Here Are 11 Of The World’s Most Expensive Foods

While we all want to save money on our meals, sometimes it’s simply necessary to spend our cash on food that’s worth the high price tag. Most would agree that a good steak is worth paying top-dollar for, right?

The thing is, many of the most expensive foods out there aren’t what you’d think they would be. In fact, some of them are just downright weird!

Here are 11 of the most expensive foods from around the world, and some of them are sure to surprise you!

1.┬áMatsutake mushrooms: Native to Japan, a single pound of these rare fungi can cost upwards of $270. However, there’s a chance that they could disappear altogether in the future due to insects and invasive vegetation, so get them while you can!

2. White truffles: If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a meal containing white truffles, you know it’s going to be pricey. The conditions required to grow them are very specific, and harvesting them takes a lot of manpower. In Europe, you’d have to pay nearly $945 for a pound of these aroma-heavy delights.

3. Bananas: These aren’t the ordinary bananas you’d find in your local grocery store. With neat illustrations etched into their peels by artist Stephan Brusche, these amazing pieces are sold for a pretty penny. Some of his work has gone for as much as $3,500! Now that’s bananas.

4. Moose cheese: This is one of the rarest cheeses in the world. In fact, the only place that makes it is the Moose House Farm in Sweden. It’s produced in very limited quantities, which drives up the price, and can cost just over $450 for a pound.

5. Dry-cured Iberian ham: The Spanish pigs used to make this ham are fed a diet consisting entirely of acorns, which gives the meat its unique flavor. You can expect to pay around $180 for a pound of this meaty delicacy.

6. Japanese Wagyu steak: These steaks are known for their intense marbling and incredible aroma. They’re so tender after they’re cooked that you can literally cut them with a spoon. The bull-calves that produce this cut are hand-massaged, given beer to drink, and are played classical music! You can get a pound for around $200.

7. Ayam Cemani black chicken: The Ayam Cemani chicken that’s used in this dish is bred in Indonesia, but it’s rarely exported to other countries for fear that it will spread bird flu. The breed is so rare that a single chick costs around $200! However, it’s so common in Malaysia that the price there is similar to other poultry.

8. Kopi Luwak coffee: This Indonesian coffee is one of the most expensive beverages in the world, and the reason can be stomach-churning. It’s made with partially-digested coffee cherries that are eaten by civets (cat-like animals native to Indonesia). The coffee cherries are then plucked from the animals’ feces. A cup of this stuff can cost up to $250!

9. White pearl albino caviar: This caviar comes from the albino sturgeon, a large fish that lives in the Caspian sea. The caviar costs almost $4,500 for one pound due to the fact that the eggs are only procured when they’re at least 100 years old.

10. Swallows’ nest soup: This dish is a delicacy in Chinese cooking. The nests are made almost entirely out of the birds’ saliva, and collecting them is very dangerous because they’re built atop steep cliff faces. One pound of nest soup runs about $1,350.

11. Saffron: Although saffron isn’t a dish in itself (it’s a seasoning), the reason for its high price is that it only grows seven days a year, in autumn, and it takes 135,000 flowers to make just one pound! That pound will cost you anywhere from $180 to $450.

Isn’t it mind-blowing that certain foods can have such a high price tag? Here’s something else that’s pricey (relative to its everyday version, that is): odd-shaped fruits! With the help of fruit-shapers, you can now mold various forms of produce into fun shapes. Although the cost of these geometric delights isn’t nearly as much as the other foods on this list, they are still more expensive than regular produce.

It’s hard to imagine spending this much money on food, but for hardcore foodies, it’s worth every penny!

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