24 Quirky Gadgets That Could Soon Change The World

Are you somebody who always wants to stay up to date with the latest technologies? Or maybe you’re searching for a gift for someone who is just impossible to shop for? Well then, you’re going to want to sneak a peak at these gadgets that could make your life — or the lives of those around you — a heck of a lot easier!

From convenient technologies to devices that can prevent disease or help the disabled, these items will surely come in handy some day — and now is the time to get them. So which of these 24 clever gadgets will make it on to your wish list?

1. Unico Futuristic Toothbrush: For those who really hate taking 2 minutes to brush your teeth in the morning, or perhaps those who can’t due to a disability, the Unico is here to help. You simply stick the mouth guard around your teeth, the bristles start rotating, and your mouth will be clean in mere seconds!

2. Anti-Snoring Mask: Not only does it give your eyes a rest, but this sleeping mask also notices when you begin snoring and sends subtle vibrations to stop it. You can set the level of vibrations and keep track of your sleeping habits when you connect the mask to your smartphone. Snooze on!

3. Hushme: This contraption around your face is not to keep your mouth shut; it simply makes sure no one can hear you talk… except whomever’s on the other side of your phone call. It’s designed to keep your calls private in public, so you don’t have to whisper in a bathroom stall anymore.

4. QUARTZ Bottles: This is definitely the smartest water bottle ever invented: it purifies water, it keeps liquids cold for 24 hours (and hot for 12), and, in just one minute, it cleans itself using the same technology used to sterilize medical facilities.

5. L’Oreal UV Sense: Finally, the skin product we all need! Except it’s actually an app. It measures your daily UV exposure, tells you when you should step into the shade, and relays how high your SPF should be that day.

6. Kerastase Hair Coach: This magic brush does way more than detangle your hair. It contains a microphone, which determines how dry or oily your hair is by the sound it makes when you brush it.

7. Retro-Bit Mega Table: Why get a regular old coffee table when you can get one that doubles as a giant Nintendo game controller? It connects to laptop and most other game consoles, and comes with detachable legs so it’s easy to move.

8. eSight: Arguably the most helpful and groundbreaking item on this list, this device allows the legally blind to see. The glasses are equipped with high-speed, high-definition cameras that relay the images seen to the user on two OLED screens in real time. 

9. Ember mug and thermos: Getting your tea or coffee the perfect temperature is never easy. First, it’s too hot to sip, then, suddenly, it’s stone cold. Ember can be set to your ideal temperature and will keep your beverages at that temp until you’re finished drinking. Never waste another cup again!

10. The Avegant Glyph: Wow, what a name. The Glyph allows you to privately watch movies, internet clips, and TV shows. Supposedly, it gives you an experience similar to watching a 60″ TV from about 10 feet away.

11. Wair Air Filter Scarf: Sure, wearing it may make you look like you’re about to rob a bank, but this scarf is a really handy accessory. It monitors local air pollution and filters out 99% of pollutants, including pollen for those who are allergic. It even suggests travel routes with less pollution! Stay healthy and happy!

12. FIXD: This little gadget plugs right into your Onboard Diagnostics port, which you’ll find in any car produced after 1995. It runs diagnostics when your check engine light starts blinking and tells your phone exactly what the problem is. This means you can’t get ripped off by mechanics!

13. Solar Bikini: It’s not always easy to charge your devices at the beach, but with a swimsuit covered in solar panels, you don’t have to worry about any batteries dying. Whether it’s comfortable to wear is a different issue, but sometimes we must suffer to access our technology.

14. FoldiMate: We all know the worst part of doing laundry is having to fold everything afterward, but the FoldiMate can do it for you! Just indicate the type of garment you’re inserting, and the rest will sort itself. It can also steam and perfume your clothes!

15. Jagger & Lewis Smart Dog Collar: Want to know exactly how your dog feels? Now you can! This smart dog collar is equipped with an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, microphone, and heat/light sensors. These allow the collar to monitor your dog’s activity, like eating, drinking, sleep, breathing and even stress levels.

16. TrackR: Speaking of keeping an eye on your pets, this tracking device can help you locate your cat, dog, phone, keys, wallet, backpack, and even your car. It connects to an app on any smartphone, so you can easily find your lost or stolen items (or very stubborn pets).

17. Silvon’s self-cleaning towels: The micro-fibers used in these towels are coated with silver, making the towel capable of eliminating up to 99% of bacteria all on its own. It can even help prevent acne! 

18. UZER Eugene Smart Trash Can: This scanner for your garbage bin can help you recycle and make your next grocery list! You simply scan the barcode for the item you’re about to eat, and it’ll tell you what nutrients you’re going to ingest.

19. The TRONO Chair: This inflatable chair folds up into a tiny backpack, and you don’t need a pump or a whole lot of breath to fill it with air. You simply wave it around and it inflates, making it an easy way to sit comfortably anywhere you want.

20. Hubble Hugo: This little guy may seem a bit creepy, especially given that it can read facial expressions and emotions. But it’s helpful because it can turn in any direction and recognize unfamiliar faces in case of a break in. Would you feel safer with it?

21. Upright: Although this device may seem creepy at first, it’s actually quite helpful and good for your back. It tracks your posture and reminds you to sit or stand up straight when you start to slouch. 

22. Sensorwake: It seems that no matter what kind of alarm clock you have, you’re never happy when it goes off, but Sensorwake might change that. You can insert different scented pods into the alarm so you’re woken up by smells like coffee, pancakes, flowers, and yes, even freshly printed money! 

23. Sitpack ZEN: Standing for long periods of time is not always easy on your spine or legs. Now, when you’re at a festival, waiting in a long line, or even riding crowded public transportation, you can pop a squat by leaning on this foldable seat. You may look a little silly, but everyone else will feel silly when their backs hurt later.

24. The Oombrella: While it’s cool this umbrella changes color when it rains, it can do so much more than that. It can predict the weather, remind you of rain when you forget it, and protect you from UV rays on sunny days as well.

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