Fairy Tale ‘Snow White’ Cottage With One Very Unusual Kitchen Feature Goes Up For Sale

As children, many of us imagine living in luxurious homes and castles fit for Disney princesses. While it can be fun to fantasize about such living situations, for the most part, they’re just unrealistic pipe dreams… right?

Wrong! A magical replica of Snow White’s cottage in Olalla, Washington, was recently listed on the real estate website Zillow. Now, people are jumping at the chance to live in their Disney dream home.

Except, just like in any true Disney tale, there’s a catch. Just take a peek inside and see for yourself…

When we’re young, many of us love to fantasize about magical worlds that we see in our favorite Disney movies. Who wouldn’t want to live in Sleeping Beauty’s castle or Jasmine’s palace? Others might even find themselves pining over the quaint beauty of Snow White’s little cottage.

Unfortunately, daydreaming about such living situations usually isn’t very realistic. Most of us are happy just to reside in a spacious home with a little charm. Only the lucky few are able to live somewhere magical…

That is, until now. That’s because a Snow White replica cottage in Olalla, Washington, was recently listed on the real estate website Zillow! Take a look inside for yourself; it’s like taking a real-life trip through your childhood fantasies…

Landing on the market just about one year ago, this replica of Snow White’s cottage could be all yours for somewhere between $775,000 to $825,000. As you walk up the entryway to the home, its unmistakable familiarness consumes you.

Inside, you won’t find Snow White herself or any of the seven dwarfs. You will, however, sense that you’re standing inside a still frame from the Disney film. “This is the most amazing storybook home you’ll ever find and words can’t describe the meticulous detail that went into building,” explained real estate agent Rick Ellis.

Interested buyers will be happy to learn that, in addition to the storybook feel of the abode, it comes with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. That means that there’d be more than enough space for you to live with your own cast of characters.

Each of the home’s doors were built utilizing detailed iron work, and all of the wooden beams were carved by hand. Furthermore, there’s a spiral wooden staircase, and many of the windows in the home feature storybook-worthy stained glass.

Entering the kitchen, you and your guests walk through an archway carved into an actual massive tree trunk. Greeting you are more of those cave-like ceiling features and a stony coal oven. Additionally, the kitchen features normal modernized appliances, like a regular oven and a stove.

Just imagine yourself relaxing with your family in this quaint living room! The enormous stone fireplace adds a cozy touch to this already incredibly welcoming abode. Two large windows on either side of the room offer tons of natural light as well.

Is this the Disney princess dream home you always fantasized about living in? If so, you’d better hurry on over to Olalla, Washington, because it’s expected to be off the market soon. Good luck avoiding Snow White’s wicked stepmother when you visit, though!

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to live in this dream storybook home? It’s just like the real thing!

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