The 10 Most Bizarre Places That People Have Actually Made Their Homes In

For most people, few decisions are as big as the ones that come along with purchasing a home. It is, after all, likely the largest asset they will ever have to their name.

Just the mere mention of those decisions probably conjures images of your dream home. Yet, who’s really to say what makes a home perfect? A little work can go a long way, and everybody’s got to start somewhere, after all!

Take these 10 bizarre places that people have turned into homes over the years, for instance. It’s clear that “dream home” had a different meaning to them…

1. An underground home in the park: Looking for a place to stay, homeless man Yosue Joel Rios of Fairfax, Virginia, dug a deep hole in a public park. After descending the handmade stairs, he created a two-bedroom apartment for himself. Much to his dismay, a woman walking through the park eventually discovered his rather inconspicuous abode.

Once the woman told the authorities about Yosue’s home, officials from the public works department came to fill it in. While doing so, however, they admitted to being impressed by his unique engineering mentality.

2. An old Boeing 727: Actor Bruce Campbell’s home, which is nestled in the woods of Portland, Oregon, is the result of a long-standing dream to live in an airplane. He made his dreams come true—despite having the wealth to afford a home of any size—and lives in this Boeing 727 six months out of the year.

The interior is rather modest, considering the lavish exterior. In fact, Bruce cooks meals in a microwave and toaster oven, and sleeps on a futon. How’s that for luxury?

3. A public restroom: According to Usuki-Tsukumi Police Station, 54-year-old Takashi Yamanouchi was arrested when authorities discovered him living in the 990-square-foot attic of a restroom in Japan. He’d been there for three years! He later admitted that he wasn’t the first occupant, as someone else had lived their for several years prior.

When inspecting the house, police uncovered roughly 300 two-liter bottles of urine, clothing, a space heater, and even a gas stove.

4. In an IKEA: Peng Yijian, a 12-year-old boy from Shanghai, China, was discovered living in an IKEA furniture store for six days. He allegedly ran off from his mother after he got annoyed while shopping with her. During the day, he lived off of free samples of food at a nearby supermarket, though he was suffering from starvation by the time he was discovered. He had to be transported to a nearby hospital.

Police watched surveillance footage near the boy’s home and spotted him walking near a train station. They officially declared a manhunt, and he was discovered 40 minutes later standing by an escalator in the store.

5. A dumpster in New York City: In 2016, a homeless man named Damian Cummings became the recipient of a dumpster-turned-apartment that cost $1,500 and had working USB ports. This was because he’d been so kind and generous to two male models, Phil Sullivan and Shane Duffy, who posed as homeless men for a social experiment.

Not only did he share blankets with the men, but he taught them how to find food and where to sleep. In turn, they paid it forward and rewarded him with the home.

6. The Sealand: Located in the middle of the ocean near Suffolk, England, this World War II-era fortress was converted into its own nation. Furthermore, its inhabitants elected a king and royal family to rule the land, adopted their own currency, and after declaring themselves independent from England in 1967, even issued their own passports.

7. A truck in the Google parking lot: Sick of paying expensive rent when he was barely home, a 23-year-old intern-turned-Google employee named Brandon had an idea to create his own. So he converted a 128-square-foot truck and parked it in the company’s lot.

The home is furnished with a dresser, bed, and a coatrack. Brandon eats all of his meals at work and showers in the gym locker room. Furthermore, he charges all of his electronic devices at work each day.

8. A paper house: In 1924, Massachusetts man Ellis F. Stuntman created his dream home completely out of varnished paper. Additionally, his walls were all glued together, and he built furniture out of the same paper, too.

9. In a tree stump: After leaving behind all of his worldly possessions, Mick “The Barefoot Sensei” Dodge decided to retreat from the real world into the woods. So deep, in fact, that he made his home in the stump of a large tree. Now a physical fitness guru, people often visit him in the woods to train with him at his business, EarthGym.

10. In a sewer: Former drug addict Miguel Restrepo and his wife, Maria Garcia, call this abandoned sewer home. Inside, the couple did some rather incredible renovations. Furthermore, they added a bed, a television, and even a stove.

Considered horrific living conditions by most people, the couple are happy with the home they’ve made for themselves!

It really makes you think that maybe the typical dream home isn’t all it’s made out to be. It’s possible to find something in practically nothing!

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