Time Capsule Found In His Grandmother’s House Contains A Very Strange Note

It’s always fascinating to learn about the past. That goes double when we’re learning details about the history of our own family! We can talk to older living relatives to get firsthand accounts or dive into old photos for a glimpse of what life was like before us, but that’s about as close as we’ll ever get to seeing the world through our ancestors’ eyes.

When one Imgur user was looking around his grandmother’s home, he made an astonishing discovery. Inside a safe in her ceramics room, he discovered a real-life time capsule. What it contained, however, revealed a strange truth about his family history…

When one man was invited over to his grandmother’s house to help her tidy up, he figured he’d be tossing old junk and scrubbing countertops. The last thing he expected to do was stumble across a mysterious treasure! He decided to document his discoveries on Imgur…

Discovering the treasure was pure luck. While searching through a nondescript cupboard in the grandmother’s ceramics room, the man noticed something odd. There was a false bottom in the cupboard. When he investigated he found something…

The false bottom of the cupboard concealed a safe. The man had no idea what this safe would contain, so he alerted his grandmother. It was in her house, after all, and he didn’t want to pry without her consent.

The old woman didn’t know the combination to open the safe—nor did she know what was inside! She gave him permission to open it by any means necessary. So, they took it outside and pried it open with a chisel.

Once the box was open, they quickly realized what it held: the contents of a time capsule! The man’s grandmother believed that it must have been put together by her own grandmother many years earlier. It was at least four generations old…

With his grandmother watching, the man began to slowly examine the contents. He discovered a message that read “Abandon All Regret Ye Who Enter Here,” a line from Dante’s Divine Comedy.

It was unsettling to stumble upon, and for a moment he hesitated. Whoever put these things here, great-great grandmother or not, they definitely didn’t want it to be opened! But he had to keep going…

He and his grandmother then found a black silk bag with Chinese calligraphy on the outside; they meant “double happiness.” The man opened the bag, which held numerous items: there was a pen, a plastic box, a suede pouch, and even an oil lamp.

They began to review all of the items that they’d found inside of the capsule. They had to do this with caution, because they didn’t want to cause any damage. First, they determined the figure depicted on a photographic plate: it was his great-great-grandmother!

That wasn’t the only amazing discovery they made, either. Along with a photo of his great-great-grandmother, there was another photograph: this time, it was his great-grandfather!

Another Imgur user was so enchanted by the man’s find that he cleaned up the photograph of his great-grandfather. This gave the man a better idea of what he looked like in his prime!

The man was now excited to search through the box. He decided to look inside the suede pouch next, where he and his grandmother found a vintage pocket watch. The man assumed that the owner of this watch was his great-grandfather.

But that wasn’t the only thing that they found inside of the suede pouch! There was also a bundle of stamps. At first, the man thought they were everyday stamps, but then he looked closer…

These stamps were from all over the world. The man couldn’t believe all of the different locations from every corner of the globe, including Uzbekistan, Rwanda, and Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

The next item that the man decided to inspect was the old, dusty oil lamp. The mysterious genie lamp didn’t seem to contain any magical powers, though it was a very cool item!

There was another mysterious item inside the safe, too: the small, plastic box. While it looked more contemporary then the other contents, what it held definitely wasn’t new! Inside of the plastic box was an assortment of old coins.

Like the stamps, these coins were from all around the world. Some of the places included Pakistan, New Zealand, Venezuela, Cuba, and Jamaica. His great-grandfather certainly was a well-traveled man!

Also inside of the little box were two pendants, which were dated between 1914 and 1918. Although the man wasn’t sure to whom they belonged, he believed that they were awards to a soldier who fought in battle.

The final object was the strange, but beautifully ornate, key. It oddly didn’t belong to anything in the safe. Perhaps there was another safe hidden somewhere in the home or some other mystery waiting to be discovered?

The man was eager to share his findings with his friends online, but he had yet to find out if any of the items had any monetary value. Though, one thing was for sure: they all had their own priceless value to him!

It’s so cool that this family was able to take a peek into a few moments in time that they thought were lost forever. What do you think you’d find in your own home?

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