Teen Billionaire Lives An Extravagant Lifestyle That Most Of Us Can Only Dream Of

Imagine buying a brand-spanking new Ferrari with cold hard cash. Then, for fun, you buy five 70-inch flat screen televisions, also with cash. Finally, because you’ve worked up an appetite spending money, you end your day with an expensive lobster dinner for you and your 10-man posse. Are there people who actually live life this lavishly?

Sixteen-year-old Rashed Saif Belhasa certainly does. He’s the son of a very wealthy Dubai businessman, and he pretty much does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Whether it’s hanging out with celebs or feeding exotic animals, this kid’s living the life most of us can only dream of…

Rashed’s father, Saif Ahmed Belhasa, is a construction mogul in Dubai who has earned his family so much money that generations won’t ever need a job. Yes, we’re talking billions of dollars.

Rashed Saif Belhasa goes by the name ‘Money Kicks’ on Instagram, where his 1.5 million followers drool over his quite excessive lifestyle.

You’re probably wondering why Rashed’s Instagram handle is ‘Money Kicks’. Well, it’s because of this room right here: it contains over one million dollars worth of special edition sneakers.

Rashed has accumulated dozens of one-of-a-kind shoes that sit in perfect condition behind protective glass on display shelves. Amongst them are Yeezys, rare Air Jordan’s, and even a pair of trainers worn by professional soccer star Paul Pogba.

Of course, Rashed and his brothers are usually all smiles — it’s probably hard to frown while holding onto your adorable pet tiger in a mansion. But, they have a lot more to be happy about than just a couple baby tigers…

Recently featured on the British TV show, World’s Weirdest Homes, Rashed’s family residence is basically a fantasy land. The inside look revealed just how intensely the Belhasas live.

The home’s vast open-plan living space leaves not only enough room for their pet tigers, but the 500 other exotic animals that roam the property. That’s right, the Belhasas have their own zoo!

The father, Saif, rescued each one of these wild creatures from neglective public zoos. These pets have truly gone from rags to riches with luxurious names such as Versace the lion, Armani the chimp, and a pair of orangutans named Gucci and Dior.

Of course, the home’s zoo attracts celebrities from all over the world who frequent the estate to hang out with the Belhasa family and their animals. Say cheese, Jackie Chan!

No diva is too important to make some time to swing through and feed the wildlife. Here Mariah Carey bottle-feeds a baby tiger as she tries to be friends with the furry little guy!

Boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather simply rolled with the punches when he visited Rashed to hang out with some chimpanzees. Maybe he can offer some boxing lessons to the curious animals!

The Belhasa family ensures all of the animals are well-fed and taken care of. Many times, Rashed will bring his guests around to the enclosures during feeding time so they can get up close and personal to the wildlife.

With money like that, though, exotic animals are far from the only luxuries the family is able to splurge on. When Rashed goes shopping, he pulls out all the stops. He doesn’t just buy what he needs, he buys what he wants, and he wants a lot!

Backpacks and designer kicks aren’t the only things Rashed owns that’ll make you green with envy. When it comes to vehicles, this kid stands out amongst the crowd. Just check out this Louis Vuitton Ferrari that was given to him for his sixteenth birthday!

Billionaires rarely ever have just one car, of course, and Rashed’s family is no different. There’s enough money under the hoods of this fleet to purchase another mansion entirely!

If Rashed and his buddies don’t feel like hanging out with tigers or hitting the road, they have plenty of entertainment waiting indoors. Cruising around on hoverboards while playing games, for example, is always an option.

But if anyone’s craving the outdoors or feeling athletic, they can simply head to the soccer field and kick a ball around. Literally any type of activity you can think of can, and does, happen at Rashed’s home.

Of course, when you’re a billionaire and play soccer, you tend to attract the attention of some of the world’s biggest soccer stars. Here’s Los Angeles Galaxy’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic posing for a photo before he bends a beautiful shot past the keeper.

Some people might say Rashed’s lucky because he was born into this wealth, and that might be the case, but there’s no denying he lives his life to the fullest. Keep on impressing us, Money Kicks!

Rashed’s shoe collection is worth more than most homes. Unless you’re a sneakerhead like him, there’s no reason to spend even a fraction of what Rashed does on footwear. But if you are, this room — which you can see in the video below — is straight out of your fantasy.

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