living. Most of us feel as though we’re underpaid at our jobs, while the cost of living only ever gets higher and higher.

Thankfully there are plenty of easy ways to earn supplemental income that most people don’t even think of. A lot of those ways to earn extra cash are much easier than you think, and they can be done from the comfort of your own home!

1. Lose weight and earn cash: Most of us can probably stand to lose a few pounds, but going to the gym is so daunting. HealthyWage is a site where you actually bet on how much weight you can lose in a specific time period, and if you achieve your goal, you can win cash prizes.

2. Get money from spending money: If you use a program called Paribus, you can actually get money back from your online purchases. If Paribus discovers that the price of an item dropped after you already bought it, it will actually refund you 75 percent of the difference!

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3. Relax and watch television: Most people enjoy spending time watching television, so why not get paid for it? InboxDollars has you watch certain programs, and afterwards you get scratch-off cards so you can win money!

4. Find yourself a flexible job working from home: The website NexRep is a work-from-home recruiter that fills customer service gigs at big-name companies like GrubHub and Priceline.

5. Fill out surveys: If you sign up for VIP Voice or Point Club, you can fill out simple surveys and get paid for it! Many companies want to know your opinion on their products, and this the easiest way to do it while earning cash.

6. Create a micro-investing account: For some people, the thought of investing can be very intimidating. However, websites like Stash can be used to automatically withdraw money from your bank account each week and set it aside, so you can save without even realizing it!

7. Earn money while you drive: If you don’t mind driving, working for companies like Uber and Lyft can be a great way to earn extra bucks. You set your own schedule and work whenever you want to.

8. Clean out your bedroom: Most people have a bunch of things lying around their homes that they don’t use anymore. Instead of throwing them away, why not make some money? The website Decluttr will actually buy back old items you no longer want.

9. Work for Disney: Disney offers all sorts of great opportunities to those who want them. You can apply to work from home for the Disney Store, or you can even audition for roles in television commercials and movies!

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10. Get paid when you sign up for cash-back site: If you sign up on the site MyPoints, you’ll get rewarded with cash for printing out coupons, shopping online, and taking surveys. You do most of those anyway, so you might as well get paid for it, right?

11. Use Airbnb to rent out your room: People who travel are always looking for a cheap place to stay, and if you have a room available, you can easily rent it out to them. You can specify the type of tenant you want and how long their stay will be, too.

12. Invest one dollar a day into the stock market: The stock market can be confusing, but Clink Savings will invest your money for you so you don’t need to deal with the headache. You can contribute daily, weekly, and even monthly.

13. Start your own business from home: This sounds much harder than it actually is. If you have a great idea that you think people will be interested in, there are plenty of sites available to help you plan the necessary steps for your company to take off.

14. Find a work-from-home career: Most people don’t even know where to start looking for remote job opportunities, but if you check out these work-from-home sites, you might find something that suits your interests.

15. Make money selling old photos: Now that there are cameras on our smartphones, most people have a whole collection of pictures. You can actually sell your photos to stock photography sites. It’s a small sum, but if you’re the kind of person who snaps pictures every chance you get, it could easily add up.

16. Become an animal sitter: Pet lovers rejoice! There are several apps that make it easy to pet-sit for nearby animal owners. Sites like Rover and DogVacay allow you to set your own rates and your own schedule.

17. Use Amazon Fulfillment to sell your old stuff: This is one of the simplest ways to run a business from home. As long as you have stuff to sell, Amazon’s Fulfillment feature will take them off your hands and get you cash quick!

18. Create an online blog: Anyone can start a blog. It does take work and patience, however, but if you produce content that people enjoy, you can entice companies to start advertising on your site—which means money in your pocket!

19. Vet stock images for Shutterstock: If you’re the kind of person who can spend hours combing through photos, Shutterstock will pay you to make sure all of their new pictures meet their guidelines before they hit the site.

20. Rent your baby’s old stuff to traveling parents: There’s an app called goBaby where you can rent your old strollers or toys to traveling parents who are in need of them. Parents will do anything they can to make their children’s lives less stressful, and this is the easiest way to do it.

