10 Ways To Sell Old Stuff That Are More Profitable Than A Garage Sale

With the oncoming seasonal change, it’s a good time to rid your home of the old things your family no longer uses. As they say, out with the old, in with the new.

While people typically use this opportunity to earn a few extra bucks with a garage sale, that can be time consuming and you never really walk away with all that much cash. Luckily, there are a ton of other marketplaces to sell your things that require less work and—most importantly—can earn you much more.

Here are 10 websites and apps you can use to get rid of all that clutter, while also saving yourself time…

1. Decluttr: If you’re looking to get rid of your outdated media, like CDs and DVDs, this website will purchase them from you directly. All you have to do is scan the barcode of each item using their app. Then, they will give you anywhere between 50 cents-$3.oo per item.

2. BookScouter: If you’ve got a stack of books from college or just old ones you’re not going to read anymore, this website is the perfect place to sell them! You provide the ISBN found on the back of the book and enter it into their database. Afterward, they’ll direct you to the top-paying websites that will purchase those items from you.

3. LetGo: Using your phone, you can upload photos to this free app in just a matter of seconds. Best of all, you can sell anything, too. So much for dragging all of that heavy furniture out to the front lawn just to have to bring it back inside later that night!

4. Gold and jewelry buyers: Everyone has seen the signs on the front of stores claiming they buy gold. Well, it turns out, selling there is usually a pretty good option. These places will typically buy a wide variety of items, from old silverware and jewelry to coins and even tooth filings.

5. Etsy: No one wants to buy expensive jewelry from a garage sale. It’s often overpriced and the buyer doesn’t get much information about the item. So, instead, head on over to Etsy and list your items with complete descriptions on a website that’s built its reputation around reselling jewelry. 

6. Poshmark: This awesome website allows you to sell used items and also functions as its own social media platform, complete with followers. That way, when people start to see items they like from you, they can see every time you list something else!

7. eBay: This and places like Facebook Marketplace are the perfect opportunity to allow other individuals to determine what they believe your items are worth. This is also a great way to introduce yourself to rare collectors who might be interested in the items you have to sell.

8. Online flea markets: These online communities offer an array of quirky items you can find at a typical flea market, but without all of the walking around. You’ll make a fortune once everyone sees all the neat items you’ve collected over the years!

9. 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment: It’s unlikely anyone is going to buy that elliptical machine or treadmill from your garage sale. Now, thanks to this convenient website, you’ll meet people who are looking for the exercise items you have. 2nd Wind offers the option to trade with people, too.

10. Upcycle your own furniture for resale: If you have a penchant for buying old furniture from places like thrift stores and then fixing them, you can make a fortune by reselling them afterward. You can even take photos of your work and bring them to consignment stores to see what they’ll offer you.

Who knew there were so many convenient ways to get rid of the clutter in your home? Garage sales no more; these marketplaces are the way of the future!

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