Man Causes Controversy By Building His ‘Mountain Villa’ On Top Of A Skyscraper

Everyone wishes they could design a dream home for themselves at some point in their lives. Many people have very specific desires that are difficult to find when looking at pre-constructed pieces of real estate, which makes designing a home an appealing concept.

In Beijing, China, a professor named Zhang Lin decided he was going to skip the real estate market and build the home of his dreams. China is known for its famously unique architectural structures, and Lin’s idea was certainly that.

But local residents weren’t pleased at all with the finished product, and they had a very good reason why!

Designing a dream home is something most of us wish we had the money and time to do. For those who are able to make it happen, the only limitation is their imagination. In China, a professor named Zhang Lin decided to build the his own home, but not all of the locals were thrilled about what he dreamed up…

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