18 Big Companies That Subtly Spread Religious Messages

When you think of big businesses, you probably imagine men in pressed suits and boardrooms full of people making important agendas. After all, big business relies on those behind the scenes to keep the gears turning the way that they should.

While corporate strategy might be all about dollars and cents, that doesn’t mean that every successful business out there thinks about money alone. In fact, some have become successful for incorporating something very unbusinesslike into their mission…

Check out these super-famous companies and you’ll see a list of who’s who in every field, from sports to fast food. They all have the same secret to their success: their religion! It might surprise you, but these 18 companies are known for sneaking hidden religious messages into their goods and services.

1. Chick-Fil-A: This company isn’t just known for its delicious fried chicken offerings. It’s also known for its strict adherence to keeping the Christian sabbath. So don’t try to go in and grab a sandwich on Sunday—you’ll be out of luck!

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