The Freaky Thing That All Printers Do When People Try To Copy U.S. Money On Them

There are times when you feel so hard-up for cash that you just wish you could print your own. This would constitute illegal counterfeiting, of course, but there’s actually another reason why you couldn’t pull this off even if you wanted to.

While simply breaking the law is always a bad decision, there’s actually an entirely different reason why you wouldn’t be able to do it easily—and it’s all because of your printer.

Though most people don’t know it, there are secrets hidden all over our bills that make scanning money pretty much impossible! Here are a few of them…

At some point, everyone has struggled with money. Sure, it can be incredibly tempting to feel like you should just print your own currency, but it’s important to know that doing so would be considered counterfeiting—not to mention that it’s almost impossible to actually do even if you tried.

Let’s just say you were willing to break the law and print your own money. Did you know that the very device you’d use to accomplish the task wouldn’t even let you? Believe it or not, it’s actually not even possible to print currency using your own at-home printer.

That’s right: your typical office printer and copier won’t allow you to break the law and print counterfeit cash. Just take a look for yourself and see what happens when somebody puts a bank note inside of the scanner—only a sliver of the bill actually prints. Why is this, you ask?

As it turns out, there’s an interesting method in which currency is detected by common photo copiers, and it’s something that most people would never notice. If you have a bank note in your pocket, pull it out and take a closer look…

Each individual piece of money contains a series of marks called The EURion Constellation. Modern copiers are able to easily detect this pattern at once. Here, you can see where the markings exist on a standard American $10 bill.

The EURion Constellation was first recognized on the 10 Euro note, and ever since, it has been found on every single American bank note, the Swedish kroner, the U.K. pound, and just about every other existing bank note under the sun.

When a modern printer or photo copier senses that the EURion Constellation is present, it will immediately stop the printing function. This is done in an attempt to prevent common people from breaking the law by counterfeiting their own currency.

Nowadays, most standard copiers and printers are equipped with a more effective, though secretive, method of counterfeit prevention. Known as the Counterfeit Deterrence System, it’s still suspected to utilize the EURion Constellation recognition, but there are obviously other detection factors.

Besides being found in copiers and printers, the Counterfeit Deterrence System can be found in just about all modern photo editing programs. The moment one of these computer and phone apps senses someone is trying to scan a bank note, you’ll receive a notification that looks similar to this:

So even those people with unimaginable photo editing skills will find it impossible to counterfeit currency—no matter where in the world they’re from! The law is pretty much always at least one step ahead of the people trying to take advantage of it…

With all of these methods of counterfeit prevention, it’s a wonder how anyone manages to get away with it. Thankfully, this video helps to explain a little more about the Counterfeit Deterrence System and how it works to make counterfeiting money impossible…

Well, it looks like a lot of people’s get-rich-quick schemes are going to need some adjustments. Technology is just too advanced these days!

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