Keeping A Sock Filled With Kitty Litter In The Car Could Be A Total Game-Changer

During the colder months, the amount of money you spend on your car probably skyrockets. You need to stock up on snow tires, snow brushes, ice scrapers, antifreeze, and de-icer spray, just to name a few. But there seems to be no solution for one pesky problem: a foggy windshield. What to do?

Well, you can forget about making another expensive trip to the auto parts store. There’s one super simple hack that will clear your foggy windshield in no time. In fact, it’s just as cheap as it is effective—and you probably have all the materials you need right at home!

When cold weather rolls around, drivers have to set out early if they want to clear their windshields of ice. They’ll crank the heat inside and scrape away. Often in the process, condensation can build up inside the car, making the windows foggy.

While most people would reach for some sort of special spray, one man figured out that an otherwise ordinary object placed on the dashboard can help keep your windows fog-free. This trick will save you plenty of time each morning. So, can you guess what it is?

Believe it or not, you don’t need to make another costly trip to your local auto parts store to recreate this hack; you most likely have everything you need right at home—provided you’re a cat lover, that is…

If you’re a cat owner, then you probably have more than your fair share of kitty litter in the house, right? Kitty litter just so happens to be one of the special ingredients for making your own defogging tool for your car…

Granted, digging through your cat’s litter might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of car maintenance. But all it takes is just a scoop of the stuff (clean, of course) in order to make this great hack…

The remaining items that you’ll need in order to de-fog your windshield are probably lying around your house right now. Simply gather two socks—any old socks should do—a roll of tape, and your kitty litter to get started…

Any type of kitty litter will do the job, but for the best results, choose a silica-based brand. You might already know that silica is exceptionally absorbent, making it the key ingredient when it comes to this nifty hack.

Once you’ve gathered your materials, go ahead and pull one of your socks through the roll of tape. Now cuff it over the tape at the top. The roll of tape is merely used to help hold the sock open…

Don’t worry—you’ll get your roll of tape back! You simply need it to create a wide mouth for the sock, which will make it easier to pour in the kitty litter. Now, open up your bag of litter and dump some of it into the sock.

When the sock is completely filled with litter, you’ll find that you should have enough room left to tie a knot at the top of it. Now remove the roll of tape; once you’ve made sure you’ve got room, tie it off so none of the litter spills out.

Here’s where the second sock comes into play. Once you’ve knotted the first sock, you can pull the second sock over the one filled with kitty litter. Now, tie that one in a knot, too. This is just to make sure that excess litter doesn’t go flying everywhere.

Now simply place the sock on the dashboard and watch the moisture disappear! This works particularly well in the winter, when the cold outside air interacts with the warm inside air and creates condensation on the glass. In the summer, you can store it inside your glove compartment or under the passenger’s seat until you need it.

How is this better than any of the products in the store, you ask? Well, for one, it’s easy to make in a pinch. It can also be used at any time, whereas sprays can only be applied after the fog has appeared—which means more waiting time for you.

What makes the kitty litter sock such a great investment is that it’s incredibly inexpensive. And, if left in your car at all times, it can actually prevent the build up of condensation from starting in the first place!

Your kitty litter sock isn’t the only easy way to keep your windows fog-free without breaking the bank. For instance, coating the inside of your windshield with shaving cream and then buffing it away can prevent the build-up of condensation, too.

Not a fan of putting shaving cream on your windshield? You can simply try to keep your car as clean as possible. It’s easier for condensation to form when it has dust particles to work with, so eliminating dust and debris helps!

Another thing to keep in mind is what you leave inside of your car. If it’s raining and you toss your wet umbrella in the back seat, that could be working against you since it adds moisture into the air. You’ll also want to take any wet clothes out of the vehicle, too.

If you don’t have time to clean out your car, you might want to consider leaving your car’s windows open for a while—depending on the weather. This will also help dry out the interior.

That said, these other tricks just aren’t as helpful as the kitty litter sock solution. That’s because, as cars age, they develop more leaky spots. This in turn allows for more moisture to seep into the car.

Repairing these leaks can be incredibly expensive and costly! Why go down this road when you could just pour some kitty litter into a tube sock and be on your way? Save yourself the headache and try it!

Can you believe that something as simple as a sock filled with kitty litter could actually be an effective tool when it comes to battling condensation? So, what do you think? Would you try it?

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