21. Become a house-sitter: You may have never considered house-sitting as a viable source of income, but it is! People will pay all sorts of money to make sure that their home remains safe while they’re out of town.

22. Make money selling gift cards you haven’t used: Many of us have gift cards that we’ve yet to use. Instead of waiting until they expire, you can actually sell them online at various gift card exchange sites. Even if they’re partially used, people will still buy them.

23. Go grocery shopping for someone: Most people don’t like to go grocery shopping. It can be crowded, time-consuming, and an overall hassle. But, if you don’t mind doing it, you can use websites like Shipt to shop for other people and earn money!

24. Create a YouTube account and upload videos: YouTube has become the biggest purveyor of online video content in the world. But, you probably didn’t know that you could make money for uploading your footage. The app GoogleAdSense can help you draw advertisers to your channel, which means dollars in your bank account.

25. Deliver delicious treats to hungry customers: If driving people around doesn’t sound like your idea of a great time, then you can deliver food instead! Sign up to be a driver for Uber Eats, and you’ll be delivering hot meals to hungry customers.

26. Go to car dealerships and test drive vehicles: Mystery shopping companies like BestMark will actually pay you to go out and test drive a variety of cars from local dealerships. The only thing you may have to do beforehand is listen to a sales pitch, but that’s just part of the process.

27. Download certain apps and earn instant money: Certain companies will pay you for simply downloading their apps to your smartphone. You can earn up to $5 each month by downloading SavvyConnect, and if you have an Android, MobileXpression allows you to play instant rewards games for a prize.

28. Shop online and earn money back: Ebates is a fantastic online shopping portal that can get you huge discounts at over 2,000 retailers. Simply sign up on the website and check out all the deals. They change weekly, so even if you don’t see something you like, chances are the following week you will.

29. Create your own greeting cards for popular companies: Some greeting card companies will actually pay you for your words, art, or photos. Here is a list of eight companies that you can make money writing for. Some of them will pay as much as $300 for your submissions!

30. Search the web and get paid: Most people spend at least a portion of their day online, so why not get paid for it? You can become a search engine evaluator through Lionbridge, a company that’s known for its work-from-home positions.

31. Make money to be on your phone: The app Slidejoy will pay you to check out different advertisers’ websites on your phone. When an ad pops up, swipe left if you like it, and you’ll be brought to the company’s website. Swipe right if you’re not interested, and return to your phone as normal.

32. Help real lawyers prepare for cases online: If you love the drama of the courtroom, you can serve as an online mock juror and help real lawyers prepare for their cases by reviewing the evidence from your computer.

33. Become a delivery driver for Amazon: Amazon Flex is a service that makes one-hour deliveries possible. Flex is always in need of drivers to pick up packages at the Amazon warehouses and deliver them to locals who use the one-hour delivery option.

34. Earn money by winning writing contests: If you like to write, there are plenty of opportunities out there to make money. Here is a list of writing competitions that anyone can enter. Harness your inner Hemingway, and good luck!

35. Create your own postage stamps: If you love to draw or even just doodle, you can submit your work to Stamp Press and get paid for it! You don’t need to be professional either; all skill levels are encouraged to submit their art.

36. Help people with random tasks: Fiverr is an online platform that allows people to sell goods and services for five bucks each. Tasks are broken into categories, and Fiverr boasts 4,000 new listings each day.

37. Save all of your change: Most people don’t carry around spare change anymore; credit cards have taken over as the main payment method. However, Acorns is an investment app that will take your spare change and dump it into investments for you. You’d be surprised at how quickly it adds up!

38. Use Ibotta: Going to the grocery store is never anyone’s idea of a great time, but using the Ibotta app, you can get money back for certain items. Simply take a picture of your receipt, scan the item’s barcodes, and money will be added to your account.

39. Become a professional matchmaker: Have you ever thought of yourself as a relationship matchmaker? The matchmaking service Tawkify is always looking to hire new help. Some people, the site claims, can make up to $100,000 a year!

40. Make money playing trivia games: If you enjoy trivia games, you should download the app Perk Pop Quiz. You can play games for points, and the points can be traded in for gift cards to your favorite stores!

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