20 Strange Items That Preposterously Wealthy People Have Really Spent Their Money On

Many celebrities have become notorious for their unbelievably over-the-top purchases, and most of the time they can justify their splurges. Other times, however, they seem just plain outrageous.

These 20 celebrity purchases were either so extravagant or so undeniably weird that even their fellow stars were left scratching their heads (or seething with jealousy). Money can’t buy happiness, but those who have it sure make being rich look like fun!

1. Lady Gaga – A Ghost Detector: Known to be deathly afraid of ghosts, the Mother Monster dropped $50k on an electromagnetic field meter to help her detect any unwanted spirits. Let’s hope she doesn’t mistake herself for one…

2. Beyoncé & Jay-Z – A Diamond-Encrusted Barbie: Instead of the usual teething rings and hand-me-down clothes, Blue Ivy was given a Barbie doll done up in $85k worth of glittering diamonds.

3. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West – A Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear: Kim-ye spent a whopping $170k on a teddy bear for their daughter, Chicago West. Clad in Louis Vuitton, this bear would make any runway model jealous.

4. Michael Jackson – Neverland Ranch: He spent his vast fortune on a place that marveled all those who visited it. During its heyday, the 3,000-acre property was home to a private zoo, a carnival, a working arcade, and a miniature railroad.

5. Paris Hilton – An Actual Doghouse: Paris Hilton has been on damage control in an attempt to repair her image. However, it probably didn’t help that she forked over $325,000 for an air-conditioned, two-story dog mansion modeled after her own home.

6. Mike Tyson – Two Bengal Tigers: Mike Tyson spending $150k on a pair of adult Bengal tigers is the ultimate show of machismo. Unfortunately for Tyson, these tigers also cost him a gold tooth, as one of the big cats head-butted it right out of his mouth. 

7.  Madonna – The Quinta Do Relogio Estate: This property, which was once the estate of a Portuguese nobleman, is worth up to $9 million. It features a palace, a chapel, and a park that the Queen of Pop is currently working to restore to their former glory.

8. Richard Branson – A Private Island for Staff: Yawn. Billionaires buying islands for themselves is so blasé. Apparently, Richard Branson thought so, too. That’s why instead of keeping a small island off the coast of Australia all to himself, he designated it as a private vacation spot for Virgin staff worldwide.

9. Beyoncé – A Hublot Watch: Jay-Z may have once bought her a private jet, but Beyoncé came right back with a diamond-coated Hublot Big Bang watch valued at $5 million.

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger – A Tank: It’s really not hard to imagine Arnold waltzing into a military base and demanding ownership of a ten-ton death machine. It’s a good thing the former Governor of California only keeps it for “recreational” use.

11. Roman Abramovich – The Eclipse Yacht: When you’re an unimaginably wealthy Russian billionaire who already owns the Chelsea Football Club, what else is left to buy? A billion-dollar yacht, complete with 24 guest rooms, two swimming pools, and a missile defense system. That’s what.

12. Nicolas Cage – A Haunted House: The $3.4 million LaLaurie mansion, which he lost due to foreclosure in 2009, was rumored to be haunted by the restless spirits of a number of murdered slaves.

 13. Akon – A Diamond Mine: Rappers are constantly trying to upstage one another with flashy chains and outfits covered in head-to-toe diamonds. So, what did Akon do in 2007 to silence the competition once and for all? He became co-owner of a South African diamond mine. Checkmate.

Universal Music Group Germany

14. Laurence Graff – A Giant Pink Diamond: Unsatisfied with his purchase of a $24.3 million stone in 2008, the founder of Graff Diamonds paid a ridiculous $46.2 million for a huge pink diamond two years later.

Eve’s Watch

15. Justin Bieber – A Stewie Griffin Necklace: Whether you’re a fan of the animated show Family Guy or not, Justin Bieber’s decision to drop $25k on a diamond Stewie Griffin necklace is definitely a questionable one.

16. Yusaku Maezawa – A Jean-Michel Basquiat Painting: The founder of the mail-order business, Start Today, has accumulated an art collection that even museums envy. That’s why in 2017, Maezawa forked over a cool $110.5 million to add Basquiat’s “Untitled” to his gallery.

17. Larry Ellison – The Island of Lanai: In 2012, the 5th wealthiest man in America (second from the left) purchased 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai for a shockingly low $300 million. The 90,000 acre island includes a luxury Four Seasons hotel and is home to a town of 3,200 people. 

Hollywood Reporter

18. Mukesh Ambani – Antilla:  This mogul chose to use his incredible wealth to build a 40-story apartment complex. With nine high-speed elevators, space for 168 cars, and a ballroom, Ambani’s building is easily one of the most extravagant in the world.

19. Kim Basinger – A Town: Basinger joined a group of investors and purchased the town of Braselton, Georgia for $20 million. Unfortunately, nothing ever came of Basinger’s plan, and financial problems forced her to sell the town for just $1 million.

20. Dan Bilzerian – A Truckload of Lottery Tickets: Bilzerian, an heir, purchased $100,000 worth of lottery tickets in 2016. He didn’t win, but at least he offered to give five of his followers $1 million each if he did. How generous…

Dan Blizerian / Twitter

Isn’t it incredible what money can buy? What crazy shopping spree would you go on if you had the kind of money these celebrities do?

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