Woman Poses For Photo On Vacation With No Idea A Crime Is Happening Right In Plain Sight

Planning a trip often means you have to consider any travel risks that come along with it. Depending on where you’re headed, friends and experts alike will tell you to watch out for seedy areas and individuals. Usually, if you’re mindful, you should be fine.

One woman, however, recently discovered just how dicey things could get when you don’t pay attention. After her trip, she and her boyfriend were looking through their pictures when they discovered something astonishing. Though she hadn’t realized it at the time, posing for a simple picture led to her being the victim of the perfect crime…

There’s no doubt that Thailand is an absolutely beautiful country—and it’s just one of the reasons why so many tourists have been drawn to it! Most people who visit there would tell you that there’s no place on Earth quite like it.

From the spectacular architecture to the breathtaking natural wonders, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. It’s a good thing, too, because a huge part of the country’s economy relies on tourism.

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In fact, Thailand is such a popular tourist destination that the industry accounts for roughly nine percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. Obviously, that means it behooves the southeast Asian nation to be as welcoming to foreigners as possible.

However, as is the case when you travel to any foreign country, there are always some risks involved—even in a seemingly perfect place like Thailand. One British couple discovered that the hard way after they returned home and began looking through their travel photos…

While putting together a photo album from their trip to Thailand, the couple realized they’d been the victim of a very sneaky crime. The biggest clue came when they looked at this photograph in particular…

As hard as they tried, the couple couldn’t shake that feeling that something in the picture was off. It took them a great deal of time to figure out what it was, but when they finally did, they couldn’t believe it!

Look closely at their photograph one more time: do you see what’s happening? Yup—one of those adorable little girls posing with the British tourist was in the process of swiping the watch right off her wrist! How slick was that?

As wild as this couple’s story was, it wasn’t totally uncommon. If you plan on traveling abroad, do yourself a favor and prepare ahead of time. This doesn’t just mean packing, either—it means researching the areas you’ll be visiting to find out just how safe they really are…

It also means employing some common sense and using as many travel safety tips as you can. For example, when possible, never go traveling internationally on your own—even if you are exceptionally experienced.

Before you head out on your trip, you should always make sure to share your itinerary—including hotel information—with someone staying behind. That way, should anything happen, you’ll have a map of your activities to help start a search.

When you travel abroad, you’ll obviously need to bring money. Make sure that you have cash, traveler’s checks, and an emergency credit card—and that you keep them all in different locations so you aren’t out of luck if you get robbed. Even stars do this—like Leonardo DiCaprio with his fanny pack—when they travel.

Likewise, don’t count your money or traveler’s checks out in the open! No matter where you happen to be traveling, advertising the fact that you’re a tourist—not to mention, one who’s loaded with spending money—is never a good idea. Don’t make yourself an easy mark!

When you arrive at the airport, there will be plenty of people who’ll offer to act as your tour guide. It’s better (and safer) to plan ahead and book a guide who has been thoroughly vetted.

You should absolutely enjoy yourself whenever you embark on an international vacation, but also keep up your guard. For example, if you are planning to go out drinking, make sure you bring a friend who can help look after you.

Prepare for your trips by investing in several different local maps. Your phone can always help you out, but relying on technology isn’t the best plan, especially given that phones can always run out of battery power!

Whenever you leave the place where you’re staying, you should have its address and phone number written down in English, as well as in the native language of the region. Phones run out of batteries, and this note could really help if you become separated from your group.

If you’re exploring the city by night and you happen to be alone, do your best to walk in close proximity to other people traveling together. You’re less likely to be singled out by pickpockets if they think you’re traveling with friends.

When you’re picking out a bag to use during your outings, don’t let fashion get in the way! You’ll need something sturdy, since bags with thin straps are easier for thieves to cut without you noticing.

If you decide to travel using taxis during your trip, only step into cars that are registered with the city for safety. These cars will be clearly marked with the driver’s information; if they aren’t, don’t be afraid to ask!

As a final security measure, you might want to invest in global roaming for the duration of your visit. Your smartphone’s GPS and other features will come in handy should you find yourself in a tough situation, and most carriers offer promotional deals!

Traveling internationally doesn’t have to be a scary experience if you plan ahead and employ some common sense. If you do this, you will make memories that will last a lifetime—good memories, instead of bad ones!

That sure is sneaky! Remember, folks: keep your valuables safe and sound when traveling anywhere!

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