20 Wildly Expensive ‘Delicacies’ From Around The World That People Swear Are Worth The Price

There are people in the world who eat to live, and there are others who live to eat. The latter indulge in the finest foods the world has to offer whenever they can. They spend time seeking out new cuisines, and they’re not afraid to shell out a pretty penny for them.

However, not everyone would be so inclined to fork over the money since plenty of sought-after foods don’t come cheap. But would you be willing to pay the big bucks for these 2o delicacies? Or are they not worth the price…

1. Saffron: If you ever find a jar of saffron in your spice cabinet, don’t throw it away! This seasoning takes three years to cultivate, and much of it comes from the Middle East. Depending on supply, a pound of saffron can reach $10,000!

2. Almas caviar: These delightful little eggs come from the Iranian Beluga fish. It’s pricey because it’s hard to obtain and only select places can import and export it. A couple pounds can cost over $30,000!

3. Densuke watermelon: If you saw a black watermelon, you’d probably think it had gone to rot! However, on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, these super-rare fruits grow naturally. Due to their rarity, one sold recently at an auction for $6,100!

4. Eel: This aquatic delight is quite flaky and has a unique and savory taste, which is why it isn’t cheap. It’s been known to reach up to $2,000 per pound!

5. White truffles: No Michelin-starred dinner would be complete without a healthy shaving of this delicacy. Mostly found in Italy, these fungal growths offer a pungent and unique flavor profile to food. Be warned, however, they can cost as much as $10,000 a pound!

6. Bird’s nest soup: This gelatinous looking bowl of liquid is literally made from birds’ nests that are gathered off cliff sides in southeast Asia. The birds’ saliva is where much of the flavoring comes from, and one small bowl of it can cost $100!

7. Bluefin tuna: Those who love sushi know all about the fatty cuts of the Bluefin tuna. For those who don’t dabble, this fish has a very delicate melt-in-your-mouth taste. A pound of this can set you back $4,000!

8. Wagyu beef: People prize meat for its marbling, and Wagyu beef has some of the best fat content around. It also makes for a hefty price tag; a pound of this rich meat costs about $100! 

9. Jubari King melon: These may look like the average cantaloupes, but they are far from it. Packed with an intense flavor, and only grown in a small area in Japan, a pair of these melons can sell for over $29,000!

10. Foie Gras: This ultra-rich and buttery goose or duck liver is perfect for someone who wants to add a fattiness to any dish. Of course, you’ll want to enjoy in small portions, as two pounds of this stuff can run you as high as $150!

11. Vanilla: It sounds like a weird choice for this list, but the vanilla bean itself is hard to come by. The flower only stays in bloom for a few hours each year, so cultivating it is a crucial process. Some pure vanilla can cost as much as $4,000 per pound!

12. Moose milk cheese: Even if you love cheese, it’d be tough to get your hands on a package of this stuff. Very few cheese purveyors sell it around the world, and because of its rarity, it costs about $500 per pound.

13. Matcha green tea: This drink is chock-full of anti-oxidants, and it’s been known to have other health benefits, as well. Premium grade matcha can sell at $20 per ounce.

14. La Bonnotte potatoes: How could a simple potato make its way onto a list of super expensive foods? Well, for starters, it only grows on a strip of land less than 50 square meters in area, and it’s hand-picked for one week a year only. This is why they run about $50 per pound.

15. Oysters: The Coffin Bay in Australia produces a very limited number of these gargantuan mollusks, which is why you better be ready to shell out some bucks if you want one. Each oyster alone can cost you $100! 

16. Hacienda La Esmeralda: The name sounds fancy, but it’s really just a term for a specific type of coffee. It’s rare to find, and that’s why if you do locate it, expect to pay about $400 a pound. That’s a pricey cup o’ joe!

17. Scottish lobster: Anyone who has been to a seafood restaurant knows lobster isn’t cheap, but these special crustaceans found off the coast of Scotland are a little extra. For just a two-pounder, this creature runs at $160 bucks in restaurants. 

18. Black truffles: Much like white truffles, these are a prized treat during lavish meals. The majority of them are found in France, and they’ll set you back about $100 per ounce.

19. Matsutake mushrooms: These Japanese mushrooms aren’t quite as expensive as truffles, but they do offer a similarly unique flavor profile. High-quality matsutake mushrooms can retail for $1,000 per pound.

20. Balsamic vinegar: This sweet thick vinegar is made using a special type of grape called the “Trebbiano grape.” They’re put through a special process and left to age anywhere from 10 to 25 years! An eight-ounce bottle of it can run as much as $30.

If you’re the kind of person who has a food bucket list, and doesn’t mind spending money, you better be sure these items are on it!

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