Tiny Houseboat Looks Normal But It’s Hiding One Of The Best Secrets Around

For most people, life on a boat likely wouldn’t be much of a swashbuckling adventure. You’d be constantly rocking with waves in cramped quarters while begging for WiFi. That is, unless you’re living on this tiny houseboat.

From the outside, this humble floating abode may not seem very impressive, but once you get a closer look, you’ll see that it’s hiding much more than you could ever imagine. In fact, when you see exactly what this vessel has to offer, you might start considering a life at sea…

There’s a good reason the ocean hasn’t been populated with millions of seafaring homes: living on the water can be, for the most part, a tiresome (and nauseating) experience. But Jimmy Hamilton of Harbor Cottage Houseboats in Kentucky is trying to change that.

Looking at this floater from the outside may not do much to quell your sea sickness. A tour of the inside, though, might persuade you to grab your swim trunks and call your friends! Don’t believe it? Just take a look…

Harbor Cottage Houseboats

Known as “The Tiny,” this miniature house features three bedrooms, a bathroom, two porches, and enough space for six people. Each room is so beautifully designed and decorated you’ll be the envy of any HGTV junkie. Take the kitchen, for instance…

Harbor Cottage Houseboats

With all the natural light, you don’t need a lamp to see the full-sized amenities and shiplap walls. The 11-foot-by-10-foot kitchen has more counter space than a New York City apartment (and likely more space than a city studio). 

Pivot from the kitchen and you’ll notice a living room that’s just begging to entertain guests—and at nearly 200 square feet, there’s plenty of space to do so! See, Jimmy Hamilton had a simple goal with Harbor Cottage’s line of houseboats…

Harbor Cottage / YouTube

He loads up his models with amenities like washers, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers for a reason: “A lot of people look at tinies and they think they’re really neat and novel and kind of cute,” he said. But thinking they’re cute isn’t enough for him.

“I think 90 percent of people wouldn’t try and live in [a tiny home],” Jimmy said. “What I’m trying to do is make a tiny that is also something that people actually want to live in.” And with gorgeous rooms like this bathroom, he didn’t do half-bad!

Harbor Cottage Houseboats

After taking a peek at the bathroom, you’ll want to journey into the master bedroom. There, a comfy and spacious king-sized bed awaits the captain of the ship, while built-in shelving provides plenty of storage. That’s not all the master bedroom offers, either.

Harbor Cottage Houseboats

Just on the other side of the big bed is a glass door that allows natural light to flood into the living space. Jimmy wants people to wake up and be treated to river views! He also wants the whole family to experience the joys he has every day on the water…

That’s why there’s a stateroom fit for any guests aboard your vessel. There’s even an alcove bed that’s perfect for kids, because everyone knows kids love alcoves! That concludes the tour inside—now, it’s time to go above-deck.

Harbor Cottage / YouTube

While the inside of the tiny boat might be enough to make you never want to set foot outside again, rest assured, there’s plenty of action on the outer decks as well. In fact, it takes two porches to contain all the outdoor fun!

Harbor Cottage / YouTube

First, this awesome boat sports a hammock. Talk about relaxing: combining the gentle rocking of the ship, a pleasant lake breeze, and the comfort of a hammock. That’s truly living large, even on a tiny ship!

When responsibility calls and you actually have to steer the thing, this tiny boat gives you the opportunity to pretend you’re a magician while raising the steering column from the depths of the ship’s guts. It’s like magic… except with gears and stuff.

Harbor Cottage / YouTube

If you’re the type that enjoys al fresco dining, imagine eating a late breakfast at this welcoming table while enjoying the afternoon sun. You could watch the kids play on the beach or enjoy the sounds of your friends splashing about in the water below.

Harbor Cottage / YouTube

Still, while the lower porch might offer the perfect places to relax and converse into the late hours of the night, if you follow the white spiral staircase up to the sundeck, you’ll find the true party spot of this tiny boat.

The fun really begins with a fully-operational hot tub on the 400-square-foot sundeck. Thanks to an electric, 50-gallon water heater, you won’t be taking a dunk in any chilly Arctic waters, either.

Harbor Cottage Houseboats

Of course, no pool deck would be complete without a full bar and grill. You could roast up a few hot dogs and then hop into the warm jacuzzi on a breezy day for the full effect of luxury lake living.

Harbor Cottage / YouTube

Luckily, you don’t have to shell out the $99,000 to take advantage of the tiny boat’s amenities—including a diving board. Jimmy Hamilton says that his boats are available to rent, too. They’re perfect for a vacation getaway!

As if all these features weren’t enough to prove it, this last feature will. The tiny boats even feature their own water slides! With these houseboats, life at sea can actually be a life of fun and luxury.

Harbor Cottage / YouTube

Don’t believe it? Just watch this extended tour of these tiny houseboats. And, sure, while “tiny” may be in the name, there’s no doubt about it: when you’re onboard this ship, you are living large!

Talk about a gorgeous home. Who knew you could cram so many fully functioning amenities into such a compact space? For a closer look at Harbor Cottage’s “Tiny Boat,” check out their website.

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