20 Famous Pets That Rake In Outrageous Amounts Of Money For Their Owners Each Year

Let’s be honest: most of us could probably use a bigger paycheck. We work the jobs we do to makes ends meet, but there aren’t many people out there who think they’re compensated exactly as they should be for the hard work they put into their day-to-day routine.

So what would you do if you found out there are certain animals who probably make more money than you do just for being animals? You’ve probably seen some of them in movies, on television, or online, and they bring in a hefty paycheck—even though they can’t even spend it!

1. Peanut the World’s Ugliest Dog: This rescue dog, sadly, was permanently disfigured by his previous owners, but when a woman named Holly Chandler adopted him, she wanted Peanut to be embraced by the world instead of shunned by it. Peanut won first place at the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition in 2014, and Holly left with a prize of $1,500.

2. Crystal the Monkey: This monkey has been in show business for 20 years. She’s been in movies so popular they’ve grossed over $1.5 billion, including The Hangover Part II and Night at the Museum.

3. Colonel Meow: Colonel Meow sadly passed away when he was only two years old, but the Himalayan-Persian mix got his fame in 2012 when his wild fur and intense stare brought him Facebook and Instagram success. His YouTube videos still earn about $5,000 a year.

4. Hamilton the Hipster Cat: Hamilton, the cat with the Dali mustache, looks too cool for school, and he has more than 550,000 Instagram followers to prove it. The Washington Post estimated the cat with the ‘stache could be making upwards of $15,900 a year!

5. Lil Bub: Although Lil Bub’s owner, Mike Bridavsky, hasn’t disclosed the total amount his feline has raked in, it was enough for him to quit his day job and donate $200,000 to animal charities. One source of income is through Lil Bub’s YouTube channel, where he makes $30,000 a year in royalties.

6. Henri the Cat: Henri’s first YouTube video appeared in 2007, but his fame didn’t hit until about five years later. Film critic Roger Ebert called Henri 2: Paw de Deux “the best internet cat video ever made.” The star of the video pulls in about $1,000 a week via an online store.

7. Terry the Dog: Although Terry was featured in more than a dozen movies, her most iconic role was that of Toto in The Wizard of Oz. At $125 per week, her salary was more than most of the human actors!

8. Keyboard Cat: Even though Keyboard Cat’s fame hit in 2007, the video of him playing the keyboard was actually filmed in 1984. The video has been viewed about 71 million times, and The Washington Post estimated the cat, who sadly died in the late 1990s, would’ve be worth up to $175,800!

9. Bodhi: Bodhi the dog is also known as the “Menswear Dog.” His owners started a craze by putting him in human clothing, and he’s appeared in magazines like GQ, Esquire, and Time. He brings in about $15,000 a month. Woof!

10. Maru: In Japan, this Scottish Fold cat, who’s best known for squeezing inside boxes, has two books, a DVD, and a starring role in two commercials. With all of his endorsement deals and YouTube channel money, he brings in about $180,000 a year!

11. Rin Tin Tin: During World War I, a soldier found this famous German Shepherd, and he went on to star in dozens of Warner Brothers movies from 1922 to 1932; his popularity even saved the company from bankruptcy! He earned roughly $2,000 a week, which would equate to $26,000 a week today!

12. Tara the Hero Cat: Tara was the heroic star of a viral video where she protected her owner’s child from an attacking dog. According to The Washington Post, the feline is earning somewhere between $55,600 and $463,700 a year.

13. Pal the Collie: Millions of television viewers around the world knew Pal as the character Lassie on the popular television show. During his run, Pal earned $4,000 a week, which would be $51,000 a week by today’s standards!

14. Boo the Dog: This bundle of fluff became the official spokesdog of Virgin America airlines, and after gaining more than five million Facebook followers, he was offered a book deal. He currently has 17 million Facebook followers, and he earns about $1 million a year!

15. Pudsey: In 2012, this performance dog stole the show on Britain’s Got Talent, and his owner, a woman named Ashleigh Butler, earned about $1.5 million from her talented canine’s performance.

16. Moose the Dog: This Jack Russell terrier played Eddie on the hit television show Frasier, and he reportedly earned around $10,000 per episode. He sadly passed away in 2006; he had a total fortune of $3.2 million.

17. American Pharaoh: America Pharoah was the 2015 Triple Crown winner, which means he came in first place at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes. His overall 2015 winnings were $3.37 million.

18. Bart the Bear: This bear has had roles in plenty of movies and television shows, but the grizzly’s biggest role was in the The Edge alongside Anthony Hopkins. Overall, Bart has earned about $6 million.

19. Keiko the Whale: This whale was the star of the movie Free Willy, and his role earned him a paycheck of $36 million—and eventually his freedom in 2002. Unfortunately, the orca passed away a year after returning to sea.

20. Grumpy Cat: This sad-looking cat took the Internet by storm after the brother of Tabatha Bundesen, the cat’s owner, posted a video of the feline to Reddit. This led to book deals, a Lifetime movie, modeling, and plenty of merchandise. Tabatha has supposedly earned as much as $100 million off her pet!

Are you jealous yet? Can you believe some of these animals make so much money? They don’t even know how to spend it!

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