12 Items That Should Never, Ever Be Purchased At A Thrift Store

Undoubtedly, shopping at thrift stores is an excellent way to buy clothing and accessories far below their original retail price. It’s nearly impossible to turn down a bargain deal, especially when money’s tight.

No matter how great a deal is, though, it’s important to know there are some rules we should all follow when shopping at thrift stores. Unfortunately, some goods sold in these stores can carry germs and potentially be hazardous to your health.

That’s exactly why you should steer clear of these 12 items the next time you’re shopping at a thrift store…

1. Children’s accessories: Items like cribs, car seats, and strollers cost a pretty penny, and shopping at a thrift store can save some serious cash. Unfortunately, since the safety standards on these items frequently change, there’s no way of being certain that the ones in a secondhand store are up to date. Just play it safe, and spring for the safest option at an actual store.

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