20 Ways The Universe Tells People They’re Headed Down The Wrong Path In Life

Nobody ever said that life was easy, and while it can often feel overwhelming, the important thing to remember is that your life can—and will—change if you make the right choices. However, you won’t be able to get yourself out of that rough patch if you don’t acknowledge the warning signs!

Sometimes, the universe sends clear indicators that things aren’t going so well. Yet you don’t have to be a mystic to recognize them. In fact, if you just pay attention a bit more, you might just realize when it’s time to turn things around!

1. You always feel tired: It may seem normal to feel tired the moment that you first wake up, but it’s not. If you feel this way even when you think you got enough sleep, there might be something wrong with your lifestyle choices!

2. Another person is always making your decisions: This is your life, not somebody else’s. If you feel like you’ve lost control over your own life to somebody else’s authority, it’s time for you to take it back!

3. Your life is based on the expectations of others: Even if you feel like you’re making your own decisions, you have to ask yourself how much they’re influenced by other people. Do what’s best for you!

4. You constantly “play it safe”: Routines may feel pleasant for a while, but staying in them for too long can turn into a drag. Changing things up and taking a risk every once in a while can be quite healthy—not to mention empowering!

5. You frequently feel the need to lie: If you’re lying a lot, either you don’t feel comfortable confiding in the people in your life, or the truth simply scares you. Regardless, that’s not how you want to live, is it?

6. You always get sick: If there doesn’t seem to be any reason for this, you might be feeling stressed, as this affects your immune system. Whatever it is, you should definitely handle it before it gets worse.

7. You feel like you have to justify and defend your decisions: Do your decisions not seem to make sense to anyone else? Chances are, either the people around you are too judgmental, or you need to reevaluate your own choices.

8. You see everything as an obstacle: If you struggle to stop thinking about the negative possibilities of every opportunity that comes your way, stop! Instead, try to think more about the benefits of overcoming a challenge—and how great you’ll feel afterward.

9. You can’t take proper care of yourself because you’re so busy: It’s great to take care of others, but you’d undoubtedly be better equipped to do so if you get your own physical and mental health in order!

10. You never see progress despite how hard you work: Does it feel like you’re perpetually buried under your workload? Try giving yourself a little distance from your project and taking some time to clear your head. Are you focusing your time and resources wisely? Have you actually accomplished anything?

11. You emphasize quantity over quality: It may seem difficult to believe at the moment, but you’ll probably feel better if you complete fewer tasks—but do them properly—instead of rushing through them!

12. You think money will always solve your problems: Sure, money could certainly help in a lot of difficult situations, especially when it comes to basic survival. Yet you need other things to make you happy, too!

13. You feel unsatisfied: One of the first questions you have to ask yourself about your life is whether or not you’re currently satisfying by it. If you’re not, start thinking about what you could do to change that.

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14. You have several bad habits: Most people have at least one bad habit—like drinking or smoking—but it’s important to ask yourself if they’re harmful or if they’re alienating others. You have to first be aware of these habits in order to break them!

15. You have no goals: If you don’t have any personal achievements that you’re working towards, you won’t have any direction in life. Ask yourself what you want, and then start making moves towards it!

16. You gave up on what you were passionate about: There are few things more disheartening than giving up on your dreams, but whatever you’ve been through, it may not be too late to give it another try!

17. You have too much (or not enough) confidence: Too little confidence will prevent you from achieving anything. And while self-esteem is great, an unhealthy sense of self could also alienate you from others!

18. You have several projects that you never finished: If you’re not seeing any of the things you work on to the end, you may be spreading yourself too thin. It’ll be satisfying to actually finish one thing at a time!

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19. You focus on what feels good instead of what’s “right”: Instant gratification is fleeting. In fact, it can be harmful in the long run if you’re not careful. Strive towards long-term happiness instead!

20. The people in your life don’t respect you—and you don’t respect them, either: You’ll suffer in your relationships with family, friends, and even colleagues if there isn’t mutual respect. It’s okay to cut yourself off from people who are toxic in your life.

It’s natural to feel daunted by the prospect of having to make significant changes to your life. Yet if you’re honest, patient, and kind to yourself, things are bound to get better soon!

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