Vladimir Putin’s Lavish New Vacation Home Is Beyond Ridiculous Inside

Being a head of state comes with a number of challenges. The fate of the land rests squarely on the shoulders of the men and women who are tasked with leading a country, and they’re almost constantly in the public eye.

That’s not to say that such power can’t be without its perks, though! Among many other benefits, world leaders often lead a life of luxury, staying in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

That certainly seems to be the case for Russian President Vladmir Putin. He already owns several stunning homes… but if these leaked 3D digital renderings of the floor plans are to be believed, he may have just acquired the most jaw-dropping one yet.

Russian President Vladmir Putin is no stranger to public scrutiny and controversy. That hasn’t made him want to keep a low profile, though. As it turns out, President Putin may have one of the gaudiest vacation homes imaginable. As you’ll see in these digital renderings of his mansion, the swimming pool with gold-plated tiles is just the beginning!

The massive, secluded compound is known as Villa Sellgren, and it stands on Lodochny Island about 12 miles from the border Russia shares with Finland. It’s nothing if not extravagant, but that’s easy to see from the opulent decor.

Putin’s involvement with the residence is not yet confirmed, but the Russian media has linked him to it nonetheless. They’ve alleged that the home was previously used for a 1980s Soviet-produced Sherlock Holmes TV series. There are clearly all sorts of secrets there…

While theĀ 16,150 square foot dacha (a kind of Russian country home) looks impressively fancy, it wasn’t too long ago that it was quite worn down. Obviously, a good bit of money was put into its renovation.

The property is also protected by a three-mile-long fence. Not bad for a residence where Putin supposedly only visits a few times a year! Believe it or not, the area was once a protected forest. The brush has since been cleared to make way for this palatial structure.

The neighbors say that the dacha is, in fact, yet another addition to the well-known Russian oligarch’s impressively extensive list of homes. Officially, though, the home belongs to Putin’s good friends.

The vacation home was built by Uno Ullberg, a noted Finnish architect, in 1913, shortly before the Russian Revolution. Today, it’s closed off from locals and guarded by officers of the Russian Federal Protection Service.

Not only is the house being heavily renovated, but it’s been claimed that either a huge extension was added to the dacha, or a new, separate home was added to the property nearby. Because these claims can’t be confirmed, all we have at the moment is speculation.

Locals from the surrounding areas are said to have complained about forbidden access to the island, as well as alleging that a helicopter pad was added. One person even claimed that the beach is installed with radar to prevent enemy divers!

The mansion also supposedly boasts a billiard room, a sauna, and even an emblem of a Russian double-headed eagle overlooking the study. Given all of the amenities, it’s truly stunning, and it’s no wonder this would be home to a head of state!

Putin’s other homes include a house in the Altai Mountains, another one near St. Petersburg, and another one called Gelendzhik on the Black Sea… but it’s hard to imagine that any of them compare to Villa Selgren.

It’s unbelievable that anyone can live in such a gorgeous home. Apparently, anything is possible when you’re the leader of Russia!

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