Here Are The World’s Most Beautiful ‘Secret’ Beaches Almost Nobody Knows About

Everywhere you look, you’ll find people who love going to the beach. It’s a fun and relaxing way to spend time soaking up the sunshine, and who doesn’t love to be near the ocean?

That being said, there are few things that can ruin a vacation faster than an overly crowded beach. They can be loud, dirty, and generally more trouble than they’re worth.

That’s why you should jump at the chance to visit these little-known beaches around the globe. Hurry, because they might not be secret for much longer!

1. Playa de Gulpiyuri: A gorgeous beach in Asturias, Spain, this secluded oasis is only about 130 feet long—but that’s still plenty for one of the most spectacular bodies of water that you’re likely to see.

2. Navagio Beach: Also known as Shipwreck Beach, this cozy strip of sand in Zakynthos, Greece, has been nicknamed “Smuggler’s Cove.” Legend has it that wine, cigarettes, and other illegal products have been smuggled there.

Anna Oates / Flickr

3. Salema: This beach in Portugal has grown in popularity as it’s become a hit among tourists, but for many generations, it was actually a fishing village. It’s easy to see the appeal as a vacation spot!

4. Pyla-sur-Mer: The massive sand dunes of this French beach may seem somewhat intimidating, but they’re more than worth a visit for this spectacular view of the sea alone. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Arseni Moursenkho / Flickr

5. Pfeiffer Beach: Famous for its Keyhole Rock, this beach is one California’s best-kept secrets. It looks downright otherworldly (in the best way possible) during the sunset, but it’s lovely any time of day!

6. Tulum Beach: This gorgeous spot in Mexico looks like the kind of place that only exists in our imaginations. Who would have ever thought that such an exotic locale could be a reality on our planet?

quiquefepe / Flickr

7. “Love Beach”: Also in Mexico, this “hidden beach,” sometimes called the “love beach,” is nestled within the Marieta Islands. It looks like something straight out of a science-fiction film… in the best way possible, of course.

TouristerMan / Wikimedia Commons

8. Balangan Beach: Located in Bali, Indonesia, this beach is notable as a great surfing destination. Whether you’re catching some waves or just working on your tan while getting in some summer reading, you can’t go wrong!

lucaspiller / Reddit

9. Cala Tarida: Ibiza, Spain is known for its remarkably clear water and fine sand, but from the looks of it with this picture, it seems like it would be pretty tough to find this beach. That’s part of the appeal, though!

KellyIbiza / Wikimedia Commons

10. Portonovo: The rock formations beside this Italian beach—not to mention the beautiful, steep cliffs—make for one of the greatest vacation spots that you’d ever find… if you can find it, that is!

kermit965 / Flickr

11. Seitan Limania: Found on the Greek Island of Crete, this beach definitely fits the description of a “secret beach.” Can’t you just imagine the shock and wonder of the explorers who first discovered this little hideaway?

12. Praia de Dona Ana: This idyllic spot in Portugal is undeniably pretty, as it’s known for its colorful cliffs. It’s a bit of a “worst-kept secret,” though, because it’s rapidly growing in popularity among tourists!

Claudia Probst / Flickr

13. La Maddalena Island Group: Nestled on the coast of Italy, these beaches are truly eye-popping with their otherworldly beauty, and they would certainly be a pleasant place to spend the day with your friends, family, or significant other.

14. Koh Tao Beach: This paradise is found in Thailand, and it’s wonderful for a great deal of reasons. It’s particularly notable for being an excellent scuba diving destination, as well as being perfect for snorkeling and rock-climbing.

15. Suluban Beach: Located in Bali, Indonesia, this unreal vacation spot is notable for its massive, picturesque limestone rock formations. Also known as “Blue Point,” it’s difficult to access, but it’s totally worth it for that view!

16. Agonda Beach: Tucked away in the town of Goa, India, is this truly a hidden gem. For those who appreciate stunningly beautiful beaches (and really, who doesn’t?), this is worth the long flight to India.

Klaur Nar / Flickr

17. Furore Beach: With its wonderful community, spectacularly charming homes, and stunning greenery, this is one of the most beautiful places that you’ll ever see… and that’s before you even hit the beach! You’ll find this spot in Italy, of course.

Anybody would be lucky to spend a day at any one of these beaches. Make sure to visit them before the secret gets out any further!

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