Rich Kids Of Instagram Flaunt Absurd ‘First World Problems’ Most People Would Love To Have

It doesn’t matter if you believe you’ve been blessed with good luck; so long as you’re human, eventually you’ll have a bad day every now and again. Yet, not all bad days are created equal. While some are enough to keep you hiding under your covers all day, others seem a lot more manageable.

Just take the kind of days these Rich Kids of Social Media™️—a subset of super-wealthy youngsters who parade their family’s money all over Instagram and Snapchat—were recently forced to endure. While their problems might hardly seem like issues to the rest of us, to them, it’s practically the end of the world. Just see for yourself…

1. Looks like this poor rich teen can’t fit the haul from his luxury shopping spree into his Lamborghini. Drat! He’d better call an Uber—preferably driving a Porsche—to come cart his bags to his mansion.

2. If leaving the top down on your Lamborghini is your biggest problem, consider yourself lucky. Most people wouldn’t even spend money on a new pair of suede shoes if they were to get them soaked, let alone a new car.

3. Running out of paper in the middle of class is never a good thing. For rich kids, though? Not to worry—they can always rely on writing on the bottom of their laptops as backup! For this person, the difference between a piece of paper and expensive technology is negligible.

4. Everyone’s been there before: you just got paid and you want to treat yourself. But rather than being responsible, you go out and spend everything you had. Now multiply that by 10,000, subtract the “paycheck,” and that’s the boat this kid is in.

5. You know that feeling when you get home from a long day of shopping, only to discover that all of your family’s waitstaff has parked their vehicles in your parking lot? No? Okay, well, apparently it’s a huge nuisance for this kid.

6God forbid this rich girl had to travel by land like the rest of the “peasants” below. Luckily for her, a helicopter ride can keep her far enough from everyone so she doesn’t have to worry about rubbing elbows with normal folk.

7. This is the kind of decision most people are faced with at the checkout counter: did you buy the correct watch? Well, this kid didn’t have to worry about that. He only has to worry about which bling he wants on his steering wheel.

8. Look, no one likes having to go back to school following summer break—that’s understandable. But let’s just say that getting to go back in your own private jet surely beats taking the loud school bus in the morning!

9. This could honestly be an advertisement for what meditating can do for you. Envision yourself as a wealthy, loving person. Alas, it is just a rich kid meditating, surrounded by thousands of their parents’ dollars.

10. If your biggest worry of the day is deciding which of your parents’ premium member credit cards you should use on your shopping spree, then your problems probably aren’t really all that bad.

11. Learning to drive a car can be pretty embarrassing—at least for everyday people. But learning to do it in your parents’ incredibly expensive Bat Mobile-esque car seems a lot cooler than doing so in your mom’s 1994 Chrysler Grand Voyager.

12. Who doesn’t hate sitting out in the sun and relaxing all day? Only kidding, of course. If relaxing on your dad’s yacht for an entire day seems like a chore to you, then congratulations, you’re this-level rich. You’d think with all of that money, this person could learn the difference between the possessive and the plural of “daddy,” though.

13. It must be strange to be so wealthy that, even as plants, you’re spoiled. Can you imagine using expensive bottles of Moët to water your plants? Their parents better hope money grows on that tree! Otherwise, what a waste.

14. Have you ever bought so many things at once that you didn’t know when you’d get around to wearing them? Well, apparently this guy had that problem. But instead of waiting, he decided to just put on everything at once. So Gucci.

15. Everyone can relate to having their spot at the grocery store swiped by someone who was quicker to the punch. But have you ever experienced someone in a bright yellow Porsche taking your spot? Didn’t think so.

16. This rich kid of Instagram had such a stressful shopping day that he doesn’t even know how to cram everything he bought into one picture. Poor him! He’d surely have been happier if he could fit it into one photograph.

17. Most people are lucky enough to be allowed to borrow their parents’ car by the time they’re old enough to drive. But this kid? Well, he just has so many options that he doesn’t even know what to do.

18. Many people struggle just to keep the water running in their homes, but for this guy, water’s not even the best option. Instead, they choose to bathe themselves with the finest of bath bombs: Champagne!

19. Many people dread having to return home from a long vacation, but not this rich kid. Then again, who wouldn’t love returning home to high-end Champagne, a few Rolexes, and practically more money than you can count?

20. This guy must wonder why all of his guests suddenly have stuffy noses. Can you even imagine asking for a tissue and someone handing over a load of cash? Pretty sure everyone reading this could use one of those tissues, please!

Well, if that’s what having a bad day is like for these rich kids, then imagine what your good day would look like to them? It definitely gives you some perspective.

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