Obama’s Extravagant New Mansion Makes The White House Look Downright Ordinary By Comparison

When a president leaves the White House for good, they have to decide where they will live. While some past presidents have chosen to retreat from the public eye, one former president seems intent on maintaining his place in the spotlight.

Not only has former President Obama remained a key figure in the world of politics, but he’s also refused to settle for anything less than the best. Take one look at his brand new mansion and you’ll wonder why he ever wanted to live in the White House in the first place!

Shortly after leaving the White House, the Obamas purchased a home big enough for the whole family in DC’s wealthy Kalorama neighborhood. Constructed in the 1920s, the house is just as homey as it is luxurious – and worth the $8 million pricetag! 

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From the moment you enter the home, you’re greeted by sleek white walls and checkered marble floors. Oddly reminiscent of the President’s previous digs on Capitol Hill, don’t you think?

The 8,200-square-foot mansion comes complete with several sitting areas perfectly designed for entertaining company. This particular living room includes a fully functioning fireplace, making it the ideal place for the former First Family to curl up after a day in the snow.


When it’s time to kick back and relax with a little television, the Obamas can look no further than this beautiful family room. Not only does this space feature a flat-screen TV set above another fireplace, but it also offers a great view of the backyard.

Whether running a nation or enjoying the retired life, a man’s still gotta eat. Thankfully, this eat-in kitchen has all the tools to satisfy even the most presidential of appetites.


Just take a look at this stainless steel six-burner range. Between the top-of-the-line appliances, white marble countertops, and classy black accents, this kitchen is clearly capable of handling high-quality cuisine.

Still not convinced? Well, there’s even a second kitchen in the home, complete with a dishwasher, wine fridge, and plenty of storage space.

Though he won’t be hosting state dinners any time soon, President Obama’s new dining room has plenty of space to host large dinner parties for Washington’s elite.


A master suite isn’t complete without a king-size bed, and the one in the Obamas’ new home can easily fit one, plus much more…

The spacious suite also features a master sitting area, complete with a roomy nook, additional wall space for a television, a small study, and another functioning fireplace. This seems like the perfect place for the President to brush up on his storytelling skills!

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For Malia and Sasha, they’ll have a choice of one of the house’s additional eight bedrooms to call their own. But if sharing a room really isn’t their thing, there are a number of full-size bedrooms just down the hall.

This additional bedroom is pretty much a master suite in and of itself. Michelle actually discussed the size of the house with Ellen DeGeneres on a recent episode of her show, joking that the house was way too small for them!

But what certainly isn’t small is the size of Michelle’s bathroom. Her private space includes a vanity, deep-soaker tub, shower, and all the counter space she can handle.

Opposite Michelle’s master bath is the former President’s own personal bathroom. While it may not be as luxurious as Michelle’s, this bathroom includes a tiled walk-in shower.

A mansion isn’t really a mansion without a bonus room, so of course, the Obamas’ new pad has one. They should definitely convert this space into a home gym so the President can stay in shape for the basketball court!

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But Michelle doesn’t have to worry about feeling left out. The house also features a full-sized dressing room, perfect for storing the former First Lady’s fashionable wardrobe as well as providing her with a much-needed relaxation space.

The home’s basement has to be seen to be believed. Complete with another fully-furnished family room as well as a pair of bedrooms and bathrooms, it’s almost as if there’s a second house sitting just under the first. You know what that means: slumber parties with Joe!

If you’re going to have eight additional bedrooms, you’re also going to need plenty of bathrooms for your guests. This is just one of the home’s eight and a half baths, practically guaranteeing that no one will ever need to wait to use the restroom.

The rear side of the house opens up into a gorgeous, well-maintained backyard. There’s more than enough space here to entertain dozens of guests, and the tile deck that runs along the entire yard will ensure that no one gets their feet dirty in the event of unexpected showers.

But what really ties the whole yard together is the well-manicured lawn. This is the perfect place for the Obamas’ presidential pooches Bo and Sunny to play, as well as a nice spot for the President to kick back and relax with a drink.

With a beautiful place like this, it’s no wonder the Obamas don’t miss the White House!

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