Anyone Can Stay The Night In Donald Trump’s Childhood Home For A Very Hefty Price

Now that Donald Trump is the President of the United States, the White House is his official home. Still, while Washington, D.C. is his current place of residence, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t own a plethora of other ritzy properties around the world.

With the money that the New York native and real estate mogul has amassed over the years, have you ever wondered what his other properties look like? You probably picture expensive décor, fancy furniture, and enough rooms to make your head spin, but not every Trump estate looks like Mar A Lago.

Now, you can actually visit Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens, New York, and it’s all thanks to Airbnb. The property rental site is now listing the property that owners claim housed toddler Trump for a whopping $725 a night, and you’ll be in awe when you see what it looks like…

President Donald Trump lives, officially, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. (You might recognize his house; it’s the big white one.) But did you know that, as a child, he spent his days in Jamaica, Queens in New York at a modest home built by his father? If you ever wanted to check it out, there’s good news…

An Airbnb listing for the President’s childhood home has recently appeared on the site. That’s right: you can rent the former home of Donald J. Trump for a whopping $725 per night. Most people don’t have that kind of money to dish out, but for those who do, this is quite a unique experience.

The home is located in Jamaica Estates, Queens. The outside of the home looks like any other on the block, but inside, the décor tells a totally different story. The owners of the house have taken certain liberties to remind guests just who exactly the home’s most famous occupant was…

The listing on Airbnb says that the home can fit up to 20 people comfortably. It has five bedrooms, three-and-a half baths, and a total of 17 beds so you can invite your friends and family over to join in the experience. And, of course, there’s even a cardboard cutout of the President in the one of the living rooms!

Trump’s father, Fred, built the house in 1940, and the future president lived there until he was four years old. The listing makes it clear that the home has no current affiliation with the White House, President Trump, or the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

Check out this Andy Warhol-esque painting of the President himself. It’s no secret that President Trump thinks quite highly of himself, and there’s plenty of artwork scattered throughout the house to reinforce this very well-known aspect of 45’s personality.

The living room is as humble as one would expect for a home built in the 1940s, except today it boasts a flat-screen television that’s equipped with a DVR… presumably to watch all of your favorite episodes of The Apprentice.

The home’s bathroom is pretty standard, except, maybe, for the touches of gold around the shower. Is it a nod to Mar A Lago’s opulent interior? Probably not. But it does remind renters exactly who it was who played with a rubber ducky in that very tub many, many decades ago.

In order to accommodate so many guests, a few of the rooms come equipped with bunk beds. This is certainly the most cost-effective way to house overnight company, which is a logic that President Trump himself would very likely applaud.

All said and done, this rental is a pretty interesting piece of history. Would it be worth shelling out $1,450 for a weekend to live like young Trump? That’s only for Airbnb’s clientele to say. If you could survive the price tag, it would at least give you a great story to tell!

Wow! This is a pretty crazy piece of history. Would you rent Trump’s childhood home?

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