Here Are The Weirdest Items Ever Sold On eBay That People Actually Paid Money For

For decades, eBay has allowed people to auction off just about anything through the power of the Internet (assuming it’s legal, of course). This has allowed folks from across the globe to score some amazing deals on rare or obscure items, while allowing sellers to get rid of their old junk.

Yet as with so many other things on the Internet, the accessibility of eBay has given way to some truly bizarre sales. Here are some of the weirdest items that anyone has ever sold on eBay… or tried to, at least!

1. A literal monkey’s paw: Colloquially, a “monkey’s paw” refers to a wish granted that comes at a horrible price. It’s in reference to the W.W. Jacobs 1902 short story “The Monkey’s Paw” from his collection The Lady of the Barge

So, naturally, someone tried selling an actual monkey paw on eBay. It was offered for around $25 with a warning from the seller: “beware your wishes.” So, in essence, the buyer paid $25 for a nightmarish curse just for the novelty of it.

2. A piece of toast topped with Vegemite partially eaten by One Direction member Niall Horan: If ever you needed proof that boy band fandom can get a little out of hand, look no further than this $100,000 piece of leftover food.

MsHoran1D / YouTube

For context, Vegemite is a condiment made out of yeast extract and other spices that’s popular in its native Australia… but not so much elsewhere. When the Irish pop star was asked to try it on Australian TV, he decided that one bite was enough!

s2art / Wikimedia Commons

3. A woman’s virginity: In what was just one of a few cases of women monetizing their own virginity, an 18-year-old managed to convince a businessman to pay all of her college loans by doing the deed with him in 2004.

4. Bags of air collected from a Kanye West concert: A good concert is an unforgettable experience, which is why so many people like to buy tour shirts and other “merch.” Yet how much would you pay for the air from the concert itself?

5. Booklets with instructions on how to practice magic: Granted, these dated back to the 1990s, and who knows what kind of updates have been made to the sorcery community since then? Still, it might come in handy if you’ve already received your Hogwarts acceptance letter!

6. A used tissue from Scarlett Johansson: Interestingly, this item was not offered by an unhinged fan, but the movie star herself. She promised to donate all proceeds to USA Harvest, a charity that fights for hunger relief.

7. A man’s own liver: Buying human organs online would sound a bit shady to most people, and it is indeed illegal, which is why eBay eventually removed the offer from the site. Before they did, though, bids reached nearly $8 million!

8. A supposedly haunted doll from an abandoned “insane asylum” in Scotland: “Annie,” as she was known, seemed to have genuinely given her owners a scare. “We don’t want any fame or attention to our family over her,” they insisted.

The owners weren’t shy about warning potential buyers, either. “We just want rid of her where we aren’t responsible for any negative energetic consequences so please only bid if you are able to handle this properly,” they noted. What exactly did these “consequences” entail?

It’s easy to wonder who in their right mind would want this. “She’s a mischievous little doll,” the description read. “Your belongings will go missing and suddenly turn up. You might need a priest or exorcism.”

9. Gum chewed by Britney Spears: One fan was lucky and smart enough to pick up a mouthful of gum that the pop star spit out at a 2004 concert, using eBay to make a $14,000 profit!

10. Queen Elizabeth’s underwear: Naturally, the authenticity of these undergarments was never officially verified, but they were said to have been obtained in 1968 when the Queen left them on a private plane during a visit to Chile.

11. Pharrell Williams’ iconic “mountain” hat: For a time, this was the wildly successful singer and producer’s signature look. He was kind enough to sell it for $44,100 and donate the profits to a foundation for children’s education.

Besides, Williams acknowledged that as much as he came to be associated with this style of hat, it owes more to Vivienne Westwood, a legendary fashion designer who played a key role in influencing the 1970s British punk scene, as well as early hip-hop.

CNN / YouTube

12. A package of magical Illuminati spells: Have you ever wanted to harness the power of darkness to time travel, or simply save your marriage? Well, for the suspiciously low price of $100, considering the Illuminati’s famous secrecy, maybe you can!

13. A dress made of Loom Bands: Just like the “Silly Bandz” craze, Rainbow Looms were such a big hit in 2014 that a single dress made out of them sold for over $237,000!

14. Hospital equipment covered in blood splatters: For nearly $50, you could have these creepy, bloody medical supplies all to yourself, whether they’re just curiosities or you actually need them for… some reason.

15. Box of used dentures: Dentures can actually be quite expensive, since they have to be custom-made. A full set can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000! With prices like that, $20 is a steal… so long as you don’t mind that they’ve been in someone else’s mouth.

By all means, eBay has allowed plenty of people to buy and sell perfectly ordinary things. Yet you never know what odd items people want to get rid of… and who’s willing to buy them!

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