20 Wacky Celebrity Impulse Buys That Prove Stars Just Have Way Too Much Money To Blow

We’ve all made the mistake of making an impulse buy that we obviously shouldn’t have. From useless gadgets on Amazon to super-expensive meals that weren’t even that good, if there’s a way to blow our paycheck, rest assured, we’ll find it. But for celebrities, there’s a lot more wiggle room to make such mistakes.

With virtually limitless money to spend, it’s understandable that stars will blow their cash on seemingly meaningless items here and there. In case you needed further proof, just take these 20 impulse buys celebrities have made that even they might regret!

1. Bono: When most people accidentally forget to pack an item for vacation, they typically shrug and move on. But not Bono! When the U2 frontman left his favorite hat at home, he bought a $1,700 plane ticket to have it delivered!

2. Madonna: Everyone knows Madonna famously practiced Kabbalah, but no one realized how much the ancient wisdom was burning a hole in her pocket. Back in 2008, it was reported the singer was spending upwards of $10,000 per month to have “specially blessed Kabbalah water.”

3. Rachel Hunter: Some of us splurge on our dogs by buying them a cute new sweater, but Hunter went a bit overboard. In fact, the actress spent an astonishing $15,000 to buy a dog house from Le Petit Maison for her two pups.

4. Amanda Seyfried: Who doesn’t love mini horses? This actress’s passion for the animals might just be a bit more intense than most. Once, she purchased a taxidermied mini horse for around $15,000.

5. Daniel Radcliffe: Look, if you have Harry Potter money, you can probably do whatever you want. But that doesn’t make it any less shocking that the film series’ star, Daniel Radcliffe, spent $17,000 on… a mattress. Guess that’s where the magic happens?

6. Victoria Beckham: It’s no surprise that Posh Spice has an affinity for the finer things in life. So is it really even that shocking she’s the proud owner of a $33,000 gold iPhone?

7. Lady Gaga: As a believer in ghosts, and one who fears them greatly, there’s no amount of money too high for Lady Gaga to keep the spirits away. In fact, she spent $39,756 on electromagnetic field meters to keep them at bay.

8. Steven Spielberg: As the ultimate film nerd, you’d have to guess Spielberg has some pretty amazing film memorabilia. Well, he’s got the ultimate item—the Rosebud sled from Citizen Kane, which cost him a whopping $55,000.

9. Tyrese Gibson: With Fast and the Furious money at your disposal, why not treat your daughter to something nice? That’s how Gibson felt in 2015—so he bought his eight-year-old daughter her own island. Though he wouldn’t disclose the sale price, some estimate he spent somewhere between $100,000 and $16 million on “Love Island.”

10. Neil Patrick Harris: Harris once dropped $172,500 on an original sketch of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. The star later described his purchase: “I love stuff from the Haunted Mansion. The Haunted Mansion in Disney is, like, my favorite thing ever. It just fits into my Scooby-Doo/Murder Mystery wheelhouse. And so I try and acquire as many things that are from the actual Haunted Mansion as possible.”

11. Katy Perry: Back when Perry was still married to comedian Russell Brand, it was reported she bought him a ticket for a Virgin Galactic space flight when he turned 35. Though the flight never actually happened, the singer reportedly spent an astonishing $200,000 on the ticket!

12. Mike Tyson: Though it was satirized in the first Hangover film, back in 2004, Tyson actually purchased two white Bengal tigers, dropping $140,000 on the big cats. But it didn’t end there; training them cost an additional $125,000, bringing his grand total to $265,000!

13. Nicolas Cage: In a very National Treasure-esque twist, Cage outbid Leonardo DiCaprio in 2013 to purchase a dinosaur skull. Though the item turned out to be stolen, the Con Air actor shelled out $276,000. After about a decade, however, he returned the item to its rightful owner: the government of Mongolia.

14. Elton John: One might assume the legendary “Rocket Man” spent money on a rocket ship, but his most extreme purchase comes from the ground: flowers! A court document filed during the late 1990s revealed he spent a whopping £293,000 (or about $339,000) over the course of two years on his plants.

15. Marilyn Manson: Shock-rocker Manson has never been one to shy away from controversial things, and his bandmates admitted he made some macabre purchases that bothered even them… such as this chandelier made from the bones of a four-year-old child. It’s rumored he paid up to $380,000 for the piece.

16. Brad Pitt: As a World War II buff, Pitt has collected some pretty interesting artifacts over the years—but none could be more shocking than this Nazi relic. In 2015, he purchased a three-wheeled bike for $385,000 to ride around the island of Crete while vacationing in Greece.

17. Johnny Depp: Depp has been known to drop money on useless items, but one purchase takes the cake: five connected penthouses in the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles. What’s most shocking is that each one cost about $2.5 million, bringing his grand total to $12.5 million!

18. Kim Basinger: In 1989, fresh off her role as Vicki Vale in Batman, Basinger was at the height of her fame… and with that fame came some exuberant spending. But she didn’t buy a car or a house; rather, she bought an entire town—Braselton, Georgiato turn into a tourist attraction. The 2,000-acre town cost her a cool $20 million.

19. Kanye West: During an appearance on Ellen, West showed the host his bottom teeth, claiming he’d had them replaced with diamonds. Though it was never confirmed to be true, one oral surgeon claimed it would be possible. There’s no way of telling just how much it would cost, but you’d have to assume it was a lot!

20. Akon: With diamonds playing a huge role in this singer’s getup, it only made sense that he purchased a diamond mine. Though the price was never released—and he swore it wasn’t used to sell blood diamonds—you have to imagine it was rather pricy.

And here you thought buying that candy bar at the checkout counter was bad! After seeing these ridiculous celebrity impulse buys, you’ll never feel guilty about your splurges again.

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