Oprah’s New $8 Million Island Hideaway Is Truly A Vacation Home Fit For A Queen

Whatever the tabloids might tell you, celebrities are not just like us. For one thing, the ultra-famous can’t go anywhere without being recognized. And, obviously, they have more money than most of us could dream of spending in an entire lifetime!

Many celebrities lean into their wealth and invest in expensive properties. While home-ownership is a dream that many ordinary people can attain, celebrities totally take it to another level. Just check out Oprah’s impressive new vacation home, for example. Can you picture yourself living there?

When you’re a billionaire like Oprah Winfrey, you aren’t afraid to spend money—especially when it comes to real estate. Oprah recently bought a new vacation home on Orcas Island in Washington, and it’s an absolute paradise.

Orcas is one of the largest of the San Juan Islands archipelago that rests between Seattle and Vancouver. Oprah’s new home sits on more than 40 acres of land, and every inch is an escape from the rigors of celebrity life.

The house itself is called the “Madroneagle,” and it was built in 2007. The original owners put the house on the market in 2016, but Oprah didn’t buy it until 2018, paying a whopping $8.25 million for the property.

The interior of the four-bedroom house is inspired by lodges usually found in the Pacific Northwest. That means that there are plenty of exposed beam ceilings—but the special touches don’t stop there…

Oprah’s a Chicago native, so when she learned that the house featured reclaimed wood and iron from the Sears Tower, she took it as a sign that the house was made for her and her longtime partner, Stedman Graham.

While Oprah has not officially confirmed the purchase herself, a representative from Windermere, the real estate firm responsible for making the sale, has announced that she is the owner. Looking at these luxurious digs, it’s easy to see why she was interested!

The palatial vacation estate is loaded with amenities, like 3,000 feet of water frontage, a library, a guest house, a wine cellar, a sauna, private hiking trails, a pond, and huge gardens. Sounds like you’d never want to leave, right?

For Oprah—the world’s first black female billionaire, who is valued at $3.1 billion—shelling out big bucks on a 7,303-square-foot home isn’t excessive, it’s good business sense. After all, real estate is an investment.

When you’re involved in as many projects as Oprah is, you’ve got to have a place to work even when you’re on vacation. Thankfully, the high ceilings and open plan of this office make it feel like an oasis, not a business center.

The house is filled with bedrooms, too, and they each have their own distinct features. Still, they all have one thing in common: they’re warm, inviting, and offer spectacular views of the landscape.

This special guest room offers a bookshelf that’s built right into the narrow staircase that leads up to a cozy loft. For Oprah’s guests who love to read, this hideaway is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The bathrooms are, as you might imagine, state of the art. One the guest rooms connects directly to this bathroom with custom his-and-hers sinks and plenty of space to store all of your toiletries.

Vacations are all about getting away to rest and recharge, so what can be more relaxing than a bubble bath? That goes double for this giant tub, which overlooks the trees and the water lapping on the island’s shore.

Oprah has reportedly redesigned several areas inside of her new vacation home, with an eye toward creating a shabby-chic feel. These reclaimed barn doors perfectly reflect her aesthetic. It’s rustic, yet sophisticated!

In a house this luxurious, you have to expect that even usually humdrum areas are going to be breathtaking—and Oprah’s laundry room is certainly no exception. Just look at all that natural light!

One of the best features of this home is, undeniably, the amount of gathering places it offers. This informal den is a great spot to sit and chat after dinner, and the high ceilings keep it from looking or feeling cramped. It’s perfect for entertaining guests.

While traditional wooden homes like this one can often feel dark, even the hallways of Oprah’s estate appear to be open, sunny, and fresh. Wouldn’t you love to wander down a hall like this each day?

In addition to the home’s office and family areas, the house also comes equipped with this workshop space. It’s a perfect spot for Oprah to indulge in her passion for crafts without feeling cut off from the scenery.

No amazing celebrity retreat would be complete without its very own walk-in wine cellar. Can you imagine Oprah’s wine collection? Uncorking a great vintage then kicking back by the water would be the perfect end to a long day.

Even taking a look at the property from the outside, you can tell that Oprah’s abode welcomes guests and makes them feel like they’re home. Even the landscaping and lakeside views add to the home’s charm.

Wandering the grounds of the property is a simple pleasure in and of itself. In addition to being situated directly on the waterfront, this land boasts its own private pond surrounded by lush foliage. Talk about magical!

Not much of a pond person? Oprah’s property also offers an easy stroll to its own private beach. How cool would it be to set up a campfire and toast some marshmallows by the water at night?

Of course, lake beaches aren’t anything like the smooth sand you might find in a tropical locale. Plopping down for a tan on top of the pebbles and rocks might not be your best bet. That said, it’s still a peaceful scene.

For Oprah, this majestic estate is just a summer getaway. Her permanent residence is actually a 20,424-square-foot mansion located on a 40-acre estate known as the “Promised Land” in Montecito, California (pictured). Despite being a lovely home on its own, sometimes it’s nice to get away and enjoy being closer to nature!

Can you imagine living in Oprah’s lakefront home? The rich and famous might lead the type of lives we could only ever dream about, but these pictures definitely give some great insight into how someone like Oprah lives from day to day.

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