10 Ways To Sell Old Stuff That Are More Profitable Than A Garage Sale

When clutter starts crowding your car or your kitchen cabinets are bursting with unused dinnerware, it might be time to pare down your belongings. Of course, the hassle and effort of selling your stuff—especially through a garage sale—hardly seems worth the profit you might make. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Plenty of people have found ways to part with their unneeded junk without resorting to hawking their plastic Tupperware on their front lawns. Even better? There are now plenty of services for practically every type of packrat looking to turn a profit. Here are 10 easy ways you can sell your stuff—and make more money in the process!

1. Decluttr: Maybe you’re a bit of a movie fiend or a music collector—a media connoisseur, if you will. Have Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming services rendered your overflowing shelves of DVDs and CDs completely obsolete? Decluttr helps you tidy up and make a buck…

This site purchases all those outdated disks—and other tech, too—directly from media enthusiasts. All you have to do is enter the barcode of each item for sale into the handy app or website. Then, Decluttr will send the money directly to your bank account!

Decluttr / YouTube

2. LetGo: Got an old car rusting in your driveway? Saddled with strollers meant for a kid who graduated from college five years ago? Don’t take your stuff to a thrift store. Instead, you can use one website that lets sellers make some dough on practically anything…

With this free app, sellers can upload photos of the stuff they’re trying to ditch in just a matter of seconds. Then, people from the area can express their interest, agree to a price, and swing by to pick it up.

3. Vflea: Of course, sometimes smaller things pile up in houses. Sites like Craigslist and seem too grandiose a marketplace for things like a hair dryer or curling iron. How about an online flea market instead?

Online flea markets like VFlea offers an array of quirky items sellers can find at a typical flea market, but without all of the walking around. They’ll make a fortune once everyone sees all the neat stuff they’ve collected!

4. eBay: Most people with junk aren’t expert appraisers. How much were their old broken tools worth? How much could they snag for a decade-old, half-assembled crib? There’s solution for them, too…

Sites like eBay and the Facebook Marketplace are the perfect places for sellers to let others determine what their stuff was worth. People bid on items, offering to pay whatever they think is fair. It sure beats haggling with a neighbor at a garage sale!

5. Consignment shops: Furniture like dressers and coffee tables aren’t exactly something you can sell painlessly on websites—just think of the shipping headache! When hundreds of dollars in fees come into play, excess furniture is better off at the dump, right? Think again…

Your local consignment shops might be the solution for you! Some stores even give estimates based on photographs and then do the dirty work of selling the items for you. No shipping fees. No garage sales. No hassles. Plus, the money benefits your local economy. Win-win!

6. Etsy: Not everything hitting tables at the typical garage sale is clutter. Those who make crafts and clothing need a marketplace for their blood, sweat, and tears, too. Luckily, there’s a place for them to peddle their wares!

Etsy / YouTube

One of the more popular marketplaces on the Internet, Etsy, allows crafters, hobbyists, and the artists of the world to list the awesome trinkets they make, without the hassle of setting up a few picnic tables on the front lawn.


7. Poshmark: Clothes have an unbelievable resale value, and hanging them up in racks for handsy neighbors to comb through isn’t always appealing. How can people show off their shirts and blouses and sell them without getting into too much dirty work?


Poshmark is an awesome website that allows clothes collectors, creators, and enthusiasts sell secondhand and lightly worn items. Even better, the site functions as a social media platform where sellers can regularly share their newest inventory with regular buyers.


8. BookScouter: Bookworms across the planet will tell you that collecting great reads can become a bit of an addiction. Some extreme cases might see curious readers sleeping in a bed that’s more book than blankets! How can they tidy up their shelves while making a few dollars?

Super Bookworm Girl

If bookworms can bear parting with a few books—ones they’ve never read, don’t like, or perhaps already memorized cover to cover—this site tells you wear to sell ’em. Just by entering the ISBN, you can locate the best marketplace for your texts!


9. Gold and jewelry buyers: When necklaces and earrings burst from drawers like feathers from a busted pillow, their owners need a way to sell their excess. But again, letting sticky-fingered neighbors touch jewelry isn’t always ideal. The solution?

In a Nutshell

Everyone’s seen the signs on storefronts claiming they buy gold. Well, it turns out, selling at a gold or jewelry buyer is actually a decent option. These shops will take just about anything metal, from old silverware and jewelry to coins and even tooth filings. You might not get the most money from them, but it’s better than nothing!

The Premier Price

10. 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment: People often buy exercise equipment only to have it sit untouched in a garage or spare bedroom—or break down on them. Is there anywhere these folks can recoup their losses or make a quick buck on old equipment?

nuttcrushernigel / YouTube

This convenient website and storefront allows exercise unenthusiasts to ditch their old gear without unloading a fortune on shipping or setting up a garage sale. The site facilitates equipment trades, too!

Who knew there were so many convenient ways to get rid of the clutter in your home? Forget a garage sale—these marketplaces are the way of the future!

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