20 Over-The-Top Purchases Celebrities Made For Their Mansions Without Giving A Second Thought

It isn’t exactly uncommon to see celebrities drop a few million on a sprawling estate tucked away in lush green hills or a Manhattan penthouse that lords over the city. But have you ever wondered how celebrities use those homes once they’re all moved in?

You might think you know about all the special features that make an A-lister’s dojo worth top dollar. These 20 celebrities, however, boast over-the-top mansions with unique luxuries and unheard of amenities that truly make their homes special…

1. Kim Kardashian’s GlamRoom: Designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the Kardashian GlamRoom features perfect lighting and pristine mirrors. Perfect for Kim, who spent 50 percent of her time just getting ready when she lived there.

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